New G94 9600GSO Revision

"Nvidia will be moving the 9600GSO to a G94 core"

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New G94 9600GSO Revision
Well it seems that Nvidia is up to its usual rebranding/gimping tricks.  First they started off with the 8800GS, which was simply a memory/shader-gimped 8800GT.  They then renamed it to the 9600GSO.  Now, in order to compete in the lower-price bracket, Nvidia is giving the GSO a new form.
The new 9600GSO, set to come out sometime this month, will be based on the G94 core and will feature 48 shaders.  Translation: it's a gimped 9600GT (64SP).  Thankfully, the card will retain the 256-bit memory interface and thus will be available in 256/512MB forms.  The card will start out with the 65nm G94-120-A1 cores but will eventually transition to the 55nm 210-B1 and 219-B1 cores.
Now considering that the 9600GT performs worse than the 8800GT, it stands to reason that this new 9600GSO will likely perform worse than.  However, there's also a good chance that this change will push the cost down in order to help it battle AMD/ATI's HD 4670.  Who knows, the increased memory interface may help even things out as well.
Will this move help Nvidia combat AMD's lower-end competitors?  Or will their constant rebranding only serve to confuse the consumer?
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Most Recent Comments

06-10-2008, 10:43:03

Hey guys, my friend has recently (last night ;)) attempted his first overclock, with 3.2ghz the traget. Using a q6600, o5n-e and 4 gig of geil Black dragon ram, he put in the following settings, vcore 1.35, fsb 333fsb and no other voltage increases. :rolleyes:

After rebooting, his pc would stick on the black asus screen before post. We have tried unplugging all drives, different ram, cmos resets, reseating the gfx card, reseating all power connectors to no avail :(

Any suggestions at this point bar RMA on the motherboard??

Thanks guys. :)

06-10-2008, 11:41:21

Do the usual cmos clearing to get it up ?

06-10-2008, 11:55:11

Unfortunatly not, we have even left the cmos battery out overnight ( all these mysitcs say 3 days pfft) and no joy. Thinking bios on the board may have crapped it self. Could it actually be the CPU has copped it?

06-10-2008, 12:01:36

Very rare for that to happen. Three days without the battery is really unnecessary, to clear the bank u only need to remove the battery, disconnect from the mains and keep pressing the on/off until all the lights go from the mobo.

I`d try taking everything out except the gfxcard, a clear of the bios, stick 1 stick of memory in slot4 and fire it up.

If it fires up and sounds like it`s working - cept u cant see anything on the monitor, then thats another story.

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