MSI launches R4600 HDMI series

"5 new offerings, aimed at the HTPC market. With low power requirements, native HDMI and 7.1 sound output, we expect these cards to be a popular choice."

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HTPC ready Graphics cards from MSI

MSI's new R4600 HDMI seriesAimed squarely at the HTPC end of the market, MSI have announced 5 new additions to their line up, and they are based on ATi's HD 4650 & HD 4670 GPU's. All the new cards feature native HDMI output and digital 7.1 sound output. With a maximum power use of 75w, they are bus powered, and don't require a PCI-e 12v power source. 

Of the five new cards, three will be based on ATI's HD 4650, and two based on ATi's HD 4670. The three MSI R4650 HDMI cards will all have the GPU clocked at 600MHz, with the GDDR3 clocked at 1GHz. What seperates them is that two will be available with 512MB memory, but one will feature active cooling, the other passive cooling. The third card in this range will sport 1GB memory, and be actively cooled.

Meanwhile, the two MSI R4670 HDMI cards will have the GPU clocked at 750MHz and a memory clock of 1.746GHz. What seperates the two versions is the amount of GDDR3, one featuring 512MB and the other will have 1GB. With the small power draw and the choice of passive/active cooling, these new cards should go down well with the HTPC sector. You can view the full press release for more information. You can also discuss these new cards within our forum.

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Most Recent Comments

15-03-2009, 14:32:35

Make sure you have v-sync off in the nvidia control panel

15-03-2009, 14:42:24

Its not for hardcore benching..just really wanna get gaming performance as high as possible

So i will be sticking with vista :P

I seem to be stuck at 3.5ghz - tried loosening ram to 6-6-6-20 and trfc to 60. vcore is something like 1.43453 and ram is at 2.2v. fsb voltage is at 1.41239 or something and nortbridge is about 1.4

15-03-2009, 14:54:53

Many Q6600 chips require a good deal of voltage to be stable over 3.4...Some will be perfectly stable at 3.6 or more with 1.4v or less...Others need upwards of 1.5v...Trial and error!

Mine is OCCT stable at 3.42 with 1.3525...My vid is 1.2375

15-03-2009, 15:41:20

whats the vid of your chip?

15-03-2009, 15:57:03

the what sorry?

15-03-2009, 16:50:34

the vid is the lowest amount your chip needs to run according to Intel.Run coretemp and it will tell you the vid of your chip

15-03-2009, 16:58:17

it is

15-03-2009, 17:48:37

ouch!!thats the highest vid you can get,how new is the chip as a lot of the new ones struggle to get to 3.6

15-03-2009, 18:12:45

Got it last year sometime

not too long ago mind

15-03-2009, 22:37:49

Mine is 1.3250

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