MSI has another 4890 in the Works

"MSI is working on a new HD 4890 card dubbed Cyclone, which it will be unveiling at Computex."

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MSI has another 4890 in the Works
MSI is reportedly working on its new R4890 Cyclone graphics cardTech portal Fudzilla reports that MSI has a special HD 4890 card in the pipeline, which will reportedly come with many high-performance features. According to inside information received by the website, the card has been dubbed MSI R4890 Cyclone.
The Cyclone, as shown in the picture courtesy of Fudzilla, will reportedly feature Hi-C CAPS, Solid State Chokes NCC PSF solid caps, and a non-reference cooler, all of which are expected to give it excellent overclocking abilities. The Hi-C CAPS will be positioned around the GPU, giving it clean and stable power.
MSI will be going with four of its well known 8mm heatpipes based SuperPipe cooler for the R4890 Cyclone. This should keep the GPU cool even with the most energy-intensive games and graphics applications. While the clock settings are not currently known, MSI is expected to set the speed at 1GHz.
Currently under development, the MSI R4890 Cyclone is most likely to be displayed at this year’s Computex.
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02-05-2009, 05:06:07

regarding the PSU check the connections and amps.

If your upgrading to newer GPU's etc the existing PSU may not have all the required connections.

Also think about future proofing.

Voltage wise google search PSU calculator.. this will give you an idea of the loads your system will draw.

E8400 is a cracking CPU, i have one too. Price does seem to fluctuate though, usually after good reviews from the likes of CPC etc.
Overclocks like crazy and steady as a rock if paired with decent RAM/PSU and MOBO.

02-05-2009, 06:31:02

The idea was to replace what you have dude, then you can sell the old stuff.
Really is no point running sli matey at that price point, better off getting something like what I have suggested.

And I would say a PSU upgrade would be a wise choice yes matey.

02-05-2009, 14:09:05

Hey what do you think of this, it's an E8500 for only $195/€147/£130 including shipping.


03-05-2009, 12:48:33

It's a good price though I'd be worried that the package would be caught at customs and you'd have to pay some form of fee for it to be released and given to you? Could be wrong.

If your Antec 450W PSU is the ATX 2.0 split 12V variant and I'd imagine that it is if it was included with your E6320 system (I'd check), I think it'll be more than sufficient. Antec PSU's are generally quite good. The sort of upgrades we have in mind for you at this budget shouldn't raise power consumptions that much over what you have right now.

What sort of RAM is it? I gather it is DDR2 but is it DDR2-533, 667 or 800? If you're not sure, you could find out for us by downloading CPU-Z from here

and posting a screenshot of the memory tab.

Also, is your case ATX or Micro ATX?

Also what games exactly do you play and at what screen resolution? Depending on what you play, I dare say that you could get away with simply upgrading the CPU and Motherboard alone. Perhaps drop a CPU cooler in and overclock it, give the 9600GT a mild overclock and actually what you have is a rather potent system with a considerable amount of money saved. Of course if the RAM is DDR2-667 or less then you should look into a different set of RAM and if you play the latest hits at high resolution then perhaps a new graphics card too.

With £400 assuming your PSU is what I said above

Core 2 Duo E8400 £137

Gigabyte EP45 UD3R £105

Arctic Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler £18!

Total - £260

Add RAM if needed
[url][/url] +£40

Total after RAM - £300

03-05-2009, 16:34:51

Look at this thread:

This setup will kick anyone else's suggestions!


Take off the things you don't need, i.e., case , dvd-rom etc..


05-05-2009, 16:35:52

I've got some very good news but also some slightly bad news,

Very Good News:

I was talking to my Dad tonight and he told me that he has some friends who work on the big Intel site in Ireland and that for the same price as an E8400 he can get me a top of the line quad-core :D When he told me this it was like Christmas all over again!

Slightly Bad News:

I feel like I have wasted a bit of your time as regards with looking for a processor but I still will be getting the recommended Gigabyte motherboard and upgrading my RAM. I might also get a new PSU but I'll have to see.

P.S. You guys on the forums have to be some of the most helpful guys when it comes to looking for help/advice on computers. You really stick out from all the other sites and it's for that reason that I want to try and help you back because it would be rude to just take and not contribute. Any suggestions on how I can help?

05-05-2009, 16:43:44

Be active and post in topics where you can add anything :)

Would love to have contacts like that btw, getting a quad at such a price :yumyum: Make sure it's 775 though, not skt1366 :p

05-05-2009, 17:20:36

I agree, it'd be fantastic to have such contacts. You're very lucky indeed.

I also have to say that this forum is probably the most trouble free and helpful one I've seen. There's many around but a lot of them are full of argumentative people and general arrogance. I'll certainly be sticking around here.

05-05-2009, 18:41:07

We do have an awseom crowd here, all with different experiences and specialities.
3 years ago I didnt have a PC, and without OC3D who knows what Id be upto now :p

06-05-2009, 01:32:10


Be active and post in topics where you can add anything :)

Would love to have contacts like that btw, getting a quad at such a price :yumyum: Make sure it's 775 though, not skt1366 :p

Yeah I'll check that out, although if I can get an i7 for around £150 I'm screwed because then I'll want/have to upgrade everything.

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