Maths behind ATI's Teraflop

"The 4870 teraflop explained."

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Maths behind ATI's Teraflop
Fudzilla had the pleasure to be able to ask ATI how they got their 1.2 Teraflop figure from the HD4870, below is the result.
RV770 has 800 pixel shaders. Each one of the 800 is able to do a Floating Point Multiply and Accumulate unit (FMAC) and in every cycle each shader can perform a multiply and adder instruction.
Because it can perform both of these operations in one single pass it can be counted as two Floating-Point Operations. The following equations explains the 1.2 Teraflops.
2 (Floating point instructions per processor) x 800 (processors) x 750 (Engine clock in MHz) = 1200 GLFOP = 1.2 TFLOPS.

A little rough if you ask me, discuss on our Forums.
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Most Recent Comments

27-06-2008, 07:13:05

I have Watercooled everything i can in my pc, but i didnt want to overclock the ram because i have the Crucial Ballistix Tracers so it has the LEDs on top, so a waterblock on them would ust cover it up. So i wanted to get a fan thing to put over the top that wouldnt restrict the view too much.

I think this would be the best idea The Arcitc Cooling RAM fans becuase it's only 2 fans (over the corsair dominator fan with 3) So you should be able to see the ram a little more, but for the life of me i can't find anyone who sells it in the uk!

Anybody know of anywhere that does? or even another suggestion for active cooling while still showing the ram leds.

thanks :)

27-06-2008, 08:16:09

An Antec Spot Cool would work.

01-07-2008, 19:12:14

The Computer Council
As bungral says - the Antec spot cooler is a good choice, plus it can be had for around a tenner. We have one cooling our Raided hard drives, though they're a bit noisy at full speed (2000RPM).

Other than that, you'll be struggling to find much that doesnt restrict the line of sight to the modules.

My advice is to balance up whether you're after performance over aesthetics. If the answer's yes, get the dominator fan set - it works really well. :)

02-07-2008, 12:10:37

Thanks for the advice :) i settled for the OCZ XTC cooler in the end, ive got pics in my watercooling thread. I think it looks a little smarted than the spot fan, hides it all away well

04-07-2008, 11:15:35

The OCZ XTC Ram cooler is great. I got fed up of mine being sliver so a bit of 400 wet & dry and some matt black spray paint and it was looing amazing. The blue went well with it too. Scary really when you think what little bit of air flow over the RAM offers in term of overclocking

04-07-2008, 11:47:54

Yeah that's exactly what i wanted to do, so i will spray that tonight probably, good idea on the sanding too, i prob would have just sprayed straight on it lol. But im going to remove the blue LEDs, somehow..., becuase i already have the blue leds from the bottom of the ram and the red and yellow ones on the top of the Tracers. Dont want to go led mad!

Can't wait to start overclocking it to see what i can get out of it!

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