Larrabee to come in 45nm

"Larrabee graphic is set to come with 45nm process"

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Sources at Intel have confirmed that Larrabee graphic is set to come with 45nm process. However, it won’t commercially ship this year, but rumours are circulating that there might be some prototypes in Q4 2008.
For anyone thinking Larrabee?? Here is a little background from Wiki:
Larrabee is the codename for a discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) chip that Intel is developing as a revolutionary successor to its current line of graphics accelerators. The video card containing Larrabee is expected to compete with the GeForce and Radeon lines of video cards from NVIDIA and AMD/ATI respectively. Intel plans to have engineering samples of Larrabee ready by the end of 2008, with public release in late 2009 or 2010.
Differences with current GPUs

Larrabee will differ from other GPUs currently on the market such as the GeForce 8 Series and the Radeon 2/3000 series in that it will use a derivative of the x86 instruction set for its shader cores instead of a custom graphics-oriented instruction set, and is thus expected to be more flexible. In addition to traditional 3D graphics for games, Larrabee is also being designed explicitly for general purpose GPU (GPGPU) or stream processing tasks: for example, to perform ray tracing or physics processing[2], in real time for games or perhaps offline as a component of a supercomputer.
They simply said that it is natural to make graphic transistors in 45nm process, and we know that Intel is ahead of TSMC and everyone else with its 45nm process.

Larrabee is a GPU, Physics and scientific calculation chip made of many small parallel parts with at least 16 chips (units) and we can guarantee that this will be fast in these operations.

It's still premature to proclaim the instant success of this chip, but it got everyone’s attention.
Think Intel will be able to win over die-hard fans of the Green & Red camps?
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Most Recent Comments

07-03-2008, 11:49:58


So Far I have Purchased the Motherboad its an Asus P5N32-E Plus, I got it for £87.00 , 2 months old board considering they go for £120 Brand new.

Now what I been reading is that theres different types of Sli chipset, Nforce 630, 650 and the latest one 680,

I assume is the NForce 650i instead of the 680i, but is just a guess.

The latest nVidia chipset is actually, and only recently, now 780i, the new generation are slowly appearinig. Asus have one, err.. Gigabyte have one.. They're out there.
You board though, the P5n-E is the 680 set. Quite overclockable.
Search and download CPU-Z - This will tell you what chipset you have, what speeds everything is running at, and all the diagnosticy stuff you need to know.

So my next Purchase after considerable thought and reading on reviews is the Case, and the case that is recomended is the Cooler Master Stacker 832 , I have seen it with shipping in only one place Misco, for £160 with shipping.

I would like to ask the experts here if this is a good case first of all, and if its recomended, Where could I purchase it for cheaper?

Personally, i would never spend £160 on a case. No sir, for i am a filthy poor student. £70 tops is what i'd pay. There's no doubting it, the Stacker is a good case, great size, brilliant airflow and superb aesthetics, but, you can get all the same for half that. Popular cases these days are the Lian-Li's, the Antec 900, the Thermaltake Armor, the CoolerMaster CM690.. I could go on. And you could save a lot of money and still have a beautiful pc.

after that having case and mother board, will aim for the PSU, I don't know what PSU is good out there, but in terms of graphics card, I been asking everyone, and they recomended not to go Sli on the board unless I have more than 1 monitor, So I decided to get the Nvidia 8800 Ultra that has 768GDDR3, GPU clock speed of 612MHZ, MEM Clock speed of 2,160MHZ and is Dual-DVI,

What you guys think, is this a good choice, to go with?

I need to get a good PSU because I have read it does consume some power this board.

You'd be right. A decent GFX card needs good power. Reliability of your PSU is one of, if not the most important aspects of your rig. I'd say anything reputable, and +600w if you plan to go SLi. If you plan to stick with one card, 500+ i'd say. check out Corsair, Thermaltake, OCZ etc. They're all great!
As far as GPU though, you can get GTX performance (almost) from the new range of cards. Check out the new nVidia 8800GTS 512 - These have been destroying benchmarks, contain the new cooler and less voltage hungry components, and cost about the same.
Either that or the 8800GT series, they are also great, and much cheaper (and single slot!)

also I have no idea yet what CPU to Purchase yet, this guy in here ( Ham) told me that this board does not take in particular Quad core CPUs, even thought in the users manual does say that it can take the new 45nm Yorkfield.

I was thinking in purchasing a Core 2 Extreme(45nm Yorkfield Quad Core)

3.0GHZ, 1333MHZ FSB, 12MB L2 Cache

I've heard brilliant things about the new 45nm cores. 4Ghz on air cooling! An E8400 is 2.4 stock, but with the right setting, totally overclockable to WAY past the Core 2 Extreme chips. HOWEVER, i'm not sure about compatibility, you might need a BIOS update - someone else will have to chime in with that.

In terms of Ram, I was thinking in purchasing 4Modules of 2GB DDR2 800MHZ
OCZ Gold with Thermalcooling feature.

where can I purchaze OCZ ram for a discounted prize?

8GB of RAM.. Will you be running a 64bit OS?
If you run a 32 bit version of Windows, you'll be throwing money away, as 32bit can utilise only 4gig TOTAL - Which includes GFX RAM. Unless you go 64bit, there really isn't much point in getting more than 2Gigs of RAM.

Now in terms of cooling the CPU and GPU, what is better fan cooling or watercooling?

I never installed watercooling before, from what I have read is simple to install the kits, but what is preferable, does watercooling work better than fan cooling? What do you guys recomend and why?

Water cooling will provide you with better temps, but that's all i can tell you on the subject as i've never done it before.
CPU would benefit from a Tuniq Tower, a TRUE, or an Freezer 7 Pro if you're running out of money by this time.
GFX i'm not so sure of. I'm running a fanless Accelero S1, does a fine job. Compatbility is the main thing when it comes to GFX cooling, always doube check.

I think I cover everything, The drive I will just have 2X 500GB Western digital satas runing at 7200 RPMs.

Yeah, that's fine.

So for the experts you been there, know where to find good deals, and know what works good with what, Please help me set up this nice machine.

I usually get my shiz from eBuyer. great service, great prices. Just great.



Any time. Just remember, I might be wrong in some of these areas. Always get another opinion because i don't always know what i'm talking about :)

Gah, where did that hour just go??

Also.. Right section?

07-03-2008, 12:39:09

Mr. Smith
680i's are compatible with quad cores, however, they don't overclock them well.

Wigs, the 8400/8500 should clock up to 4ghz but that is dual core.

Our guy here is talking about the qx9650 quad core.

Feel free to bang a quad in the 680i but don't expect a big OC

07-03-2008, 12:44:52

Mr. Smith what Quad core would you recomend? and where to buy a Quad core 2 Extreme for a good price?

I been searching the towers on ebuyer and they look crap, nothing like the stacker 832.

Mr. Smith what Case would you recomend for the Asus P5n32-E Plus sli?

08-03-2008, 13:15:14

get a lian li pc-7
cheap but well made

08-03-2008, 15:00:55

Just get a stacker 830 instead of 830, knocks like £60 off and you like lose some raptor drive support and the ugly door looks better aswell.

08-03-2008, 16:54:34

I want to get a Graphics card that can handle with flying colors Crysis.

What and where should I get this card.


10-03-2008, 17:05:10

Hey bud. A card...hmmm...8800gtx?

Dont [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] at me for giving him this link guys but its going cheap and iv got one coming tomorrow.....

11-03-2008, 10:38:41

off topic: i go to the dentist in bromyard ;)

14-03-2008, 18:09:45

Is there actual a dentist in Bromyard.

Zalman FC-ZE1 Black Aluminium Fatal1ty Champion Gaming Case - No PSU


Zalman CNPS9500A-LED Aero Flower Socket 478/775/AM2/754/939/940 Cooler

Coolermaster RealPower 850W Modular PSU

and 2 of this running in sli mode

Inno3D Geforce 8800 GTS 512mb G92 core

This is what I have on my new CPU

Now I need a good but inexpensive Intel 775 CPU

can anyone suggest any?

and maybe a sound card, was thinking about sound blaster, but not sure yet witch one?


15-03-2008, 08:29:08

Hello from Romania!:wavey:

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