Gigabyte Shows Off GeForce GTX 470 and 480

"Gigabyte today listed both new Fermi cards from nVIDIA in the form of its GV-N470D5-13I-B and GV-N480D5-15I-B respectively."

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nVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480 cards were soft launched on Friday, and OEM partner Gigabyte today listed both cards in the form of its GV-N470D5-13I-B and GV-N480D5-15I-B respectively. Both cards have almost exactly the same specifications as the reference cards from nVIDIA.

The higher of the two cards, the GTX 480 features a GF100 GPU that has been clocked at 700MHz. Gigabyte has loaded it up with 1,536MB of GDDR5 memory running at 3,696MHz and a shader that is clocked at 1401MHz. The memory interface is a 384-bit one and the card also has 480 CUDA cores, 60 texture units, and a 250W TDP.

The GTX 470 card carries 448 cores with 56 texture units and 1,280MB of GDDR5 VRAM. Gigabyte has clocked its GPU at 607MHz and the memory at 3,348MHz while its shader runs at 1,215MHz. The memory interface is a 320-bit one and the card has a TDP of 215W.

Both cards have built-in dual-DVI and one mini HDMI port for video capabilities and support DirectX 11, CUDA, PhysX, 3-way SLI, 3D Vision Surround, PureVideo HD and GigaThread technologies. The only major change that Gigabyte has made in the reference specifications is the inclusion of blue-themed cooling modules to give the cards that distinctive Gigabyte look.

Gigabyte will start shipping these Fermi cards on the same day as nVIDIA starts sending them out, i.e. 12 April. This of course has not stopped online retailers from accepting pre-orders for the cards at prices of €499 and €349 for the GTX 480 and the GTX 470 respectively.

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Most Recent Comments

12-03-2010, 18:31:01

Would you rather have:

Intel Core i5-650 3.2GHz 4mb L3 cache for $185:


Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz 4mb L2 cache for $170:

I'm trying to figure out how things measure up. Is there a benchmark anywhere between recent intel processors?

12-03-2010, 20:06:32

One is 1156 and one is 775 though dude?

also the 1156 i5 you listed is a dual core, the other a quad core.......

12-03-2010, 21:03:28

I'll let you know how the i5 650 does next week (ten days, something like that) MeI... ordering my HD5870 and a couple WD SiliconEdge 64GB SSDs tomorrow. Got my MSI GD-85 mobo prepped with some GeIL DDR3-2133 and a Tuniq 120 Extreme HSF to cool it down. Damn, now I really can't wait to see what this thing can do! o.O

13-03-2010, 06:12:54

Simplest way to roughly size em up is to goto somewhere like hwbot and stick each one in the search.

13-03-2010, 08:02:27


One is 1156 and one is 775 though dude?

also the 1156 i5 you listed is a dual core, the other a quad core.......

Lol yea I know. I'm simply asking if you had the choice to get one, which would out perform the other. I'm not purchasing them right now but the quad core is $170 and I would think that would outperform a dual core processor, but maybe the new architecture is so much further ahead that it's dual core out does a core 2 quad.

I'll check hwbot rasta, thanks.

13-03-2010, 13:42:59

I went with the newer architecture and higher starting speed. Quad core sounds good but I don't think it's a necessity just yet. I'm also betting that the overclocking on the i5 will also trump the C2Q, I say pay the extra couple bones and take it through the roof! ;} ja rly!

*As for the WD SSDs I read up on them and decided that they were still not 'mature' enough to warrant buying and went with the OCZ Vertex Turbo 64GB SSDs. For now I'll use one for the OS and some programs/apps/data, the other will be for video games (BFBC2), and then grab some HDDs next month for mass storage.

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