Enjoy Upgraded Multimedia with Splendid HD Technology

"ASUS Splendid HD1 Video Enhance Card Upgrades Generic VGA to True HDMI"

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Enjoy Upgraded Multimedia with Splendid HD Technology
Catering to the new era in multimedia technology, ASUS, producer of high quality audio and visual solutions, has announced the new ASUS Splendid HD1 video enhance card. This astounding piece of hardware is able to increase picture quality for HD content to deliver sharper, more vividly colored visual outputs. It can even enhance lower resolution inputs by recovering image clarity when viewing legacy content for viewing on LCD TV or monitors; as well as provide true HDMI with audio and HDCP.
Splendid HD Engine Upgrades Generic VGA to True HDMI
With the implementation of ASUS’ exclusive Splendid technology into a video add-on card, users will be able to enjoy full 1080P entertainment on their monitors. Able to provide an authentic ASUS LCDTV video solution to any PC, this card helps fill in the gap between viewing content on the PC and traditional Consumer Electronic devices. It is also able to provide HDMI upgrades with true Audio & HDCP certified protection – allowing users to enjoy enhanced PC video and audio quality to easily change your generic PCs into true HTPCs for an outstanding multimedia experience.

Splendid HD1 Automatic Display Mode for Ultimate Viewing
The Splendid HD1 is able to automatically select the best possible display modes to deliver exceptional quality visuals, and includes the following:

Photo Mode
Tailored for photo viewing or daily computing, the Splendid HD1 increases color performance and dynamic contrasting, so images of the weather are always clearer, colors of the flowers are more vibrant, and photos will look much better.

Video Mode
Fine tuned to deliver action movies in the best possible way, the Splendid HD1 focuses on image edge enhancing to minimize blurring caused by today’s LCD monitors, so that users can see clear bullet trails even in the most chaotic scenes. For drama movies, the increased color depth and contrast allows the smallest details hidden in the darkest corners to be seen.

Game Mode
For FPS gamers, enemies will seem to jump out from the blurry background in the most adrenaline rushing FPS games. For RPG/Action gamers, true cinematic gaming with a Demo mode* is also provided so that users can compare the impact of the processing in several configurations.
* An ASUS graphics card is required to enable this function
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Most Recent Comments

23-03-2008, 23:13:37

I would keep the GTX ... For the following reasons:

1- Its a GTX!!
2- You will play at high resoulation ... The memory will help.
3- Its future proof .. I mean anytime you can put a better cooling on it and overclock!

Keep the GTX my friend!

24-03-2008, 07:49:47

Thanks folks.
GTX it is.

Now, about SLI....

24-03-2008, 08:03:53


Thanks folks.
GTX it is.

Now, about SLI....

Well, Thats really upto you, I mean your the best who knows if you need SLI or not ... I was in the same boat as you .. My situation was, I had about 3000 to build a New system So i had the money to get a 790i board and get 2 Ultra's and have them in SLI But i sat down and thought about it and decided to go with a P35 board ( IP35 Pro ) and get a GTX ... I spent the rest of the money on a 24inch HD monitor ... 4 -
640GB Sata drives and a PDA and most importantly on a Great watercooling setup ( Costing me about 300 pounds ) ... The reason was, I only play games %10 of times, So im not exactly a Gamer! and a overclocked GTX plays really nicely for me, for now!

Have fun deciding,

24-03-2008, 15:06:39

The Computer Council
Q6600 at 3.0Ghz on an EVGA 780i board with 8800GTXs at stock, Vista Ultimate x64.

3DMark06 scores:
1 card: 12448
2 cards in SLI: 14961

Crysis 1280x1024 Very High:
1 card: 18.74FPS
2 cards in SLI: 24.50FPS

SLI would probably help even more at higher resolutions so the info there may be of use if you're wondering whether to go SLI.

25-03-2008, 06:19:32

Thanks - I presume the 9xxx cards would scale better than that?
Where are you based (the computer council) by the way?

I've noticed that in some of your reviews the gt scores higher than the gtx in certain tests - is this mainly a low res thing and something to do with the way 3dmark 06 is set up, or nvidia's drivers?

25-03-2008, 08:19:40

If your referring to the XFX alpha dog review its factory overclocked pretty far.

25-03-2008, 09:43:37

No it's the MSI NX8800gt zilent (t2d512e) - where do they get these b*ll***t numbers from?
Clocked at 660mhz, 1900 memory, shader clock 1650mhz.
With a zalman vf1000 cooler, so there's probably still a bit of head room for more overclocking.
With the cooler it takes up 2 slots.

25-03-2008, 15:32:53

Depending on your res the GT may score higher, but I've found Crysis the GTX plays smoother...

25-03-2008, 18:40:36

Thanks - what is it with 3dmark 06? Have nvidia tuned the drivers to give the g92 cards better scores?
Wouldn't be the first time.

25-03-2008, 20:21:39

The Computer Council

Where are you based (the computer council) by the way?

We're just outside Uttoxeter, Staffs though we only actually trade online. :)

I have a decent cooler on my GT and load temps rarely get above 40'c - temperatures aren't the limiting factor; the card's just at its limit with a hefty overclock - I get just over 15K in 3DMark06 with it, but I'd still swap it out for a GTX if a free one came along.

It'll be interesting to see how the 9800GX2 fairs up in Quad SLI (two cards) which we should be testing as soon as we get hold of the drivers.
The single card did great in the Crysis benchmark but not so well in 3dMark06 - it didn't seem to recognise both cores for us in that. Be good to compare it to ATIs X2 crossfire that we're testing at the moment. :cool:

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