Big GPU's Are Set To Die

"The ATI R600 will represent the last of it’s breed, the monolithic GPU. It will be replaced by a cluster of smaller GPUs with the R700 generation. This is the biggest change in the paradigm since 3Dfx came out with SLI, oh so many years ago. Got your attention? Then you'd better read on....

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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 18/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: The Inquirer

Basically, if you look at the architecture of any modern GPU, R5xx/6xx or G80, it comprises pretty modular units connected by a big interconnect. Imagine if the interconnect was more distributed like say an Opteron and HT, you could have four small chips instead of one big one.

This would have massive advantages on design time, you need to make a chip of quarter the size or less, and just place many of them on the PCB. If you want a low-end board, use one, mid-range use four, pimped out edition, 16. You get the idea, Lego. It takes a good bit of software magic to make this work, but word has it that ATI has figured out this secret sauce. What this means is R700 boards will be more modular, more scalable, more consistent top to bottom, and cheaper to fab. In fact, when they launch one SKU, they will have the capability to launch them all. It is a win/win for ATI.

There have been several code names floating around for weeks on this, and we hear it is pretty much a done deal. Less concrete is the rumour that G90 will take a similar path, but things are pointing in that direction. G80 and R600, or most likely their descendants in the next half-generation step, will be the biggest GPUs ever. I am not sure this is something to be proud of, but the trigger has been pulled on the next big thing. The big GPU is dead, long live the swarm of little GPU's.

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Most Recent Comments

17-11-2006, 10:43:01

Aye I knew they would do, but they'll make it up in licences and game sales (and peripherals)

Apparently they may break even in 2008!

17-11-2006, 11:31:21

yea i read about this quite a while ago, seems a good deal for consumers though, get something for cheaper than its worth :D

17-11-2006, 18:20:11

im amazed they are selling for > $2000 on ebay if I could pick one up for 600 bucks here and sell it on ebay, i'd make a fair bit of cash

17-11-2006, 18:22:17

Microsoft loses money on XBOX 360 too.

17-11-2006, 19:45:00


Microsoft loses money on XBOX 360 too.

I was going to say that :p.

18-11-2006, 04:50:17

I can't wait for all three to be easily accessible - maybe someone could compare them

18-11-2006, 05:10:56

The Wii is incomparable to the other two tbh, it's an overclocked GameCube, its the fun offered by the wii-mote which is what people are after.

The other two are comparable though ;).

18-11-2006, 05:24:22

ps3 vs. xbox 360 then

just think how many googles there have been for those two ^^

18-11-2006, 05:25:45

just think how many googles there have been for those two ^^[/QUOTE]lots? :p

18-11-2006, 16:41:20

These revisions of the ps3, including the ones in the shops on the 16th (US), are very cheap blueray readers. (to the average person)

The revision being released 1Q 2007 is allegedly going to be ps2 legal where the present revision fails atm.

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