BFG Geforce 9800GTX+ Runs Fast!

"The Super quick BFG 9800GTX+ spotted on EU site."

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BFG Geforce 9800GTX+ Runs Fast! 
BFG has introduced it's newest addition to Nvidia's 9 series of graphic cards, the Geforce 9800GTX+ OC. This blisteringly fast 9800 has a factory overclocked 55nm core running at 780Mhz, the OC version of the GTX+ will support everything of the original GTX+ version.
The overclock isn't too bad as the normal clock for this card is 738Mhz. The 512 of DDR3 memory has been boosted from stock speeds of 2,200Mhz to 2,250Mhz and the Shader Clock has been clocked from 1,836Mhz to 1,890MHz. The card is going to be using the same reference cooling as the stock 9800GTX+, we hope this will keep the heat to a minimum.
The BFG OC version of the GTX+ is already listed on a EU site called, the listing can be found here.
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Most Recent Comments

06-08-2008, 20:57:57

I was hoping that a mod could please clean the forum abit and cut the number of pages down just as i think alot of it is unnecessary


19-08-2008, 09:43:51

Day 7,8 Dilema

Ok this part took alot longer then i had hoped, i had to line up the motherboard tray with the stand offs that are currently in the Mac Case.

I didnt want to start drilling away at the Motherboard straight away as i didnt want to leave a bunch of random holes that wearnt need making it look scruffy and horrible :)

so i did 3 things to try and get accurate measurements
1) I used a Plastic transparent Sheet layed that on top of the stand offs and marked off where they were
2) I used a little bit of scrap wood and measured from the side of the case to each individual stand off
3) I got a piece of card board placed it on top of the stand offs and forced the card board through therefore leaving holes in the cardboard where the stand offs were


i then put each layer on top of the other to see if they all lined up, and it looked like they did!

so i placed one of the layers on top of the motherboard tray and marked off where each stand off is and drilled the holes!

As usual the holes wearnt where i wanted them to be :cursing: so i had to bring the dremel out and made the holes bigger. While i had the dremel out i thought i would make some holes in the Board for cooling and a little plan i have once i mount all the parts :D



Then 4 hours of flat filling and round filling turned out like this i still got alot to do as it isnt perfectly straight and i want to sand the Mobo Tray :o


Still got alot to do and it has been abit slow but let me know what you think :D what else should i do to the mobo tray :)

19-08-2008, 09:45:12

Also just want to thank Ham for cleaning the thread up :D

25-08-2008, 17:34:44

seems like modding g5's has become a minor craze recently... good luck with the mod, looking good so far

25-08-2008, 18:06:23

looking sweet mate,keep it up

27-09-2008, 06:23:17

Hello all

Sorry for not updating this started college again so need to put my head down abit more then last year but i got a Half term ( 2 week break) approching so i will be sure to work on it abit

24-02-2009, 18:18:11

completely forgot about this thread and the site :(... i have been soo busy with studies that i have had no time what so ever, i guess this will have to be on pause till after the exams

acctually disapointed with my self that i didnt get to finish this

:( :(

24-02-2009, 18:24:33

That's a shame mate, but it's not going to go anywhere. You can finish it when you've got some free time.

G5's are purdy.

24-02-2009, 18:57:06

oooooh I was enjoying that :P
I hope you get back to it soon mate :)
I'd love to see the finished product

24-02-2009, 20:22:40

Your colour scheme sounds delightful! and cant wait for you to get back to it! And lol i know how you feel about college :p

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