ATI Lineup Refresh Second Half This Year?

"AMD has given word that they could be refreshing their graphics card lineup later this year."

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A few days ago, AMD gave word that we could expect to see the next level of ATI graphics cards some time in the second half of this year.

“We are ramping the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series now and look forward to refreshing the entire lineup in the second half of next year*,” said Dirk Meyer, chief executive officer of AMD, during quarterly conference call with financial analysts.

Now the question is, what will this refresh entail?  There are two main options in this regard.  One way we may see is a simple step-up involving an increase of clock speeds using the current HD 5000 series card architecture.  With the TSMC currently working on the 28nm process, this could also include a die shrink.

The other, more intriguing option would be the release of the Northern Islands family of graphics cards.  While not much is known about this family, rumors suggest that it utilizes a whole new architecture on either the 32nm or 28nm process.  Another family name that has popped up is Hecatonchires, with chips codenamed Cozumel, Ibiza and Kauai.

Now the wording of Meyer's statement is a bit nebulous.  Because the conference call was reporting results of the fourth quarter 2009 fiscal year, the "next year" part could be referring to the second half of the 2010 fiscal year.  However, seeing as previous reports showed Northern Islands being released in 2011, it could be literally next year.  Still, even if that were the case, with Meyer saying they are "ramping the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series" we could very well see the first option occurring.

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17-01-2010, 19:26:31

I've got a mate with Virgin 20Mb cable and they told him they were gonna start limiting his connection cos he was using so much bandwith!
Like Sky they also have that weird 'shared usage' bandwith, so at peak times of the day they cut bandwith a little for larger connections so everyone has a fair share. My Sky at Uni drops from 15Mb at 2am to a measly 5-6Mb at peak times :(
At home (Somerset) the Orange connection may be an average 8Mb but at least it's constant and never drops.

18-01-2010, 10:25:58

Virgin ADSL has gone to heck because they layed off their site in newport (where I worked) and moved everything to swansea where all the staff are customer services calltakers who have been given a few hours training on ADSL. Within the weeks after the transfer they had 3 times more staff than in newport and 10 times (literally) calls queuing to speak to the support staff (who know nothing). The repeat call rate went up from about 18% to 60%ish

Tweaker, are you on cable or ADSL? If ADSL let me know what exchange you're on and whether youre on an SMPF (C&W ADSL2+) or IPStream Max (BT 8Mbps ADSL) if you know. Can't see you're uploads because I'm in work but I'll have a look when I get home.

18-01-2010, 12:51:58

Could you guys on virgin do a ping test during peak hours, say 8pm. That's when my mates connection goes tits up. I'm on BE, 24MB unlimited for £22 a month isn't bad at all. I don't even think there's a fair usage policy.

18-01-2010, 13:30:59

I am also on the 50mb connection with Virgin and since they have upgraded me I have found the service to be very unstable, my network connection drops for no reason and its not just limited to evenings. I have found that the quickest way to rectify it has been to log on to my router and release then renew my ip through DHCP.

I was previously with telewest before Virgin bought them out and was always very happy with the service I got, since Virgin took over thou I have been totally unimpressed with both their attitude and there service.

I only upgraded to the 50mb package due to their stupid fair usuage policy, I was previously on the 10mb package which was totally sufficient until they capped my unlimited service down to 2mb every time I downloaded more than 4gb in one day!, TBH I am going to downgrade my service again as like i said before, the 50mb connection seems to be unstable and the only reason I have stuck with it for the last 3 months is that the fair usuage policy does not apply to the 50mb service!

I personally think its time that trading standards started looking at these companys a bit closer and the way they advertise there services as when I questioned Virgin as to why they were limiting my unlimited service they said that they were not and that I could still download as much as I wanted. I tried to point out that by restricting my speed they were restricting the amount I could download they simply played dumb.

Its not just Virgin that use these dodgy methods to sell there broadband and its time the government stepped up and started penialising these companys!

18-01-2010, 15:31:23


Could you guys on virgin do a ping test during peak hours, say 8pm. That's when my mates connection goes tits up. I'm on BE, 24MB unlimited for £22 a month isn't bad at all. I don't even think there's a fair usage policy.

here's mine

18-01-2010, 15:55:34

The jitter has been as high as I think 30's

18-01-2010, 16:47:37


18-01-2010, 17:05:01

lol if this post gets through, I'm currently experiencing 98% packet loss. Fun times on Virgin cable.

18-01-2010, 17:14:31

ouch :o
get help on the virgin newsgroups (
they're usually pretty quick to respond and can arrange an engineer visit if needed

18-01-2010, 17:46:51

It's going through cycles of being horrible and recovering a little. It's because it's peak time now.

I've been posting on the newsgroup for a week or so, even had an engineer round as a result. He came and looked out of his depth from the outset, did basically nothing, left some of his kit here (which he later collected) and said the best thing to do would be to get someone else to come next week (this week). I asked him to book someone, but have no idea if they'll turn up or not. Just asked on the newsgroup if there is anyone coming.

There's also a known fault in my area, but nobody seems to know when/if it's going to get sorted. 3 months in to this and I'm getting pretty tired. Did manage to play a little DoD:S the other day, but only through the day when nobody's at home. Shame though, all I found out was that only the hardcore DoD:S players are playing then, and that I really suck at that game!

I'm glad a negotiated a great price for this BB now, otherwise I definitely would have cancelled by now. Shoddy, shoddy performance, but for some it seems blazingly fast all the time! Indeed, last year, pre november, mine was perfect 100% of the time. Only had one brief outage of about 10 min!

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