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"ASUS release details of the worlds most powerful graphics card"

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ASUS EAH5970 Breaks New Ground
The recent release of the ATI 5xxx series of DirectX 11 graphics cards has taken the gaming world by storm. Providing amazing performance across the range we now have pictures and details of ASUS' EAH5970, a truly staggeringly powerful piece of kit.
AsusBoxThe specifications are pretty amazing too.
Clock Speeds
2GB of GDDR5  : 4000MHz speed (1000MHz GDDR5)
Core clock : 725MHz
DVI-I Dual Link X2
HDMI Output, via adaptor
Display Port
HDCP Compliant
PCI-Express 2.1 support.
Memory Interface : 256bit x2
Bundled with Dirt2 and ASUS Utilities
The clock speed is probably one of the first things that will strike you. After all the 5870 runs much faster. To keep the card within the 300w limits AMD require the cards are full-fat 5870s, but are shipped with 5850 clock-speeds. However the new cooling solution is capable of handling 400W of heat dissipation and the card only produces 294W of heat.
Card top
To enable anyone who has a beefy power supply to unlock the full overclocking potential of the card, ASUS ship it with their excellent Gamer OSD overclocking utility. This will allow you to easily reach 5870 clock speeds, and also enables benchmarking and video capture in any PC game.
With the combination of the power of the ASUS EAH5970 and ASUS Splendid software, watching your movies on the PC is as absorbing and immersive as watching them on the top-of-the-line television.
Finally it has full DirectX 11 support, full support for Microsoft Windows 7, and comes complete with ATIs Eyefinity technology enabling tri-monitor output in gaming. As part of the benefit of purchasing a ASUS EAH5970 graphics card, ATI Eyefinity has been upgraded to provide Eyefinity support in games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Call of Duty 4 MW, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, HAWX and many others. This support is only available with the 5970 graphics card.
side shot
Fancy gaming at 5040x1050? Discuss this in our forums here
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Most Recent Comments

09-11-2009, 01:57:59

Hi guys..

Ive got some Avid Code Magnesium brakes here which im looking to do some modding to.

So, first thing on the agenda, is getting a new colour on these...

DOes anyone know, or anyone know someone, who can paint, anodise or coat these parts for me? there are some parts which cannot be coated or painted due to their use, so they will need to be protected and covered, and some parts i can sand down after being painted or coated so they can still be useed, if that makes any sense?

So...any suggestions guys? Or is there anything youd recommend i could do at home? certain paints? certain chemicals i can easily find? or any companies? or anyone willing to do it for me?

Btw, they need stripping and cleaning first as they have a clear coat over them atm. I will strip down and send bare its literally just the shell...

Thanks guys


09-11-2009, 07:51:22

BRAKES! Just dont really. Just dont lol. It wont last 5mins.

Brake fluid and paint dont play ball dude rofl.

09-11-2009, 10:42:04


BRAKES! Just dont really. Just dont lol. It wont last 5mins.

Brake fluid and paint dont play ball dude rofl.

saying that the times that I have spilt some on my bikes paint work and it hasnt made the slightest difference. All these people saying that it willl wreck it dont let it get anywhere near - I find that its not the end of the world. just wipe it up and keep goin...

09-11-2009, 13:10:27

Delete please...

09-11-2009, 15:28:43

TBH, I think you could coat these Tom. they are for a mountain bike so I am sure that if the guy sends them to you with an "x" on where not to paint or already taped up should be no problems.

No brake fluid neither (I think)

09-11-2009, 15:49:20

silver looks disgusting, simples....and they have already had some water damage and we all know magnesium and water dont mix very well at all...

Im going to be doing something with these anyways, so if someones up for advicing me on what to do, it would be greatly appreciated...

thanks guys

09-11-2009, 17:01:32

Quite a few car and motorbike forums mentioning they have sucessfully managed to powdercoat parts ... quite a few disasters too, made interesting reading actually. The magnesuim gasses a lot and has caused a few explosions/fires!!

09-11-2009, 19:22:53

No reason why you can't do it with normal powder, it's burn / melting temperatures are much higher than a typical cure cycle so no reason to worry about that.

It may "weaken" whilst it's at cure temperature but it'll return back to full strength once it's cooled back to room temperature.

The only problem you'll need to overcome is the initial stripping of the clear coat and any mag oxidisation that will happen when doing so.

Try contacting these guys, specialist in mag & carbon stuff:

See if they can strip it chemically and re-treat the metal then post back to you for coating... lot of hassle but such life is! :p

Ninja edit: They offer powder coating anyway, just noticed their colour chart, so you could get them to do everything for you. :)

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