AMD RV670 HD 2950 PRO Specifications and Pictures Leaked

"The Radeon HD 2900 PRO is due for release November 19th 2007. Have a sneak peak inside."

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AMD RV670 HD 2950 PRO Specifications and Pictures Leaked


Translated from the source article:
We already knew, RV670 Both models will be available in mid-November. But today sources confirmed the release by releasing information and detailed specifications of the RV670 promo doc, although all the info list in the pic we are already known in the previous reports,In this pic, we can able to see some other things.
Compared to R600, RV670 are using TSMC's 55 nanometer technology, it will have better thermal performance and power consumption. It uses a single-slot design, maybe AMD is thinking Quad Crossfire. How's the Quad Crossfire proforming in PCIe2.0 mode? have outstanding performance? Let us waiting.
Unfortunately, in RV670 spy Pic leaking by NV800 we cant find Display port. But AMD has already promised: RV670 will have DisplayPort. We think DisplayPort products now still not in mass production, so AMD omitted that slot in the sample. According to the current information we know, in this generation all the graphics core, both RV670 & G92 are not directly support DispalyPort, They need a conversion chips to Support that.
Although AMD HD 2000 series cards support PCIe some 2.0 features partly , but in the pic we can know, AMD wish to use RV670 to replace R600,adds UVD support to Hi end cards. Now the only thing is let's hope the UVD wont have any kinds of playback issues.






DigiTimes seem to confirm this information:

AMD is preparing to launch its new Radeon HD 2950PRO (RV670) chip on November 19, according to sources at graphics card makers. The company recently notified graphics card makers that design verification test (DVT) samples will be sent out at the beginning of this month and AMD will start producing a batch of 1.5 million chips in the first week of November.
The Radeon HD 2950PRO will continue to adopt the R600 chip structure. It will support DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.0, PCI Express 2.0, UVD and CrossFire technology. The chip also features built-in HDMI, HDCP and 320 stream processors per GPU.
The Radeon HD 2950PRO will come in two versions, Gladiator and Revival, with Gladiator adopting 512MB GDDR4 graphics memory, a GPU frequency of 825MHz and a memory frequency of 2.4GHz. Revival will adopt 256/512MB GDDR3 graphics memory, a GPU frequency of 750MHz and a memory frequency of 1.8GHz.


This could be AMD's saving grace. Discuss in the forum
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Most Recent Comments

03-10-2007, 15:25:10

I felt I had to post this cos I`ve slammed FIFA 07 at every oportunity, and rightly so imo, for it`s poor construction and lack of fluency even on a high end pc. Programming just seemed to have been thrown together and it felt like it. Had to cut down settings, screen sizes and whatever to get it playable.

Enter FIFA 08, and I`m kinda at a loss. It was proposed by the person who had the game to install it on a machine similar to what I played 07 on - and I did warn them as to the results.

How wrong I was. All settings on high, 1680x1050 res, and the game flies. Looking at the onscreen-displayed performance check, and even tho it was still hitting 1 core, it wasn`t challenging the one it was on - so fair enough.

If u even ran away from 07 on the pc, 08 is completely different in terms of performance. I can`t explain it, I doubt EA can either, but the engine `looks` the same, right down to the cheap-looking gui, players still run like they skate on ice at times (similarly to most games)....... compiled using the correct settings in developement ?!?!??! dunno - would be an explaination..

Of course there are techniques added, updated squads to mid august I think it was ("YAY!" say chelski fans), nice changes to crossing and thru balls - don`t expect it to look as slick as the 360 version tho. It probably could if they used the processing power and skins that are obviously available.. meh.

Too bad I didn`t take it home, Bioshock hasn`t tempted me back AT ALL, but atleast I get a chance to take Madden 08 to pieces :)

Thought ya`ll should be aware, and of course all imo, games bring opinions out of every1.

03-10-2007, 15:32:10

Ye not liking '08 compared to '07. I'm a PES man anyway, but '07 tempted me like no other Fifa has since '95

Fifa is far too arcade for my tastes and just as '07 made it less so, '08 has made it more so.

ughgh delayed reaction time! At least they got rid of some of the over-shineyness

PES 2008 on the other hand :D:D

03-10-2007, 15:53:42

I dispair with the shineyness, it seems to raise it`s head in alot of games. Quick look at Madden, the grass looks shizzle, shadows feint and the players look too "drawn on afterwards". "nice enough" maybe. And the parallaxing idea for depth... o dear. Once again no where near as slick as the 360/PS3 version, but loooooads of overhead available for it to attempt it.

PES made me feel like each player was The Hulk on a widescreen.

Both suck in comparison with the forth-coming 8bit+ SWOS, but there ya go.

Atleast with FIFA I guess I don`t need to be Mersyside Reds with Gergardinho or whatever they call Gerrard.

Be nice if they came out with a football game that both looked slick and didn`t have u running around arcade-style 1000mph to score. Put u`r foot on the ball for 45mins each way.

Either way, FIFA 08 they appear to have compiled it with the -y -w -r options missing from 07 job. hehe

Wouldn`t supprize me if the industry did it on purpose. Make one of the most popular games that comes out each year have to have a high end rig just to play decent (although not even use half of it`s abilities) - very cynical, but not beyond the industry imo, Vista style.

03-10-2007, 16:34:27

Meh 360/PS3 ftw :D

I love PES, awesome game. The new one looks much better but still not as polished as Fifa. I play PES as it's 100x better to play than Fifa tho.

SWOS = pwnage. Still have it

03-10-2007, 18:04:31

I love fifa 2007 on the PS2, I play it to death and feel that every game is different. I score in a variety of ways each game and goals always get me exited, still watch the replay etc. The problem is I'm on my 3rd season now and my West Ham team is pretty awesome and I don't lose much.

I played Fifa 08 on a mates PC last night and I wasn't impressed. There was nothing that made me go "WOW, that's different", I was merely going over the game with a toothpick to find out what was different.

Played PES a few times, but I think I'm too used to Fifa to be able to play it. I actually found PES arcadey compared to Fifa 07 imo. I'm waiting to download Fifa 08 demo on me missus PS3 and then see if it's worth hinting for her to buy it for xmas for me :p.

Totally don't agree with you whole 'skating' thing Rastalovich, also you can slow the game down, walk and shield the ball, maybe the versions of 07 were a lot different between ps2 and pc. I saw Fifa 07 on a PC and it didn't look as good - These games are made for consoles imo ;)

04-10-2007, 08:31:54


Totally don't agree with you whole 'skating' thing Rastalovich, also you can slow the game down, walk and shield the ball, maybe the versions of 07 were a lot different between ps2 and pc. I saw Fifa 07 on a PC and it didn't look as good - These games are made for consoles imo ;)

Played it again this morning (meant to be working), Torres skates, Ronaldo skates. Watched Halo3 on XLeague and the players skate.

Foot to ground physics isn`t worked on at all. U have a standard animation with the ground scrolling at a speed. Games with footprint in them atleast bluff over it, and fps`s with physical grass and not flat map flooring cover it up well (but u notice it in none grass areas). Beats me how more of them don`t use grass. Something as well made as TotalWar allows u to have grass all over the battle map.

Yeah u can slow the game down, but then when u pass a ball, u have to wait 30 minutes for the player to receive it. Not condusive of reality.

Consoles are way more developed esthetically imo. PC versions, outside of alot of `quality` fps, hardly ever look as nice. I saw a UTube of Madden last night, console rips all over the pc version in both looks and physics. Nothing u can do to the pc version to make it look better, everything maxed, not using all the power available.

04-10-2007, 13:19:26

Jiffz...PES is arcady? Man you obviously haven't played it very much at all. Compared to fifa it IS real life :p

04-10-2007, 13:55:12


Jiffz...PES is arcady? Man you obviously haven't played it very much at all. Compared to fifa it IS real life :p


The reason i turned to PES instead of FIFA is because FIFA used to be just too easy with most shots from outside the box flying in the top corner and every pass reaching its target.. It had better graphics than PES granted but PES gameplay more than made up for it.

I think i saw some drool coming out of my PS3's disc slot when i was talking about PES 08 with my mate the other day...

Gonna smash it :D

edit: oh yeah and i downloaded the Fifa 08 demo on Playstation Network the other day and i really disliked it.. It was so sluggish and the graphics didn't do anything for me at all... I think previous versions of the game are better, but hey thats just me.

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