AMD Demo R600 Crossfire on Quad Core Barcelona Setup

"AMD has publicly demonstrated a Barcelona system with a pair of 200W R600 cards running in Crossfire mode which is capable of hitting one teraflop."

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According to our source, AMD has given a public display of its Quad Core Barcelona system with a pair of 200W R600 cards running in Crossfire mode, which is capable of hitting one teraflop. The event which has been verified, suggests that researchers at Stanford were already writing supercomputing applications for R600 and that R600 uses 320 multiply-accumulate (MAC) units which could imply 40 vec4 per GPU and ~800MHz clock.

When pressed for a reason on R600's delay, Henri Richard (chief of sales and marketing at AMD) said:
R600 is doing very well and there's a reason we're going to launch it when we're going to launch it...I'll take the blame. Launching Direct X 10 chipsets piecemeal was not welcome with AMD's OEMs, and would not give the best economic value for the firm, despite the clamour for new kit from hardcore gamers and computing enthusiasts."

No doubt it won't only be hardcore gamers scrabbling for a piece of the R600 action; distributed computing donators will be eagerly awaiting R600's arrival too.

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Most Recent Comments

01-03-2007, 03:36:07

Well I play it with the missus which is fun - plus Rayman is fun on your own too :D

Need more good games tho

01-03-2007, 07:53:29


Wii rules but I'm bored of it now and the lack of games is killing me

I noticed you sold TW-Princess quiet quickly, did you bother finishing it or just get bored?

01-03-2007, 08:47:41

Got bored mate, Zelda just isn't my thing at all :)

01-03-2007, 09:00:22


Got bored mate, Zelda just isn't my thing at all :)

Hate to say it but I think you missed out :)
I'm loving it.
I'm nearing the end now with about 80 hours playing time under my belt.
It's great as my five year old likes it and we have an hour together on it most evenings. I then tell the missus that I need to get to a save point, while she puts him to bed. (//continues to play for a further hour//:D )

Don't worry, Tiger Woods and SSX due very soon!

01-03-2007, 09:08:29

I didn't miss out cause I played it and didn't like it ;)

Much prefer Oblivion and all my other games tbh :)

01-03-2007, 13:45:29

PP Mguire
Im a huge Zelda fan so when i get a Wii the only game ill have for a while is Zelda till i beat it.

01-03-2007, 13:56:13

am i sad?, but i still love wii sports. Even flying solo :p

01-03-2007, 15:33:04


am i sad?, but i still love wii sports. Even flying solo :p

Wii Sports in order of preference:-
1. Bowling - Uber Cool and the first game to cause physical injury while adding that bit of extra spin :(
2. Tennis - Great two player fun.
3. Golf - Putting strength a bit iffy but still good fun.
4. Boxing - Seems a bit hit and miss, also responds to the Wiimote equivalent of button bashing (This has nothing to do with getting beat by a 5 y.o.)
5. Baseball - My arms leave their sockets when I hit home runs. That can't be good for you?

01-03-2007, 18:16:47

PP Mguire

Not sure but I think we just got to the last boss. It's a huge game and the Wiimote really adds to the fun of playing. Some say it's a bit easy, I think the odd bit was easy compared to Wind Waker but in comparison, there wasn't too much wandering around aimlessly like in Wind Wakers sailing sections. You really do have to be quite dextrous to Shoot stuff out of the sky, with a bow and arrow, while riding on horse back, while steering the horse and **//spoiler removed//**
It took a little while to get going but that's always the way with SM's work.
After a few hours, I couldn't stop playing (except to retain my Pro bowling status).

Ive played it at a friends house a few times. It deff is quite the game and im sure to have it soon.

01-03-2007, 20:31:50

WC Annihilus
For me on Wii Sports, boxing is easily the funnest. When you get to about 2k (heck, maybe even 1.5k or 1.7k) skill level when playing single player, it isn't really a button masher anymore. Takes a bit of work. I've come up with a pretty simple (but tiring) strategy that leaves me almost untouched (didn't really work past 2k skill though)

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