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"AMD/ATI to bring Quad-CrossFire to the masses."

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AMD/ATI To Bring On Quad-CrossFire

According to the source article (via ocworkbench) AMD/ATI are readying to play their Ace at Computex - Quad-CrossFire. The feature will be present on some RD790 based motherboards. The RD790 is the the successor to the RD580 (or 580X) variant.

Looking at the included image you can see that the performance gain from running Quad-CrossFire is minimal, but this may be enhanced with further driver support. The Quad-CrossFire is made possible by using either X1k or X2k series cards, thanks to four full-length PCI-Express X16 slots which can run 4x8 lanes (and are also re-configurable to 2x16).


With the acquisition of ATi earlier this year, AMD is back to making chipsets for its processors. As we all know, the next generation of processors would require HT3 for more bandwidth. CrossFire support should also scale up.

The AMD RD790 chipset is an improvement over the RD580 or 580X chipset. The major difference is that it supports AM2+ and HT3.0.

In the test, a AMD X2 5000+ and a pair of DDR2-667 is used. The board you see comes with 4 full length PCIe x16 slots. It is fitted with 4 graphics cards. The interesting thing is that CrossFire works even with 4 cards, but performance is not ready for 4 cards to improve the performance. The PCIe slots can be configured to run in 2 by 16 or 4 by 8 in CrossFire mode. The south bridge is still the SB600.

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Most Recent Comments

29-05-2007, 11:57:41

Yes, most of the benches I've seen show that you really only benefit from the 640 at resolutions of 1600x1200 or greater. There are a few exceptions like Quake 4 on Ultra Quality; performance is considerably better with the 640, but the 320 still has a more than decent framerate. The real question is, will DX10 games want the 640? So for the short term you'd be fine with the 320, but if DX10 games want the extra mem, you might want to upgrade in a year. From what I hear the 8900's might be out by then so it would be an even better upgrade...

29-05-2007, 12:16:36

I have just ordered the 640, becuase i game at 1600 x 1200 so i think t will give me a little extra boost.


29-05-2007, 13:05:15

Im running at 1440x900 on a 640mb and well im impressed with mine.
Go for the best. ;)

29-05-2007, 16:22:04

im running at 1680x1050, and got the 640mb version.

However in some parts of some games, it does dip below 40 fps, so dont no if its my card or what.

29-05-2007, 16:49:31

If u can afford 640 - get it tbh.

A gfxcard memory can influence the amount and indirectly the quality (better quality has that many more planes, so takes up more space).

29-05-2007, 20:50:38

pick up the 640 if at all possible. As games evolve in the near future, you're going to see textures becoming more detailed, and the extra memory is going to help. The 1440x900 is already a 'sitting on the fence' resolution for 256, and that's the old dx9 textures.

+640 in this corner.


29-05-2007, 21:34:13

i've got a 640mb one with 1920x1200 and i'm happy with it
kicks the [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] out of my 7800gt at 1280x1024 lol
i LOVE it :D

29-05-2007, 21:42:22

Another vote for the 640MB version. They overclock nicely aswell :)

30-05-2007, 04:52:07

Orite thanks guys, guess ill have to save a lil longer lol.

31-05-2007, 04:55:11

Oooh I Was Just Asking A Similar Question On Another Thread!!!
There Are About 40 Or More 8800gtx Up For Grabs At 290.00 Exvat

Or 30 Or More 8800gts 640 For 190.00 Exvat Which One Is Better Value

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