VIA Announces First Carbon Free Processor

"VIA Announces First Carbon Free Processor"

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VIA Technologies Inc have released an industry first for CPU and chipset makers - the carbon free processor. With a maximum power consumption of just 20W, the VIA C7®-D processor also sets new standards for performance-per-watt operation and enables use of less power intensive supporting components such as power supplies and cooling fans, and facilitates ultra low profile commercial desktop designs.

The VIA C7®-D (Esther Core) processor is based on the low profile NanoBGA2 package that measures just 21mm x 21mm and is scalable from 1.5GHz to 1.8GHz.

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VIA have also made a conscientious effort to clean up their own 'backyard' and facilitate or assist community organisations to do the same. VIA are actively helping regional organisations towards significantly reduced Carbon Dioxide levels through projects such as: Reforestation; alternative sources of energy, and energy conservation.

If you're interested in VIA's new carbon free processor's, you can find additional information here

Feel free to discuss the merits of VIA's stance on a healthier future, or alternatively, the new C7®-D processor in our forum

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Most Recent Comments

24-09-2006, 17:47:14

Warning! Conflicting opinions detected! Which to go with! ;)

24-09-2006, 17:54:39

I have a Venice 3000+ @ 2.43ghz idling at 32C and load about 45C. I have a stock heatsink. I would say under load no higher then 50C just to be safe.

24-09-2006, 18:01:36

So continue tweaking and stop when I get to 48-50 under load?

I set my CPU fan to go full speed when the temp hits 51. This advisable? I'm not too bothered about noise.

24-09-2006, 18:02:40

Yes stop around 50C. Set the fan to max.

24-09-2006, 19:01:05

[QUOTE=Riff]So continue tweaking and stop when I get to 48-50 under load?

I set my CPU fan to go full speed when the temp hits 51. This advisable? I'm not too bothered about noise.[/QUOTE]

I would go full speed all the time and anywhere around 48 - low 50's is fine. Also, amke sure you have AMD cool'n'quiet off cause i belief that might mess with your overclock a bit if i remember correctly.

24-09-2006, 19:12:16

Right, tweaked the frequency up to 227. (227x11)

Achieved just under the target: 2497.19.

Sadly, whilst putting it through it's paces, the game crashed out. No blue screen and restart like before. Though I restarted and reverted it back to 220.

Temperature was 45c idle. :cool:

24-09-2006, 19:29:01

Yowza!! A tad warm for idle.

24-09-2006, 19:30:58


Yowza!! A tad warm for idle.

What do you idle at seeing as you have water? Also, as long as he is stable it shouldn't be a thing.

24-09-2006, 20:43:57

Cool n' Quiet does mess up your overclocks.

25-09-2006, 13:46:30

Don't worry, cool and quiet is off.

I mean, just the very name contradicts what I'm doing here.

Hot and Noisy would be more suitable.

Looks like 2.4Ghz is all I'm gonna get out of this CPU.

Not to worry though, next time I go shopping for parts, I'll be getting ones with maximum overclock potential.

Tempted now to overclock my 4 year old GeForce4 MX440 128MB SDR. It's been sitting in a box for 3 years. But that's another story... :p

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