TYAN Launches Four Server Boards for AMD FireStream GPUs

"TYAN today announced the launch of four new server platforms that have been designed specifically for AMD’s FireStream GPU compute accelerators."

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Leading server platform manufacturer TYAN today announced the launch of four new server platforms that have been designed specifically for AMD’s FireStream GPU compute accelerators. The new platforms range from 2-GPU motherboards to 8-GPU boards.

AMD’s FireStream GPUs are high performance graphics processing units that have the capability to deliver up to 2.64 TFLOPs of power. This makes them ideal for HPC, cloud, and enterprise-class applications. All four platforms announced today have been designed by TYAN keeping GPU computing in mind.

The new boards include that offer solutions that are capable of supporting one AMD FireStream compute accelerator in a 1U server through to eight compute accelerators in a 4U platform. The four platforms are the B7015 8-GPU 4U platform, the S7025 4GPU 4U, the S8225 4-GPU 4U, and the S8236 2-GPU rack. Among these, the S8225 4-GPU platform has been designed to offer full support to dual AMD Opteron 4100 series processors, while the S8236 is a 2-GPU rack with a 2U platform which has been optimized for dual AMD Opteron 6100 series processors.

The most notable feature of the platform is the 16 double-wide PCIe 2.0 slots. Each of the four motherboards meets all the special mechanical, power, and airflow needs that are unique to AMD’s FireStream processors. Among the processors supported by the new platforms are AMD FireStream 9170, 9250, 9270, 9350, and 9370 GPU compute accelerators.

Talking about the platforms and AMD’s FireStream GPUs, TYAN’s director of product marketing Kevin Hart, said “these GPGPU platforms, armed with AMD FireStream GPU compute accelerators, deliver shocking floating point performance that is exponentially faster than x86 CPUs in some applications.”

All four platforms are already available with TYAN authorized distributors, though pricing details have not been made available.

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Most Recent Comments

05-11-2010, 22:34:21

If it did it with the OLD gpu aswell its your system dude, best to start with a cmos clear and one stick of ram.

The amount of ram you have seems silly btw.

08-11-2010, 16:42:07

Sorry I haven't replied sooner but I have had family problems.
I have got 16gb of ram for heavy video editing and Photoshop and a bit of gaming at the same time. I know 16gb is a bit excessive for a desktop but I hoped when buying it I might be able to game at the same time as rendering. I am still getting the same problems listed above and I have testes all of the ram individually with Memtest 86 and all four of them passed. I don't think there is a problem with the 6870 as I get exactly the same performance with an old ATI 4350 out of my HTPC. I have looked over the internet and I cannot find anyone else having the same problems that I have having atm with the lag. I run 3dmark 06 on my system and it starts out about 84 fps then on the second scent it suddenly drops to 5 fps. I don;t want to even try Vantage as I know I will get even worse results. I don't know whether it is my my Motherboard or PSU or even drivers. speed wise this AMD rig is faster than my old 775pc with a Core 2 Quad 6600 and 8gb of DDR2 but graphics wise it is not. I bought an AMD Motherboard and CPU because it was cheaper than the Intel alternative. I have not had any problems when building my old 775 rig. I am now thinking it would of been better to spend the extra £200 and stick with Intel. The drivers included on the installation disk that came with the motherboard for the on-board audio caused stuttering through optical out. as said above I am debating if there is a power issue or a Motherboard issue. I have updated the Bios on my motherboard to the latest one and updated the chip set drivers and still no improvement. I really do not know what is causing the graphics lag.

Sorry is I have posted in the wrong section as I think it may not be the GPU causing the problems that I am experiencing with this build.

08-11-2010, 17:12:23

have you tried a fresh install of windows?

08-11-2010, 17:21:53

yup about 5 times :L

08-11-2010, 17:26:12

I think this lagging is a Windows update problem. Mine was lagging terrible yesterday and in the end I had to repair Windows.

Do a rollback and then cancel any new updates. I'm pretty certain it's being caused by Windows itself.

Edit. Maybe it's not that then. Infact yesterday I also updated my bios, could have been that.

08-11-2010, 17:43:10

I have installed just the drivers for the gpu and chipset and I still get the lag. the windows updates make no difference for my pc. the only thing that I have seen happen with the windows updates is knock out the wireless on my laptop

09-11-2010, 05:01:34

Have you been on the same BIOS the whole time?

I'd try testing your components now. Start with the RAM perhaps, seems a likely target since there's so much of it! Memtest86+ will do that.

09-11-2010, 06:39:52

I think it is a problem with the motherboard as the CPU won't go below 75% on the sixth core and the on-board audio is playing up now through optical. I have tested all of the other components in one of my friends spare motherboards and everything works without a problem. I think when my Seasonic x750 failed on start-up it might of caused some sort of damage to the motherboard. I am going to speak to Asus Support and see what they suggest, Asus are usually good at replacing faulty components.

09-11-2010, 06:44:07

When I put my 470 in very strange things happened. My Patriot PS-100 decided to die. Whether it was linked to putting in the 470? I have absolutely no idea. A couple of days ago I was happilly sitting here listening to MP3s when my system froze. I shut it down and rebooted and Windows was corrupt. I ran a repair and then flashed the bios and touch wood it's been great since.

However, the bios I was running was only about a month old. So there must have been a reason for the update to be released so soon.

God bless Asus and all who sail in her. By far and away the absolute best company ever for keeping their bioses updated.

09-11-2010, 12:19:30

Many apologies for the double post, but I just clocked this.

Just installed the GPU and drivers. I am sill getting the same amount of lag although it is now not lagging when I type. I am really confused.

Dude. That is 10000% identical to what was happening to me recently. I could type faster than it could appear in MSN and also in google search and pretty much everything else.

FTR I also run an SSD. Whether that has anything to do with it? I have no idea, but I just find this stunningly coincidental.

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