Socket 939 CPUs To Resurface And Supports DDR+DDR2 Dual Channel

"A hybrid design memory controller is said to be in the works and will first appear on future Socket 939 CPUs manufactured in 65nm."

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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 02/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: ocworkbench

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If there is any truth to the rumour it will certainly be an interesting move, but apparently we can expect a resurrection of Socket 939 on a 65nm node. According to our online source:

A hybrid design memory controller is said to be in the works and will first appear on future Socket 939 CPUs manufactured in 65nm. It will come with a Dual memory controlller to support both DDR and/or DDR2. The good thing is that you can mix and match RAMs too.

Thus if you have a pc of DDR2-800 and a pc of DDR400, both will run at DDR400 speed and in Dual Channel

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02-04-2007, 13:10:34


Edit: Check out my local showhouse, some friggin' AWESSSSOME bands play there, a lot of big names roll through too. I usually go once or twice a month to catch a show, it's only about 15 mins from my house.

Edit 2: Just checked the calendar, May 23rd you can count me being there for American Head Charge, and you can count on me being there on August 18th for W.A.S.P. :D Gawd I luff t3h Jaxx!

Nice :)

Some excellent bands on that site

02-04-2007, 16:41:41

Man it would be worth it for me to go just to see The Who. Have fun mate.

02-04-2007, 16:54:59


its the LEAST commerical festival there is. I'm not sure if you are actually judging your opinion on going to festivals or not, but if you are then you will know that festivals such as V and CW are commericialised, glastonbury is very much not in comparison. If you haven't been to any of these festivals, then what are you judging your opinions on?

Well, it`s gonna be a great event and all who`ll go there will have a stoooopendous time, with rain or without ;)

Pointification was merely looking at it changing from around 88 to about 9.... prehaps 98.

The bands don`t mean nothing. U look at IOW from the 60s to the 70s, all kinds of bands went there merely to be at the festival.

The bands going to the glastonbury will be there for 1 or 2 purposes, and I`d lean heavily for one of the reasons to be to promote themselves.

Health & Safety will be there, the BBC will be there, it`ll be on tv, it`s on the net, kids as young as the early teens will know about it, not coz their older brother/sister are going, but coz of the coverage.

U`ll probably be able to buy Pepsi at a stand!

Hell there`s tickets!


Don`t get me wrong, I`d`ve loved nothing more than to be @ IOW 1970 listening to Jimi Hendrix. Jimi wouldn`t be there to promote sales mind u.

02-04-2007, 17:30:35

Jeezus you guys really know how to be cinics don't you?

Festivals are still pretty awesome places to be even though I aint been to one for a couple of years.

Enjoy it dave :)

02-04-2007, 17:52:20

At the end of the day the enjoyment is there to be had, which ever way you look at it and however u make the comparisons.

I have no doubt Dave will have a blast - AND post some pics!!

03-04-2007, 10:28:28

thanks Matt!

although i appreciate this isnt for everyone... dont spoil my moment!!

ill get ya some pics :)

16-04-2007, 16:23:24

I H8 u davos .... nah nt rele

but u r a bstrd

Enjoy M8!!

20-04-2007, 17:31:34

I'm going to Masters of Rock in Czech Republic, much better, Motorhead are gonna be there. :worship:

20-04-2007, 20:22:54

have fun anyway :) but me thinks glasto will be better :D

19-06-2007, 13:42:45

it is time to depart, i will speak to all you fellas next week! dave out

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