New AMD Stock Heatsink Tested

"New AMD Stock Heatsink Tested"

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Some of you may not know, but AMD has recently changed from their all-aluminum cooler to a new design that includes a solid copper base with 4 heatpipes. Mounted on top of the new heatsink is a quality Delta fan.

Madshrimps decided to put this cooler to the test against a Thermalright XP-90C to see how it would fair up against the king of 82/90mm heatsinks. Surprisingly the new AMD heatsink performs just as well and even a degreee or two BETTER!
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24-01-2006, 19:43:27


i have a intel D865PERL mobo. the new Intel(R) Desktop Control Center lets me overclock aobut 4%

thats not nearly enough.. i was thinking of overclocking my chip to at least 10%.

i have heard of some people using clockgen to overclock their intel mobos. but i tried it myself and faied with freezing evertime i run the program.

can anyone help?

p.s. i don't want to buy a new mobo cuz then i would probably go pci E then i would have to get a new card and chip.. thats way too much money for me x.X

25-01-2006, 03:20:31

Intel made boards are notoriously poor overclockers, because they don't want you to have fun (or void your warranty):D I personally would have bought an enthusiasts board, from a manufacturer such as DFI. Anandtech explain a little something here about the poor performance associated with Intel chipsets, and Intels reluctance to 'please explain'. I know the article mentions about the 915 and 925 chipsets, but check Intels response at the bottom.

"If a board provider decides to overclock their platform, they do so at their own risk, since this action will void the warranty for the Intel products. Additionally, from time to time, Intel may choose to implement functionality that helps to ensure that the Intel product experience is not degraded by those who may try to run our products out of spec." Source: Anandtech

Further, I never use the provided software to overclock my's an extremely dodgey way to overclock. Take a trip into your bios and start looking for settings that enable you to adjust your CPU bus, as it's an Intel board I'm not gonna hold my breath.
Check out XMS's comprehensive guide on overclocking P4's here if you need some help, or don't hesitate to ask

25-01-2006, 07:40:33

Yup running Intel equipment is pretty much a complete buzzkill for anyone who wants to overclock...

You can still get yourself an AGP enthusiast board mate, then you can stick with everything you already have :)

Something like this Asus board would definately broaden your overclocking horizons:

A couple of other decent boards for overclocking...

It's such outdated technology at this point that the mobos for your setup are dirt cheap, I'd look at investing.


25-01-2006, 08:12:28

WC Annihilus
He's rather unwilling to buy another board. He'd rather totally upgrade his computer to current technology (and I mean stuff that's around now, not what's going to be around then) in about a year so that prices will be quite a bit lower.

25-01-2006, 20:01:56

i think i will just stick with my board for now.

i am able to oc it up to 3.54 ghz by going into bios and making burn-in up to 4%.... unfortunately, that is the max. :mad:

but i am saving for my next computer already. (probably be around a year from now). i am sick of replacing parts x.X

and plus, due to my prescott, i don't think i will be able to overclock it much before it starts getting overheated xD

anyways, thanks for the help. but i think i will jstu stick with this config for now.

ps. getting an amd next time for sure :)

25-01-2006, 20:23:41

Hmm well don't be so sure - Intels next gen may be pretty nice for sure :)

But just make sure you get a nice enthusiast board :)

25-01-2006, 21:25:51

true true their dual processors looks pretty nice :)

but ok for sure no more intel mobo haha

thats a fact

03-02-2006, 08:11:57

The only real advantage to the Intel DC processors is that they run single threaded applications a bit better than the DC Opty's. The Intel DC's actually have 2 seperate single cores on the wafer which improve the single thread memory bandwidth. IE, a DC Intel is going to beat a DC Opty almost every time in a single run of Super Pi. But the second you run two instances at once the DC Opty's completely cain the DC Intels due to the AMD architecture allowing the two cores to work a helluva lot more harmoniously than the Intels.

Sneaky's new 955XE is one sweet ass DC Intel proccy. He can cain my single instance SuperPi score by quite a gap but when we tested dual instances he couldn't touch me with his proc clocked at 4.8ghz. Then we tried quad instances and I got cained again :( HyperThreading definately has it's advantages when it comes to dual core computing, he could finish all 4 instances in 38 seconds and it took me about 59 seconds to complete all 4.

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