Netbooks get Dual Core Intel Atom's

"With a high demand for more power in netbooks Intel are stepping up and giving the users what they want with the dual core Atom’s."

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Netbooks have been growing in popularity continuously for a while now and with a higher demand for Netbooks comes a higher demand for performance. With an Intel Atom N450 CPU in your netbook you are at the top end but even that has not satisfied the enthusiasts.

Intel have stepped to the plate and decided to raise the performance bar higher. The first was the unveiling of the Atom N475 with a clock speed of 1.83 GHz and the support for DDR3 memory. Technology is never ceasing to advance, and with its advancements comes the call for faster speeds and more power keeping Intel and others on their feet, especially when it comes to notebooks.

Fudzilla managed to report on some very secret news which should have been kept under wraps for a few months. Apparently the ATOM N475 is only the beginning for the advances in the netbook aimed Atom series. It is planned that they will develop a dual core SKU clocked at 1.50 GHz, developed on the 45nm process and having a TDP of 8.5W for the CPU and graphics. No name has been given to it yet but it is suppose to outmatch any entry level mobile chip.

If all this stands to be true then we could finally be seeing the performance we want to see. We will just have to wait and see.

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Netbooks get Dual Core Intel Atom's

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When my wife and I married, I gave her a ring that I made at work outta some scrap stainless steel and she loves it. I also wear a matching one. So it was $.59 worth of steel + 1 hour of time = best gift ever. (some of her gf's look at her like shes retarded for not wanting a diamond. lol )

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