Nehalem EP To Debut A Month From Now

"A month from now, Intel will officially introduce the dual processor Nehalem-EP, aka Gainestown."

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Nehalem EP To Debut A Month From Now

In the market for some insane bandwidth? According to reports, Intel are readying their dual processor Nehalem-EP platform for release in around a month. The Nehalem-EP platform will retain the LGA1366 socket as Core i7, dual CPU support, but two QPI links per chip - one to talk to the Tylersburg chipset and the other for high speed communication with the second processor.


The 25.6GB/s bidirectional bandwidth on each QPI link is twice the fastest FSB1600 bandwidth previously. And then you add up to 32 GB/s memory bandwidth per processor if simply sticking to the three-channel standard DDR3-1333 on each CPU. Should take care of both workstation and server tasks well, whether cache or memory-dependent. And then we add that scalable I/O bandwidth of one or two Tylersburgs...

Nehalem-EP roadmap

Unlike Skulltrail, Nehalem-EP is not limited by the need for expensive, hot, high latency FB-DIMMs. Instead Gainestown , with a memory controller like the Core i7, supports non-ECC high-speed desktop DIMMs.

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Most Recent Comments

22-02-2009, 15:25:59

If I we're you simply grab a phenom II 940. They're on par OC wise with the intel chips around the same price and you can just drop it straight in (maybe a bios flash 1st). The extra cores will help with endoding etc too.

Cooling wise if you want to stick to air i guess the TRUE or noctua ones that i can remember the name of would be a good bet.

Say £220 for CPU and the HSF.

23-02-2009, 08:26:22

I don't see the gaming experience improving without going down the gfxcard route.

23-02-2009, 08:32:30

Aye if its gaming upgrade you need to switch the GPU first of all, then as ham said to keep costs down a phenom II would make alot of sense

23-02-2009, 09:55:21

The AMD 6000+ I currently have bottlenecks up on crysis (and some more reading around some reviews confirmed this). Not to mention the fact that this cpu runs very hot... can't really overclock it much because of that unless I overhauled my case and cpu cooling situation.

Other than some scientific benches, the E8400 outperforms many quads when overclocked to near 4Ghz and for it's current price I think it's a steal. I know, I could drop a phenom in here with my current board, but I just don't know why i'd be doing it. I'm fairly sure I can squeeze the max out of this graphy card if I grab a new CPU... don't think this is quite maxing out yet.

Any further thoughts? Thanks guys ;)

23-02-2009, 10:06:32

If we talk about bottlenecking - which I usually immediately dismiss - the previous generations of cpus from intel don't benefit gaming performance past something like 3.3ghz. Pretty much negating any need to push them anywhere near 4ghz.

Seen some graph somewhere, be damned if I'm gonna go look it up. Other than that, the 6000+ running at 3ghz+ isn't going to make any real difference. Benchmarking is one thing, actual gaming is another.

Either way, with a 6000+ x2 @ 3ghz+, apart from the excuse of upgrading to an Intel mobo, I`d stick with it. The mobo will make more difference than a cpu upgrade.

23-02-2009, 10:47:04

Thanks for helping me see some sense (I guess) Rastalovich! :P You know how we all get excited when looking at upgrade options, lol.

Suppose I stick with my current setup, could anyone recommend a decent aftermarket cooler for my 6000+? It gets warm as it is. Into the 60's when pushed, and that's all at stock speeds, with fairly good case cooling/circulation. I'm dreading summer coming round again as I think it might lose it's life fast.

I'm honestly not sure what to got for so far as cooling is concerned. People all say different things, and there are so many different prices options. Can you recommend a good CPU HSF that won't break the bank? Is the Freezer64 any good? It certainly looks a good design with the copper fins, and fan adjustable to spit the hot air directly towards the case far, rather than a traditional top-down design which fills the case. I almost forgot, I currently have an Akasa HSF, but it's basically the same as the AMD stock cooler for this chip, just with a slightly bigger fan I believe.

Sorry to be a pain. Thanks so much for the input :)

23-02-2009, 13:54:22

If you want to do a mini upgrade your board looks like it will support an AM3 720 BE with a bios update.

Extra core, highly overclockable on air by the looks of things and about two-thirds the cost of a 940 (costing about £120) as well as being cheaper than the E8400.

But yes, your GPU will be holding you back somewhat. A 4870 may do you just as well for less than the cost of a 940 if that was a choice you were thinking about.

23-02-2009, 14:01:03

That's definately an idea adidan, thanks for that :) Given me some more to think about.

23-02-2009, 14:27:20


That's definately an idea adidan, thanks for that :) Given me some more to think about.

No probs.

Actually, just so you know, I have a 4870 running with a 5000BE @ 2.8 (sometimes 3.0, depending on my mood:)) and, for example, I'm playing Dead Space at the moment and it's flawless.

Of course some games will cause me problems, I have GTAIV (which needs at least 3 cores) and X3 waiting in the wings. Oh and then I have to get a hold of the Crysis duo which, again, will probably need more umph.

But, for me, the most noticeable impact has been from plonking a 4870 in.

23-02-2009, 15:57:48

Yeah, I can see your info was confirmed after I looked more into it. Good, good :)

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