Is Intel flogging a dead horse?

"Intel 's E6500 Hitting retailer's within the next few days."

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Intel 's E6500 Hitting retailer's within the next few days
What are Intel up to at the moment. With the advent of the Core I5 and the Core I7 Intel are still knocking out 775 CPU's to the masses. If there range isn't enough already and with them dominating nearly every section of the market they are still producing lower end CPU's for their user base.
There are still plenty of bargains to be had at this lower end of the market and plenty of motherboards that still support the 775 socket CPU but with new Core i5 boards hitting the scene and existing Core i7 taking up the higher end of the market space what are users to do? Do we hold on still to our beloved and well overclockable 775 systems and still keep pushing the overclocking abilities of the lower end E range of CPUs or do we let the dying breed rest in peace and move on.
The choice is there for you to decide and Intel seem to just be pounding forward with every step filling all the cracks with its mass produced solutions from the current crop of silicon.
The new Intel E6500 has a Wolfdale dual core at it center and runs at 2.93 Ghz with a FSB1066, and 2MB of cache. The TDP is rated at 65W - in line with the rest of the Wolfdale CPU's. Prices are looking between £80 to £100 here in the UK but we will have to wait and see.
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