Intel Still Faster Than AMD?

"So will Barcelona be better than a 'Clovertown' Xeon?"

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8 Intel cores faster than 16 AMD cores?

I found this little snippet that I thought some of you may be interested in. Again some of you may have seen/heard this, and if that is the case then please disregard.

At the Microprocessor Forum, Intel demoed its V8 workstation running the POV-Ray benchmark. The machine is equipped with Intel's Workstation Board S5000XVN, 2 quad-core Xeons 5365, clocked at 3GHz and 16GB RAM. And the results are simply impressive: Intel scored over 4,900 pixels per seconds versus a little bit over 4,000 for AMD's 4 sockets quad-core (Barcelona) system. Again, this is an AMD 16 cores system versus Intel's 8 cores V8 machine.

Of course real-life performance is what we really like to see before making a purchasing decision, but it seems that Intel may still have the numbers on the board in preparation for AMD's Barcelona and beyond.

At the show, Intel also demoed a system with a 45nm Penryn quad-core processor (shipping by year end, about the same time than Barcelona!) that is 40% faster than the top of the line quad-core generation, the Core 2 Extreme processor QX6800

We can only hope that AMD's Agena cored processors for the desktop are able to provide an alternative to the Core 2 architecture, otherwise it may well be another period of AMD playing catch-up to Intel.

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Most Recent Comments

29-05-2007, 18:37:06

hehe gonna have to make sure every post has a nice big piccy in it :p

29-05-2007, 18:37:49

PP Mguire
Lol dosent bother me. I dont biotch like alot of ppl do on forums with dial up. Im patient haha. And OC3D is really fast anyways :p.

29-05-2007, 18:53:26

Dial up? How.. how do you live? :eek:
Hats off to you!

29-05-2007, 19:26:42


And OC3D is really fast anyways :p.

Actually good to hear it. We try to optimise for peeps with dialup so you guys don't have to wait too long :)

29-05-2007, 20:19:42

PP Mguire
I set the FF Cache to 1gig so it stores like almost everything.

Dial up? How.. how do you live?
Hats off to you!

I manage, and i get annoyed alot. Friends like to send me cool videos then be like, oh, your on crap up hahahah. Not cool. Eh idc.

Anyways, how can i tell if its Enterprise. Will it say it?

06-06-2007, 07:46:41

PP Mguire
Ok i got everything finaly squared away but i got a few more problems now.

First off my system properties, control panel, and some programs wont pop up.

Second, my browser bounces sometimes on pages. Like ill load a page and the inside of the browser window will bounce. Sometimes it goes away, other times it dosent. I use Firefox.

06-06-2007, 11:53:02

the bouncing in FF is to do with the bookmarks toolbar
i think if a bookmark or two are put on there it will stop bouncing, or of course you could just turn it off *shrug*

what's missing from your control panel?

06-06-2007, 16:26:44

PP Mguire
If i try to go to it from My Computer it wont load. I have it as an expanded menu in the start menu and it shows empty. Also, my system properties wont load either.

06-06-2007, 18:34:40

check that the software licensing and SLUI services are still running and set to automatic startup
make sure you have the very latest drivers, some users have linked the problem to bad drivers

can you trace it back to when it started happening?

07-06-2007, 03:34:17

PP Mguire
Ok well thanx on the Firefox thing. Thats all fixed up :)

Umm yes those services are running and it started doing it like a day after i had it installed. I have the latest of drivers for my hardware.

Bah, Vista is a lsot cause with me!! hahaha

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