Intel 910/915 Chipset Demise

"Intel 910/915 Chipset Demise "

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An online Source has stated that Intel has scheduled the end of Intel 910/915 chipset production. Onward, all chipset models will support Dual Core, and 910/915 is to be replaced by 945GC upcoming in Q2 2007.

The life end schedule was apparently announced on 9th Oct, stating that the deadline for chipset orders would be March 2007, while the last shipment would be 12th Oct 2007. The models included in the production termination included :
Intel 910GL LF/910GE LF/915G LF/915GL LF/915P LF/915PL
LF/910GE/915G/915GL/915FV/915P and 915PL - 12 chipsets in total.
The only exception is to the family is Intel 915GV LF.

The source further stated that Intel has announced the life end schedule for the 955 chipset with the last shipment date of 12th Oct 2007.

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Most Recent Comments

15-10-2006, 07:26:27

Also remember that the cheap "600w" psu's arn't actually anywhere near 600w, so you're much better off buying something like a 400w Antec which is likely to be similar in price.

15-10-2006, 08:22:29

ok thanks

and what are your thoughts on sempron vs athlon 64

theres 20 quid in it.

i know it seems like nothing, but im trying to keep the cost down, but if there is a tangible difference, then yes, its only 20 quid!

15-10-2006, 08:43:21

if its just going to be an internet machine, then a sempron will be perfectly fine. Anything more than just internet access (editing photo's, playing any games, ripping dvd's.. etc) pay the extra for a 64.

15-10-2006, 08:47:07

Tbh if your not gaiming go for the sempy. Cheap

15-10-2006, 11:16:30

It`s only a personal thing, but I like to get Athlons as long as they`re available.

16-10-2006, 03:49:57

thanks guys

i would never get sempron for myself, but this girl literally just wants to use internet, maybe watch a couple of dvds, and do word processing.

im just tryign to save her a bit of money.

16-10-2006, 04:04:06

I think an A64 is well worth the extra little bit of cash...but if she's really on a budget a Sempron will do fine

16-10-2006, 13:55:44

she wont even feel the extra cache. Trust me , I know , ive made enough sempron and athlon machines. Instead spend that extra cash on a good psu and try the biostar 6100 Tforce board. Seems to run great , get a cheaper proc and oc it to a faster speed. Save money that way. ;)

16-10-2006, 16:03:48

WC Annihilus
I was going to suggest that, but IIRC, we had someone else asking about mATX boards and we established that the Tforce isn't really readily available over in the UK/Europe. Maybe not though

30-12-2006, 00:50:09

my 2p's worth, I agree, PC might malfunction after 6 months if its a £10 PSU - they never last.
Sempron/athlon; maybe £25 on extra stick of ram instead of slighty better CPU might be better if shes only using for email office etc.

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