Gigabyte’s FAQs on Replacement of 6-series Boards

"Gigabyte has come through with FAQs for those who need more information about about the problems with Intel’s 6-series chipsets."

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It has been a few hours since we got word of Gigabyte’s replacement program for all of its motherboards based on Intel’s faulty 6-series chipsets. The manufacturer has now come through with a set of FAQs for those who need more information about the replacement program and about the problems with Intel’s 6-series chipsets.

Q: What is the problem with Intel 6 series chipsets?

According to the explanation from Intel, the SATA 2 ports 2~5 on motherboards designed around the 6-series B2 stepping chipsets may drop in performance over time. The shortcoming is in the Intel 6-series chipsets and so will apply to all vendors who have designed motherboards using these chipsets. Performance drops will not be experienced for systems using the SATA 3 ports.

The original alert for this issue has come from Intel and the manufacturer has expressed its firm commitment to stand behind its products. The alert can be found online

Q: What chipset / motherboard models have been affect by this issue?

The issue affects all Gigabyte boards that are based on Intel’s 6-series B2 stepping chipsets including its P67, H67, P65, and PH67 models. Motherboard models based on other chipsets have not been affected by this condition.

Q: What action should I take if I have already purchased a GIGABYTE 6-series motherboard?

Action will depend on your computer setup. If you have setup your system to use only the SATA 3 ports, you do not need to do anything. If however, your system is connected to the SATA 2 ports, you are likely to face performance issues. Gigabyte is recommending that all customers with a Gigabyte 6-series motherboard should bring it in to their local dealer or retailer from where they purchased it for replacement. The motherboard exchange will happen at the end of April. All users will be provided an equivalent new motherboard as a replacement free of cost.

Q: What is the GIGABYTE swap policy for GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards?

Gigabyte will be providing replacement motherboards equipped with the new 6-series chipsets (B3 stepping instead of B2) with the new boards becoming available at the end of April. This is being done to ensure customers affected by this issue do not face any inconvenience. Customers will not be incurring any cost towards the replacement.

Q: What is the SOP for GIGABYTE 6 series motherboard exchange?

You just have to take your 6-series motherboard to the same dealer from where you originally purchased it; this should be done at the end of April. If a replacement product is not available immediately by any chance, you will be asked to leave the series number of your board and your contact details with the store. Once the replacement board becomes available, the store will notify you.

Q: When will the replacement be available?

As per the official word from Intel, it will start shipping 6-series B3 stepping chipsets from April 2011. Gigabyte will initiate its production and shipment of replacement motherboards based on the above schedule from Intel.

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Most Recent Comments

26-01-2011, 16:38:34

Ive decided im not gonna replace my PC this year I might leave it till the end of next year du to funds and other things but I was wondering if there is anything I can do or replace to boost performance on my current build with out spending hundreds. I may overclock but im looking at hardware for now.
My current rig is:
CPU= intel qx6850
Mobo=EVGA 680 sli
GPU=ATI Radeon toxic HD 5850 2G GDDR5
Ram= 4gig of Team Xtreem 800mhz I cant remember the exact latency but I think its 4-4-4-8
2x WD raptor x in raid 0
Enermax galaxy 800W (I think its been a while)
and im running Win 7 64bit.

I didnt know if some better ram would do the trick or maybe another mobo that supports ddr3 the 775 skt mobos must be quite cheap now.

So if you think there is anything I can do im open to suggestions or if not thats fine to il just have to wait.

27-01-2011, 06:09:18


Faster ram?

Faster processor?

better GPU

would be your four options for upgrading...

27-01-2011, 06:38:44

If I was you i'd get an SSD then you can use it for many years to come!

27-01-2011, 06:40:41

an ssd will give u the biggest noticeable performance gain

27-01-2011, 07:42:42

How old is the PSU? I had an enermax that was pushing 3 years old and it blew up :P had to build a new pc after that :(

27-01-2011, 11:18:50

Yeah my Enermax is probably about 2-3 years now and what sort of SSD would be best but remeber I dont want to spend a fortune as id rather save it till next year and go all out on a new machine so im only looking to spend 100-150 pound give or take a quid or 2 otherwise il just make do.

I should have also mentioned I just upgraded my GPU from 2 8800 ultras so thats not an area im looking at.

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