EVGA Classified motherboard unveiled

"EVGA FTW becomes the EVGA Classified"

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EVGA Classified motherboard unveiled

Self proclaimed overclocking evangelist  Peter 'Shamino' Tan, and now EVGA motherboard engineer, has provided a classified glimpse of EVGA's upcoming X58 motherboard - the EVGA Classified. Formerly known as the EVGA 'For The Win' edition, the Classified as it will now be officially known, looks set to expand upon the insane levels of tweakability and stability that we saw in the Foxconn BlackOps.

...the board allows full 3-way SLI nForce 200 x16/x16/x16 style to be used with room left over for a PCI-E x1 audio card on the top slot. This essentially enables a flexible PCI-Express slot arrangement for the ultimate 3-Way SLI + PhysX + audio card setup that enthusiasts have only dreamed of up until now.

For users with water cooled or extreme cooled GPU setups, there are now four PCI-Express Enable/Disable jumpers, one per slot, that allow multi-GPU setups to be troubleshooted without having to take out the cards.

In addition, the CPU core power circuitry has been completely redesigned with Super-low ESR and ESL Film Capacitors placed right behind the CPU Socket, so only the cleanest power goes into the CPU. A high-quality CPU socket is also used, with three times the normal amount of gold content for the lowest impedance and highest current transfer. Furthermore, it is complemented by its slick shiny black anodized coloring.

According to the source article the EVGA Classified is expected to be available around mid-February, as this will allow current EVGA X58 SLI owners to upgrade through EVGA's Step-Up Program.

EVGA Classified_1

 EVGA Classified_2

 EVGA Classified_3

Peter 'Shamino' Tan also released a preview article which accompanied the EVGA Classified images, and the article can be found here

Who's going to be donating body parts and selling off siblings/relatives to get a hold of the EVGA Classified when it arrives?

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05-01-2009, 16:12:19


Stop being a pu$$y Jim! It's your job :p

Shurrit you lurker/stranger/abandoner person :p

05-01-2009, 16:35:12

Mr. Smith

Shurrit you lurker/stranger/abandoner person :p

Life has a habbit of getting in the way of things ;)

06-01-2009, 02:55:40

Hmm my day has already started crappy this morning, currently typing with frozen fingers. Let me explain:

We have a singletrack train connection to Dordrecht and Geldermalsen. The trains can cross each other at the dualtracked stations, trains go at xx.17 and xx.47 every hour in both directions, so two trains leaving at the same time. In dordrecht I have to take the 07.29 or 07.42 intercity service to Den Haag (The Hague).

First I arrived at 07.12, only to see a train leaving at 07.13. Swearing the <...> out of the driver I made my way to the frozen platform to my usual spot. On my way I hear that the train that just left was the 6.47 train, meaning that my usual train would be seriously delayed. An intercom message confirmed: a delay of 20 minutes.

After freezing my nose off for 20 minutes (Air temp: -7 to -8*C): no train. Five minutes later a train to the other direction arrives, and LEAVES. A leaving train means no other trains will be able to arrive for at least 15 minutes because of the single track. So I decide to leave.

On my way to my cycle I meet my cousin/friend. Turns out that the train of 06.47 which left at 7.13 has only come one station further and got stuck there because of a frozen track switch. Buses would be used as an alternative way of transport.

One bus arrived. 3 trainloads of people tried to get in there. Believe me when I say that was funny to watch, my cousin made a video of it and will be uploading it to YouTube shortly.

So, now I'm sitting at home while missing my Math college, being ****ed at the cold...

06-01-2009, 05:54:18

Jim's create some kind of anger release thread, I like.

06-01-2009, 06:31:18


Jim's create some kind of anger release thread, I like.

Yeah this could turn out to be quite a long one I think :p

I too had a sh*t morning. Bus was late, missed the train, next train got canceled even though it was almost within p*ssing distance (points failure). Next train had to go in to other platform resulting in several hundred people pushing their way up and over a tiny footbridge. Luckily managed to get a seat on the train, but some heffer was practically sitting on my lap and also reading every email I was typing on my notebook.

06-01-2009, 16:00:11

I always enjoy writing about the person reading my emails in said email. That usually sketchs them out.

My day has been ok, the minus temps made my ride a bit too cold for shorts and t-shirt, but I'm hardcore. Just had dinner (Jerk chicken) and am off to play some 2142.

17-01-2009, 19:35:15

Bad day mate :(

22-01-2009, 16:40:51

I like to say a big Thank you to all who sent their kinds words regarding the loss of my mother,yesterday she was laid to rest at the local crem.

22-01-2009, 18:27:27

Hope it was as good a day as such events can be, best of luck for 2009.

And also to go onto this thread subject, today I had my first proper uni exam, a two-hour ******* on Aircraft Flight :confused:

Got another five over the next week- I am really starting to wish I'd done some revision, but hopefully I'll scrape the 40%

22-01-2009, 18:57:26

Sad to hear mate, I hope you are coming to terms with it and I sincerely wish you the best :)

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