Deneb Has Got Some Speed

"AMD's upcoming desktop chip seems to be able to reach some pretty impressive clocks"

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Deneb Has Got Some Speed
Last week, general manager of AMD's server and workstation division Pat Patla told CNet that their upcoming Shanghai server chip would be about 20% faster clock for clock than the current Barcelona core.  Now, a new source has shown up saying that the difference is actually closer to 15% and will also apply to the desktop counterpart, Deneb.  However, this source gave a rather tasty tidbit about Deneb: it can run at 4.3GHz...on air.
This rather nice-sounding achievement was achieved using a Scythe Mine heatsink.  The source says that 3.6GHz online decent cooling will be common.  You just need to make the right motherboard choice, with the SB750 southbridge chip being a must.  These speeds, coupled with the fact that Intel's upcoming Bloomfield chip supposedly doesn't improve on the Core architechture's gaming performance, leads the source to believe that Deneb will be the gaming chip to get.
Will these new chips allow AMD to gain back some ground?  With launch seemingly imminent, we'll soon find out.
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Most Recent Comments

02-10-2008, 15:44:37

Hmm yeah, I was a bit dissapointed myself.. It just needed a tiny bit more care, and all the shortfalls would be gone

09-10-2008, 12:01:22

my cookers just blown...would you guys recommend it as a direct replacement....

09-10-2008, 12:13:34

Im sure it would suit you perfectly :P

10-10-2008, 04:08:14

a bit off topic I know...but a well known computer store is selling very strange appliances...check [URL=",10,72&cpp=100&po=0&co=100#Paging"]here[/URL]..just goes with the cooker comment...

10-10-2008, 05:56:57

Yeah, they have those on display in their trade counter in the warehouse. Little bit random isn't it?

10-10-2008, 05:59:07

you recon that would fit my case :D .... I did buy a hoover from there about 7 months back...I accidentally came across it whilst searching for dust filters for my case...go figure

14-05-2009, 08:48:58

Ian Evey
I know this is an old thread now but i had to add my 2 cents.

I read the review last night and if i had read a review like this before i purchased my akasa infinti zor case i would not have bought it, as is the power of the internet nowadays.

I have had my case since december along with
asus p5ql pro motherboard /
4 gigs of kingston 1066 memory /
gtx 260 216sp /
e8400 o/c 3.6ghz with an arctic freezer 7 /
x-fi extreme gamer /
8 ( Eight ) hard drives.

I cannot fault its design at all ( although i did not take the mainboard tray out to fit my motherboard ).

The temps are in my eyes very good and cool this is all with the 3 fans you get with the case and 1 cpu cooler 'No Added Fans Or Mods'

My gtx 260 idle is 39 and does not go above 60c with crysis or farcry2 with fan using rivatuner to 40% idle and 60% for gaming and my e8400 is just 30c idle and 45c after playing games for hours. My motherboard temp is around 40c after gaming also so i do not know why my hardware differs so much to the review about the case? Unless the components used where very crap / faulty or just had a lot more heat output than my rig .. 8 hard drives generate alot of heat with 6 of them being used for raid...

My side panel does not vibrate when i jump up and down near it nor does it rattle or is in anyway noisy... the fans are suprisingly quiet for thier size.

Having got one of these cases myself and being perfectly happy with what it does i can recommend it to anyone with similiar hardware to myself and dont always believe all hardware is the same and thats what you will get if you buy one, as i said earlier if i had read this review before i bought my case i would have missed out on a great looking and performing case.

I hope this helps anyone who was/is going to buy one of these great cases.

I had a antec 900 before this case and its just as good imho and better looking.



14-05-2009, 11:14:01

Thanks for the reply Ian, it's good to here some user feedback...

Whilst you may not have issues with the case, I certainly did when I wrote the review (it was a long time ago though), and so did a number of other review sites..

I can only think they updated the case or you got lucky, but good to here you had a good experience.

14-05-2009, 11:47:12

Ian Evey
Maybe i got a better build quality one :yumyum:

14-05-2009, 12:13:32

Or they might even have fixed the issues after the bad reviews :)

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