Atom struggles with HD video

"Intel's Atom struggles with HD video."

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Atom struggles with HD video
According to Fudzilla'a testing on a Atom system, the Atom plays DIVX, AVI and DVD just fine but when it comes down to playing HD video at a 720P resolution, it just cannot do it.
Once a HD file has been started it can utilize up to 100% of the CPU usage, with 85% being the average. Sometimes playback can become un-smooth and stutter. Below are two images taken by Fudzilla showing the Atom system and it's CPU usage



Since most of the Atoms will be used in small notebooks HD playback will not be necessary, but it shows that Atom cannot keep up with Tegra.
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06-06-2008, 06:03:59

Im am fairly new to liquid cooling, about 6 months ago I took the steps and went the whole way and got water blocks for my cpu and gpus. Now though I am wanting to change the system to allow easier upgrades without having to drain the entire system first.

I currently use 8800GTX SLI which are fitted with EK-FC8800 blocks, these are obviously hard plumbed into the loop but this posed issues if I ever have to do any system maintainence. Like at the moment I am experiencing some graphics tearing and some games I think this could be a result of poor contacts with the cards moffs and ram with the block, so I plan to remove the block and redo the TIMS and paste. The problem is to that do this I need to drain the system which could get annoying if I need to do anything else with the GPU in the future.

What I am looking for and need help sourcing are some quick release valves or do any barbs exists where liquid flow can be cut off. I plan on draining the system and adding new connections/barbs before refilling so any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Last I notice that both my cards and slightly bending from the weight of the blocks, this could result in damage to the card or the motherboard which I deffo don't want. Is there any rememdy I can install to help prevent this bowing effect, one thing I have contemplated is to create a couple of plastic blocks one to sit under the right-hand edge of card2 and then one to site ontop of card2 and under card1 this will give much better support to both cards or is there a commercial product that can aid this problem?

06-06-2008, 08:25:04

it mite help if u posted some pics of the setup so we can see were the best place to put any fittings mite be.

also there are a few different things u could do i.e. shut off valuves and quick disconnects but u needto know that you will still need to bleed the system no matter what solution is implemented.

06-06-2008, 09:26:59

But surely that defies the point of a quick release/shut off valve whats it purpose Surely its so you can cut of the flow to remove hardware would seem absolutly pointless if you had to drain the system first.

But yeah when I get home tonight ill post a picture of my rig

06-06-2008, 10:24:06

by bleed i mean purge the air from the system b/c once u pull the gfx part of the loop apart and drain it whats left air. so when u reconnect everything u have to purge the air. i think its more trouble than its worth and would jut be easier to install a drain port.

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