AMD Ushers in Brazos-based Fusion APUs

"AMD has been talking about Fusion for a long time now, but it has turned to reality only today; the chip maker has officially launched it Brazos platform."

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AMD has been talking about Fusion for a long time now, but it has turned to reality only today; the chip maker has officially launched it Brazos platform. Featuring the first ever Fusion APUs (accelerated processing units), the launch includes the single-core C Series (Ontario) and dual-core E series (Zacate) processors.

AMD has come through with four new chips today - all crafted using TSMC 40nm process technology. Named the C-30, C-50, E-240 and E-350 chips respectively, the four processors come with Bobcat x86 cores, integrated DDR3 memory controller, and an 80 Stream processor graphics core that is fully DirectX11 compliant.

As an integrated solution offering both general processing and graphics processing, the Fusion APUs boast of ultra-smooth HD video playback and equally crisp graphics performance. Their low-power profile also makes the new processors extremely energy efficient, so laptops, notebooks, and the upcoming HD netbooks from major manufacturers can easily enjoy all-day battery life. Almost every big name in the system industry including Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba, among others have announced their systems based on the Brazos platform chips.

“We believe that AMD Fusion processors are, quite simply, the greatest advancement in processing since the introduction of the x86 architecture more than forty years ago,” said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager, AMD Products Group. "In one major step, we enable users to experience HD everywhere as well as personal supercomputing capabilities in notebooks that can deliver all-day battery life. It's a new category, a new approach, and opens up exciting new experiences for consumers.”

While the official unveiling of the four new CPUs has been done today by AMD, the actual products are likely to reach markets only later in the quarter.

 Low Power APUsModel TDP Core Count  Frequency
E-Series (former codename: "Zacate")
Designed for mainstream notebooks, All-in-Ones, and small form factor desktops
 E-350 18 W 2 1.6 GHz
 E-240 18 W 1 1.5 GHz
C-Series (former codename: "Ontario")
Designed for HD netbooks and other emerging form factors
 C-50 9 W 2 1.0 GHz
 C-30 9 W 1 1.2 GHz

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29-12-2010, 12:23:48

as most off you will know the noctua nh-d14 is the best air cooler on the market :D it does have a few down sides i.e its size with the fans hanging over the ram slots makes the choise of ram limited untill now that is :) since joining oc3d ive become addicted to overclocking, benchmarking n folding at home all the above create lots of heat this got me thinking can i set this noctua up differantly to normal assembely. so what have i done? well first of all ive changed the oriontation of the rubber gromits n fans so they are sucking in from outside the rig (nice cold air) once i had done this i noticed that i could see all the ram sticks (redline ridgebacks) hmmm i wonder if those dom gt's will fit ? so i procceded to install the dom gt's and to my amazement they fit no problem in fact i could, if wanted put the corsair ram cooler on aswell :) im not to sure if this is possable to do on all motherboards? but it may help some people out there who cant afford to replace both there cooler n the ram ;) heres some pics [IMG][/IMG]

29-12-2010, 12:38:03

Ram doesnt get hot though. You can have the fan back on the other side and just have it up a bit further.

29-12-2010, 13:06:06

the reason ive changed the fans is so i can pull cold air in from outside. i was just curious to see if it would fit :D also having the cold air pulled in and through the cooler n exits over the ram sticks keeping the ram cooler like you say it doesnt get that hot anyway having the air sucked in helps keep the ambient temps inside the rig down n that suites me as im going to be folding 24/7 once i can get it set up right :(

29-12-2010, 13:28:39

But is it really cold air? In idle maybe, but during high load the PSU and the graphics card will push very hot air out of the case, and it will rise and will re-enter the case through the fan at the back.

29-12-2010, 13:42:53

yes the air im dragging in is coming straight from outside 3c n straight into the noctua via 4inch ducting yes the graphics cards do give of a lot of heat i have two fans in the top sucking the hot air out (as hot air rises) my cpu temps have come down from 30c + to just 20c with this setup im able to fold 24/7 with cpu temps around the 58c to 60c n thats with a gtx570 sc n a gtx 460gs glh also folding 24/7 :D

29-12-2010, 13:45:26

Wouldnt recomend it for normal use though,reversing the airflow of your case is very 'corsair' :D

29-12-2010, 14:03:41

this rig doesnt know the meaning normal use :lol: whats that? playing games, reading emails, msn n the likes ive got a ps3 for the normal stuff :lol: ive dedicated this rig to folding n benching i may treat myself to a new sandy bridge rig for the normal stuff in the new year :) all depends on toms reveiws cant wait to see these new 1155 setups in action. in fact im quite looking forward to the up and coming year with oc3d lets see what ttl n the team have in store for us all. going of the back end of this year weve all got lots of good stuff to look forward to thanks to the 0c3d team :D

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