AMD Releases Final DTX Specs

"AMD has announced the specifications for its DTX case format. "

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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 20/02/07
Author: PV5150
Source: The Inquirer

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After AMD had made the announcement of its impending DTX case format in January of this year, they have now publicly released the specifications for the format.

The DTX standard will be designed to empower OEMs, ODMs, and component vendors to deliver innovative solutions to market that are smaller, quieter, and desktop-friendly, while leveraging commonalities within the ecosystem that benefit both customers and end users. The DTX standard will take advantage of the existing ATX infrastructure and benefits, including cost efficiency, system options and backward-compatibility, to allow for ground-breaking PC design.

You may view the ten page DTX specification in PDF form here

The DTX specification is slightly larger than Via's mini ATX form factor, but DTX includes a mandatory two expansion slots - either PCI or PCI-Express. AMD spoke of an additional Xpresscard slot within the preliminary specification but this isn't mentioned in the new document, probably as it focuses on form factor as opposed to additional paraphernalia. DTX uses a standard 24-pin power connector and an additional 2x2 power connector.

DTX motherboard layout sizes are as follows:
  • Full-DTX – 9.60 in x 8.00 in (243.84 mm x 203.20 mm)
  • Mini-DTX – 6.70 in x 8.00 in (170.18 mm x 203.20 mm)

  • DTX mobo

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    Most Recent Comments

    19-02-2007, 14:06:45

    OK - maybe i'll consider it closer to when I want vista, ive still got 20gb left but heh, unless i can borrow an external off some1

    19-02-2007, 14:38:39

    just remember when one drive goes they BOTH go... is it really worth risking that?

    19-02-2007, 15:11:46

    Yup, I've lost all my data once on a RAID 0 setup, I suggest RAID 0+1 but that requires a minimum of 4 disks.

    19-02-2007, 16:08:49

    theres also raid 3 and 5 to consider, tho they slow down ya pc a bit due to constant parity writing, i suppose it saves you a disc? and can easily be re-built when a drive does eventually go.

    thats my take on it, if anyone does have raid 3 or 5, please do tell the truth :)

    19-02-2007, 16:14:48

    how about 2 smallish drives setup as RAID 0 then 2 larger capacity drives set up as RAID 1....or just go for RAID 3 or RAID 5 which requires a minimum of 3 drives....has fault tolerance and speed benefits of RAID 0....

    19-02-2007, 17:28:40

    Errrrr im not sure...I would like to keep costs to a minimum and performance to a maximum really

    Its just ive been filling up a lot lately - 400gb should be plenty tbh

    19-02-2007, 21:54:23

    400gb plenty :O i filled 500gb in one night at cristmass

    20-02-2007, 13:19:30

    With all that pr0n eh?

    I usually uninstall stuff/remove stuff ive watched or dont use anyway. What else would you fill it with other than apps and vids?

    20-02-2007, 16:08:51


    Yup, I've lost all my data once on a RAID 0 setup, I suggest RAID 0+1 but that requires a minimum of 4 disks.

    been there seen it done it, and now make sure all vital data is backed up regularly as i have not got 4 drives - :(

    20-02-2007, 16:31:13

    4 drives man? Thats like £200 worth of hdd for 800gb!

    I'd rather be spending that on a gfx card lol

    I could just back up anything valuable stuff on an external/disk as it doesnt really store much apart from music and homework + apps and games

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