AMD has Phenom II Black Edition TWKR in the Works

"AMD is reportedly getting ready to unveil yet another Black Edition processor that will be a delight for overclocking enthusiasts."

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AMD has Phenom II Black Edition TWKR in the Works
The all-new AMD Phenom II Black Edition TWKRAMD is reportedly getting ready to unveil yet another processor that will be a delight for overclocking enthusiasts. An addition to the Phenom II range, the Phenom II Black Edition TWKR (an acronym for tweaker) is being checked out by custom PC builder Maingear.
Talking about the custom processor on his blog, Maingear CEO Wallace Santos said that they received the new processor from AMD without any technical details attached. The only distinguishing feature about the Phenom II processor is that it has been numbered 42 and comes packaged in a sexy black box (as shown in the image here courtesy of Maingear) to set it apart from other Phenom II Black Edition versions.
The new processor version is another in the line of Phenom II Black Edition ones that AMD has released over the past several months. Each of these is aimed at providing enthusiasts with an overclock ready processor which they can tweak to extreme levels for enhanced performance.
The new Phenom II Black Edition TWKR however, is reportedly designed to take the clock higher than before. According to the information from Maingear, the parts used in this X4 model have overclocking abilities way beyond those of the Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition model, which is the current favourite among enthusiasts for tweaking.
Along with technical and performance specifications, it now remains to be seen whether AMD directly integrates the TWKR into select computer systems or releases it as a standalone part.
Looks like there are exciting times ahead for enthusiasts!
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Most Recent Comments

10-06-2009, 06:21:59

forgot to say yesterday went down the tip all the TFT Mon were soaked ... some numb nut left them out in the rain so didn't touch any of them.

10-06-2009, 06:31:12


forgot to say yesterday went down the tip all the TFT Mon were soaked ... some numb nut left them out in the rain so didn't touch any of them.

They would all be fine if the monitor hasn't been turned on. Same with all electronics really.

Also they let you buy stuff from the tip? I went down there once to get a few parts for my custom bike :D and they said they can't sell items and especially electronic items just incase the item is unsafe.:(

10-06-2009, 06:46:22

We just had the recycling guys come through to take all our old work pcs to good causes.

They managed to drop one tower and a monitor, I guess those won't be going to a good cause now then!!

10-06-2009, 08:08:35

Dont forget water + electrical components do not mix over a period of time, it will have a adverse effect in the long term of the components with in the lcd screen..

Yes you can buy stuff from our local tip. I once picked up a techics system with a blown cap for my first arcade system it cost me about £2 or £3 and now is a fully working amp for the arcade. The retail price for the amp is £400.

I have all so bought many other parts such as ps1 screens and xboxs and xbox 360's. My local tip is a verifiable treasure trove of goodness that not many people tap into.

10-06-2009, 08:11:56

I had an argument with a guy working in the tip as he was rifling through the bin bags and pocketing bottles of pills.

10-06-2009, 08:17:54

Depends on Council. At our tips it is illegal to remove stuff,fine up to £20,000 if caught.This is going off topic too.Back to finding a 15"monitor.

10-06-2009, 08:34:48

Does it have to have the psu etc intergrated tony?

I've got an old 15" here, but the transformer is external and its a bit of a pita if I'm honest.

10-06-2009, 08:39:13

Depends on how big the psu is. Rough size I will see I can fit it in. Cheers.

10-06-2009, 08:44:56

I think it's big enought o be inconvinent but not so big as to make it impossible tbh. Ill get some proper dimensions when i get home tonight if nothing else has surfaced.

10-06-2009, 08:52:23

I will need to know overall sizes eg HxWxD of both monitor and psu.Pics would be great.Cheers

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