1333MHz Bearlake Chipset Due For Sample Release In Week 44 - 46

"1333MHz Bearlake Chipset Due For Sample Release In Week 44 - 46"

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It hasn't been that long since the 965 chipset was released for 'Conroe', but Intel aren't resting on their laurels and are readying their next generation Bearlake chipset for sample release. According to an online source the Bearlake chipset should be available for sample release around week 44 - 46 of this year.

"The first sample releasing in week 44-46 is version A0 with serial LE82BLGQ. This would be a prototype for Bearlake P as Salt Creek platform & Bearlake G/GF as Weybridge platform. The Qualify Sample is scheduled in Q1 2007 and the final product will be available in Q2 2007. In addition, the new ICH9 A0 sample will also be available for manufacturers in week 44-46." (HKEPC Hardware, 2006)

In addition, Bearlake G+ would be the first Intel chipset certified for HD-DVD, providing hardware acceleration for AVC, AC1, and MPEG2. However, users requiring support for hardware Blu-Ray will be disappointed. As a workaround users may need a Blu-Ray supported video card for better performance on the latter format.

Images illustrating the specifications for the Bearlake chipset can be found here and here.

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07-10-2006, 14:42:41

Why is it - u have pc-A and pc-B, both working fine - everybodies happy.

U take 1 network lead patch/cross, and plug from one to other, take 1 ieee cable and plug from 1 to other.

U restart pc-A, screen blanks after windo$e boot progress screen.. pc-B notices pc-A.

So u restart pc-B, figuring wtmf, and same again.

U unplug the network leads (so everything is the same as it was to begin with) - pc-B boots ok, pc-A does the same blank black screen after windo$e boot progress screen. Both pc`s boot to safe mode A-ok.

U know 100% it`s a network issue, coz safemode won`t work in u boot with SafeMode&Networking.

Uninstall both the network outputs for pc-A (in essense the pc has no network stuff now) - the pc still boots to black after boot progress screen.

U have a smoke, realize Wales just got spanked/humiliated @ football, plug stuff back in and .. pc-B boots fine, pc-A boots to black screen after progress screen. pc-B recognizes pc-A.

U go into the bios of pc-A, figuring that looking @ bios settings will waste a little more time - and hey, it`s still not enough time elapsed to waste yet another weekend coz of freakin` pc(s) & windo$e.

Nothing abnormal, tweek a setting that has absolutely 00000 to do with anything anyhow and exit the bios to reboot.

Reboot pc-A - and all of a sudden everything works fine - windo$e takes a little longer to boot the first time, but we think everything is ok.

Everything is now working as we think it should.

Why the cuffufle ? If windo$e has a problem with something - tell me pls, don`t just sit there with a black screen.

(oh and the cross over cable happened to be a patch, so never worked)

(ieee not being used by windo$e, it wants to use the slower 100mb line)

Freakin networks, everything probably worked coz the bios forced a escd - which was unnecessary.

07-10-2006, 17:21:42

Its because you use too many 'U's, rather than 'You'

07-10-2006, 17:26:16

what's with u having two cables?

07-10-2006, 18:03:04


Its because you use too many 'U's, rather than 'You'

he also refers to "windows" and "windo$e" and uses ` instead of '

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