Thermaltake release the Fanless 330 VGA Cooler

"Thermaltake has released the Fanless 330: a passive VGA cooler."

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Thermaltake Fanless 330 - The 0dBA VGA Cooler Thermaltake Fanless 330
Well known aftermarket cooling manufacturers', Thermaltake, has released a totally passive cooling solution for VGA cards. Interestingly entitled the Fanless 330, the passive cooler promises not only silent operation, but effective cooling thatnks to four copper heatpipes.
Thermaltake proudly presents the new passive VGA cooler, Fanless 330. The passive design of Fanless 330 offers the absolute quiet operation environment for all the gamers and graphic designers who especially require supports of high end graphic cards. 
Silent operation, however, isn’t the only thing that’s making Fanless 330 the next big hit on the cooling hardware market. There are three heatsink modules on SpinQ to dissipate GPU heat, and 4 efficient copper heatpipes speeding up the heat transfer. In order to further boost up the performance, the mirror coating base also ensures these well designed cooling structures on Fanless 330 are in perfect contact with the GPU.
 Fanless 330, the new passive graphic card cooler from Thermaltake, has the most unique mechanical design never seen on the market. It does not just offer 0bBA operating environment, but great cooling performance and distinguishing style too!
Thermaltake Fanless 330
Compatibility List
nVidia :
Geforce 9600GT
Geforce 8800GT
Geforce 8600 Series
Geforce 8500 Series
Geforce 7800/7900 Series
Geforce 7600 Series
Geforce 6600 Series
Geforce 6800 Series
Geforce FX 5900/5950 Series
Geforce FX 5700/5800 Series
ATi :
HD 3850 Series
HD 2600 Series
HD 2400 Series
X1900 Series
X1800 Series
X1600 Series
Radeon X800/850 Series
Check out the Fanless 330 at Thermaltake's product page here
WIll the Fanless 330 be making an appearance on your graphics card soon?
Feel free to let us know in our forum
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Most Recent Comments

06-11-2008, 10:25:28

I dunno m8.

It`s very hard to comment with knowing the parties involved.

I mean sure between ourselves here it sounds like a pretty bogus request as the cpu is a fair age now, and there aren`t any further details in terms of how they`re going to review it.

Is it part of a project, partly based on another line of equipments, i.e. 45nm based mobos - and this would be a candidate to use in all of them ?? (just as an example)

And then ofc u have a situation where it could be an emerging review site that.. well frankly have to start somewhere.

I can assure you that emails, correspondence, that perhaps Jim/Kemp had sent out many years ago to firms, they may look back with slight embarassment in terms of - "I can`t believe we worded things like that". With experience and know-how, they would obviously be more professional and well-known as they are today, and have been for a fair while.

.. then again it could well be an outright scam.

06-11-2008, 10:29:59

The grammar was poor, the website in question has very sparse reviews, there top review is for an 8800gtx. Theres only 4 staff members and 3 of them are labelled as accounts/finance and marketing, only one reviewer. The site itself looks like any generic frontpage template. And its been going since 2004, which by my reconning is before OC3D (or sysextreme back then) was going. There is no question that its some cheeky git trying to weedle free products. We get them every now and then for low end or "cheaper" components but a £180 cpu....mmmm...takes the biscuit....even Ket (ketzone) wouldn't be that cheeky :D

06-11-2008, 10:54:12

Fair enough, and tbh if u are starting out, a cpu such as this u ~could~ just purchase urself to get a basis. Myself, I`d start by reviewing items I already had that are either popular or seen as classic items.

hmm either take it for what it is - spam, and just delete it.

Or if u want to reply, I wouldn`t if I thought it were spamage cos automated services sometimes just record that u replied and not the content of the email, just decline - I mean if they are starting out (outside possibility), u don`t need a kick in the teeth for ur efforts.




Dear Scumbag,

It is with great reluctance that we feel the need to decline your gracious offer to review the said:

Intel CPU Core 2 Quad Q9450Quad Core 2.66GHz 1333FSB LGA775 12MB cache RETAIL

We don't, as a policy, supply or entertain such requests without firstly establishing a professional relationship with the `reviewer` concerned.

On that basis, we are not at this moment in time, seeking to forge a relationship with any new company(s) on a reviewing level. We do see from your information provided, that although you do indeed have an existing reviews on your site, it stikes us as alarming that the prominent reviews are for items in excess of 2 years old.

We would like to put forward the curtousy of advising you that there isn't a demand on the internet for reviews of this age. Not generally without purpose or a particular design approach. Indeed, even the item that you have requested from ourselves isn't deemed current enough to warrant a review as there are literally 100s of existing reviews already published.

To this extent, as mentioned above, we would prefer to decline your offer and would suggest a perhaps more thoughtful approach to pursuing a business in review computer components. To that end, we wish you luck.

Kind regards,

yada yada yada

06-11-2008, 10:57:59

lmfao ... and ... send :D i'll post the reply if there is one :D

06-11-2008, 17:14:46

Looking forward to this :p

06-11-2008, 18:48:19

....or send nothing.....

though the above reply did make me chuckle


07-11-2008, 02:31:42

I did send it yesterday...albeit slightly edited...the owner of our company found ras's response highly amusing...after actually looking at there site its just an advertisement reviews (I dont think just putting the manufacturers specifications up constitutes a review)...and the actual products...well it looks like some kids attempts at getting free upgrades to his pc, a wish list...

I think we should run an "Extreme Blaggers" thread where for 12 months we try every trick in the book to get "freebies" from manufacturers and retail outlets...

07-11-2008, 04:08:38


can it involve the use of a crow bar to get the freebie.......................

07-11-2008, 04:12:35

anything "legal"...:D...

07-11-2008, 07:18:09

Thought u could report places and emails that are like this ? Don`t know who to mind.

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