Thermalright to release a limited run TRUE

"Thermalright's all copper TRUE looks to be a whopper in the weight department"

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Limited Run Copper TRUE Copper TRUE
It has been found that well-known heatsink manufacturer Thermalright will be releasing a full copper version of their popular Ultra-120 Extreme high performance cooler. Weighing in at a rather monstrous 1.8 kilograms, this copper TRUE will be available next month in a limited quantity of 3000 units at a price of US$99.

Considering the higher heat conductivity properties of copper over aluminum, this should increase the TRUE's already impressive cooling capability. The main concern here is the weight. At 1.8kg, this all copper version is the heaviest heatsink seen to date, with a weight more than double that of the original. This could easily cause excessive stress on the motherboard and possible damage. In addition to this, the price is high enough to approach TEC coolers (such as the Titan Amanda) and entry-level water cooling.

Will this all copper TRUE be worth the cost and possible risk?

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Most Recent Comments

17-09-2008, 06:45:07

Next one might be *heaven forbid* a macbook, or possibly a build it yourself OCZ laptop...either way I don't have £800ish.

04-09-2009, 12:03:27

Recently I decided it was a bit too cramped on that desk and have bought a second. As can be seen, I also had to compensate for the extra space. From right to left I have my mum's rig (my old one), my main rig (the cosmos), an eeepc three screens, a tiny pico itx unit under the big monitor, an old laptop at the back (donated by a mate, packing 550mhz of celeron and 320mb ram) and in front my brand new laptop (novatech custom built)

All are networked:

Old Laptop:


My new baby and stereo amp:





Also I can play unreal tournament against myself:


18-05-2012, 15:26:15

And time for a thread least its my own corpse I'm digging up :D

Still, thought I ought to update this one. I gave away some of my old computers, my spare parts rig is now my mum's, my old server is now my girlfriend's brother's desktop (he was using an old laptop before). I still haven't got rid of the old laptop, or the pico itx, and my old i7 rig is now my server. I thought I'd put this photo up though to show off my latest purchase. The fourth screen (all 24" 1920*1200) is the dell in the middle:


The computer on the desk is the one in my signature, although the lights are blue, not the slightly purple that's on my camera. I've also got my laptop in the middle of the desk and a stack of other stuff on the edge (amp, switch, old microphone etc.)

18-05-2012, 15:36:39

You could say that again :biggrin:

18-05-2012, 16:50:03

Very nice, nice to see you got rid of some clutter xD haha

19-05-2012, 07:02:06

Wow, it's good you got rid of some stuff. Well gave some stuff away :P. Looks much less cluttered now.

22-05-2012, 18:43:04

I have a ton around here as well, no good camera to speak of to get pics. I will have to get my space loaded on here soon.

C64 is my oldest system that is functioning, but not setup, and a few more odds and ends. 3 laptops and i think 8 or 9 desktops, most for playing around with older software (games, Linux, etc).

24-05-2012, 11:40:39

I for the life of me can't figure out why you didn't invest in something like this back in the beginning?

24-05-2012, 12:51:34

There is no decent USB - DVI KVM switch available for about 6 computers for a decent price, not least because some of the laptops and the pico itx only have VGA out. That and the logitech keyboard would throw a hissy fit if it was disconnected and reconnected all the time.

24-05-2012, 14:12:59

Not sure if you would want it but IOGEAR makes a 4 PC USB KVM switch.

IOGEAR GCS24U - 4-port USB Cable KVM

You can get it in different online retail stores. Maybe it will help, but it isn't DVI. sorry

Just searched IOGEAR Site for DVI KVM, they have 4 ports but they are a bit expensive.

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