Thermalright Adds Fans To Their Repertoire

"Thermalright is finally offering actual fan products"

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Thermalright Adds Fans To Their Repertoire

Thermalright has long been known as a cooling specialist company.  In fact, their tagline is "Ultimate CPU Cooling Solutions!"  Strange then, that for the longest time they have not had any actual fan products.  Well that is about to change.  Thermalright has created a lineup of four 120mm fans utilizing a Fluid Dynamic Bearing.

# Japanese imported Fluid Dynamic Bearing Technology to reduced noise and vibration. Work best with Thermalright’s heatsinks for that perfect balance of performance and silence.
# 60,000 hours under normal room temperature. Longer life expectancy than other leading brands.
# High rate of Air Flow even under low RPM.
# 7V of power usage; can be adjusted via fan control device.
# Four speed variation to choose from (1,000 RPM, 1,300 RPM, 1,600 RPM, and 2,000 RPM).
# All Thermalright FDB fans are under 3 year warranty.

* TR-FDB-1000 - 1000 RPM ± 10%, 38.9 CFM airflow, 15.8 dB/A
* TR-FDB-1300 - 1300 RPM ± 10%, 50.0 CFM airflow, 24.1 dB/A
* TR-FDB-1600 - 1600 RPM ± 10%, 63.7 CFM airflow, 28.0 dB/A
* TR-FDB-2000 - 2000 RPM ± 10%, 80.5 CFM airflow, 38.0 dB/A

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These fans are already available with a price range of $12.99-14.99 in the US and £10.56 (incl VAT) in the UK.
Will these fans be up to the usual high-standard Thermalright quality?
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Most Recent Comments

22-11-2008, 14:03:43

hey guys, got me a 3870x2 running in my machine now and ive been trying get it to do my tv and monitor. It does the monitor fine but then on catalyst control centre when i go to change the resolution for the tv its giving me tiny little resolutions, which means i get a horrible picture.

The tv is a 32" lcd with full hd, so im a little confused as to what is happening.

Piccy below:


any ideas????

22-11-2008, 14:27:47

that screenshot is a little hard to read, but first off how are you connecting the HDTV to the card? Also what model is the TV? You might need to go to the manufacturers website and download a display driver for it to work properly. More details please mate


22-11-2008, 14:28:20

Are you 100% that your TV is 1080 since some manufacturers claim that 720 is HD.

Have a check on your TV's stats mate


22-11-2008, 14:30:02


Are you 100% that your TV is 1080 since some manufacturers claim that 720 is HD.

Have a check on your TV's stats mate


its full hd me...rofl

alex, gonna go check nows...the thing is, its a vistron tv but got a samsung panel in.....HAHAHAHAHA!!! what site you reckon i go to first?? ftw!

Im connecting via the green blue and red lead on the back...s-video

22-11-2008, 14:40:32

Composite and S-video are made for resolutions of upto about 800x600. Above that resolution you need relatively high frequency pixelclocks which the cables can't handle that well (leads to a lot of signal loss).

When you connect a tv using s-video the resolution the card outputs (in case of the integrated tvout encoder of Nvidia gpus) is 720x480 (NTSC) or 720x576 (PAL) no matter which resolution you specify in your xorg.conf. The image is scaled to fit into this view.

If you really want high resolutions for tvout (HDTV) you should use either component or hdmi/dvi.

22-11-2008, 14:48:20

dude, nice to know someone intelligent replied.

Got it going through dvi/vga . cheers for the info though dude.

22-11-2008, 14:53:21

NP mate


04-12-2008, 13:44:50

ikan dugong
just additional info, if you're into HD movies & sound, get a HDMI cable (HDMI support both sound & picture), it's cheap (I get it for $15 /3 metres), easy to configure and great image quality (I'm using Radeon 4670 for my HTPC, 19"monitor for regular use, and fullHD TV for watching HD movies via HDMI, it's a no brainer) :)

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