TFC release the Monsta Rad

"At 3.5kg It really is quite a Monsta!"

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The Feser Company Release the Monsta Radiator.

Here is what TFC have to say about the new product:

"After a very long development time, many patterns productions and dozens of test runs, we have now developed a radiator, which is seeking his peers.

We only use the best materials for these radiators. The fins consist of high-grade copper (e-Cu). The water chambers consist of a brass alloy. We have to ensure that the layer of the black finish remains very thin, thus the heat-air transfer is optimized to a maximum. The G1/4" thread for the inlet and outlet of the radiator offers the highest compatibility for a wide variety of fittings. The radiators can be installed horizontally or vertically. For a vertical mounting the air can escape entirely from the radiator by using the bleeder screw."

The radiators have a distinctive "TFC - Xchanger" Logo. Each radiator after completion has been checked of impermeability and it's function. Only then it gets the hologram label and comes with a serial number. Each radiator is a single piece. As a result, confusion or plagiarized almost impossible.
The radiator takes 420mm of fanning, thats three 140mm fans, however it is also compatiable with 120mm fans as well. It also takes a rather daunting amount of liquid- a crazy 1.3 litres. Yes, you read that right, 1.3 litres!

A limited production run has been completed, and they should be available around February.

You can view the full details for the Monsta here.

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Most Recent Comments

31-12-2008, 14:32:30


It can sometimes be a bit laggy, plays fine etc just the menu's and sometimes even VLC can't play them properly

VLC cant play them properly on mine, i hate it for DVDs. What setting have you got hardware acceration on?

31-12-2008, 14:37:16

Check for latest drivers, and check the display settings.

Check this

31-12-2008, 14:44:15

Disc scratching much?

31-12-2008, 15:03:24

Mine is awesome at playing DVD's, especially since I use hardware acceleration to play em.

19-01-2009, 07:40:42

I've never had any problems on my PC playing DVD discs before, I even thought my PC can play DVDs better than any home theater system, until I've bought a descent TV, a descent DVD player & a descent sound system. There is nothing wrong with watching on the PC, a PCs processor can work a lot faster that the one found in DVD players, but the Quality of the TV & the sound for sure beats the PC by far, no PC can give you the same sound quality via the subwoofer / Video quality via the screen like a descent home theater system. Thats why plugging in earphones to the PC suck, because the quality is low, but, plugging them into the TV / DVD player makes it feel more "Real". My opinion is: If you have a descent home theater system, use it... OR If you only have a PC, then use it instead. Sound card manufacturers, especially Realtek, still have a lot to learn before they can compete, even the aftermarket sound cards cannot compete to the genuine, descent home theater systems, it just doesn't feel the same, trust me, if you have one, you'll know what I mean... Even a cheap home theater system can prove a lot.

19-01-2009, 18:45:10

solution to my problem:

don't use VLC use Windows Media Player for DVDs :)

19-01-2009, 18:49:15

sleek, try media player classic. i never had any problem with it, and im a movie / anime nut. :D , also i have some problems with vcl sometimes but thats rare (something more from codec than program problems...)

19-01-2009, 18:55:38

Yeah I had that on my old winXP machine but I can't find the install file anywhere, just an exe that opens the player... I like my installed software :P

19-01-2009, 19:07:17

Midia player classic with codecs >>>

direct download ---

softpedia mirror ---

if you still need it just download, up to you :D
cya dude.


19-01-2009, 21:12:59

no need to bog your system down with bloated codec packs that install tons of unneeded stuff
just use media player classic home cinema and it's built in filters
i haven't needed to install a codec to watch a video for ages

i just grab the latest builds from here:

discussion and mpchc project thread here:

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