Silverstone Introduces CMOS Clear Switch

"A manufacturer has finally brought out an easy external BIOS resetting solution"

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Silverstone Introduces CMOS Clear Switch
When it comes to overclocking, one of the greatest annoyances is having your settings lock up your computer and preventing it from booting.  You are then forced to bust open your case and set a hard-to-reach jumper.  As time has gone by, motherboard manufacturers have made things a bit easier by including a CMOS clear button.  However, these are still directly on the motherboard, and thus still require the pain of opening up your case. 
A number of clever enthusiasts have rigged up their own switches and integrated them into their case.  Unfortunately, this requires a bit of modding that the average Joe would be less willing to do.  Well now a company has caught on and produced a consumer level product.
Silverstone has introduced the SST-CLEARCMOS.  This small device take up one of your case's expansion slots and acts as an external CMOS clearing switch.
SilverStone SST-CLEARCMOS is designed for the overclocking enthusiasts. When installed and mounted in corresponding chassis for external use, an overclocker no longer needs to open the computer chassis to clear CMOS. The SST-CLEARCMOS is extremely useful in offering a way to quickly clear CMOS/BIOS for recovering from failed overclocking attempts, updating BIOS, or resetting BIOS for installing new devices.
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Are you an overclocker annoyed at dealing with the CMOS jumper?
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Most Recent Comments

08-10-2008, 16:20:51

Yo guys, I'm the community lead over at PXP and I'm just heading around to some forums with some smart dudes on it to let you guys know about our widget contest. The person who builds the best widget for our platform will win Intel's (not quite out yet) new gaming motherboard the x58 and a bloomfield CPU.

Contest details and stuff are located HERE

Good luck if you plan on entering! we're all .net, you shouldn't have to learn any new tricks to code a widget for PXP, all we do is bring it in game.

08-10-2008, 18:30:45

Lol, Xfire was and still is the king of gaming networks/game overlays.

09-10-2008, 08:09:47

It`s a very interesting tool.

In terms of it being open for widget developement; are there possiblities for a user of an mmo to arrange a widget to enter their l/p ? and also any safeguards against people creating malicious widgets that could, if not take advantage of the previous tool, record the l/p u might enter via the keyboard - then of course wisk it off to them ?

09-10-2008, 13:07:42

We have a UserInput event that's exposed by the GfxEngine, and while the overlay system is active, any keystroke or mouse operation that the user performs eventually gets passed through this event. Any top-level software, including a widget, could potentially register a delegate on this event and act as a keylogger.

There are a few mitigating factors:
1) PXP-hosted widgets will be verified so you won't have to worry about them behaving as a keylogger (and we want our site to be the central hub for widget distribution, for this and other obvious reasons)
2) If you are using a non-PXP widget that you don't trust, the potential for that widget to use Kuir as a keylogger is the least of your worries. What if it's carrying a virus?
3) Running software written by someone else is implicitly a matter of trust. But we do everything we can to filter out the bad.

Under normal operating conditions, however, the flow of information is strictly from the driver architecture to PXP. There's nothing PXP can "say" to the drivers that will cause them to crash, even though the drivers cannot regulate how PXP uses the data they provide.

We believe that using this driver architecture is by far the most stable way to show up across all games DirectX 8 and up (if it works on your graphics card). Also, seeing as we don't interface with the game directly, we don't violate the EULA or TOS for any online games.

12-10-2008, 08:47:30


Do u have any complications with the likes of Gameguard ?

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