OCZ Showcase Highly Anticipated HydroJet at Games Convention 07

"OCZ's highly anticipated carbon based water/air hybrid cooler is seen at GC07"

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OCZ Showcase Highly Anticipated HydroJet at Games Convention 07

During Computex 07 we brought you news of The Worlds First Carbon Based cooler:


Said to use water and air together with carbon nanotubes this cooler was touted to be capable of dissipating 400w of heat. Impressive.

Things at OCZ have moved on and so has the design shown at GC07:

Picture source: Fudzilla

You can make out the HydroJet embossed on the top of the cooler, left hand side. It seems OCZ lived up to the original

An extract below contains very interesting information:
OnScreen Technologies, the leading provider of openly licensable hybrid mesh cooling solutions, today delivered the final operational prototype of its revolutionary carbon block CPU cooling solution to its licensed partner, OCZ Technology Group.

OCZ's new HydroJet solution features OnScreen's proprietary, patented thermal management WayCool(TM) technology, as well as OnScreen's proprietary carbon block interface and unique fan design. Together, OnScreen's unique patented solutions offer a cooling system that significantly outperforms any other such currently available on the market.

Tests of OCZ's HydroJet CPU cooler solution featuring WayCool technology, combined with OnScreen's patent pending carbon block heat transfer medium, demonstrate the successful management of the thermal energy from a 400W heat source.

As explained by Stan Robinson, Chief Engineer for DV/DT Engineering, the facility at which the device was tested, "We ran our test block to its maximum output of 400W and the HydroJet maintained the chip below operational norms throughout the entire test period. In contrast, we compared the HydroJet to a leading CPU cooling device that had to be shut down within moments of reaching 400W, when the chip temperature exceeded 105 degrees Celsius."
In addition to its ability to handle more than 400W of energy, OnScreen's unique, internal fan design allows the HydroJet to run as much as 35 times quieter than any solution currently available on the market. The fully self contained, hermetically sealed liquid cooling device combines the efficiency of liquid cooling with the safety and convenience of air cooling. Moreover, use of the OnScreen WayCool liquid heat transport feature allows a single CPU cooler to be connected to numerous heat sources on the same motherboard, a cost saving technique not currently available in any other self-contained unit.
"Delivery of this device to OCZ is the culmination of our promise to provide OCZ with an advanced, state of the art CPU cooling solution," said William Clough, executive vice president of corporate development, OnScreen Technologies. "Its performance, near silent operation, and ability to plumb to alternative heat sources anywhere on the motherboard, make the HydroJet a truly revolutionary addition to OCZ's product line."
Clough added, "We look forward to a very enthusiastic reaction to the advantages of WayCool technology and our significant test results at the Leipzig Games Convention. Much like CeBIT and COMPUTEX, we expect Leipzig to be an extraordinarily productive event for OnScreen. With the extreme and growing need for efficient, cost effective thermal solutions to address the 300+W microprocessor markets, we believe that WayCool, combined with our carbon block interface and its ability to efficiently handle 400+W of energy, provides a unique opportunity for OnScreen and OCZ to significantly penetrate the thermal market."
"OCZ is excited with the recent tests of the updated HydroJet CPU cooler," commented Alex Mei, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, OCZ Technology Group. "The HydroJet's new design showcases improved performance and is an even more attractive solution for high end consumers and enthusiasts looking to take advantage of the benefits of liquid cooling in an easy to use 100% self contained unit. OCZ fully expects to deliver this innovative solution to market in time for the holiday season."

I'm sure you have some comments, make them heard here
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Most Recent Comments

22-08-2007, 22:46:01

I need a micro atx motherboard that oc's pretty good. I plan on getting an opteron and like to oc it. I don't know which one yet though. I love features.

22-08-2007, 22:51:41

WC Annihilus
When it comes to AMD mATX boards, the ones that are almost always mentioned are the Biostar TForce boards

22-08-2007, 22:56:16

how do they oc? cause i know one of them dont oc that well compaired to the dfi expert.. (socket 939)

22-08-2007, 23:52:19

lol, NOTHING OCs as well as the Expert....And they are 2 different things (ATX and mATX)

01-09-2007, 17:27:34


how do they oc? cause i know one of them dont oc that well compaired to the dfi expert.. (socket 939)

They are the best OCing mATX boards I know of.

01-09-2007, 19:49:12

Biostar TForce board is the one you want, as WC said

02-09-2007, 18:14:18

the abit nF-M2 nView is a corker if you can find one & the AN-M2s are pretty good too.

05-09-2007, 13:42:24

get the DFI and a new case, I'll let you borrow my jigsaw if you need it:evil:

:D :D :D :D :D

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