OC3D Exclusive: Xirex Waterblocks

"OC3D gets an exclusive on the new Xirex GPU waterblocks."

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OC3D Exclusive: Xirex GPU Waterblocks

When you hear the term water-cooling it usually conjures up names like Danger Den, EK Waterblocks, Alphacool and the like. Overclock3d.net have managed another exclusive for you, our valued readers, and it concerns the imminent appearance on the net of some pretty sweet looking gear - namely GPU waterblocks. XIREX are a small German company specialising in water-cooling and running under the auspices of distribution giant Rombus; if the sample pictures are anything to go by, they may well be onto something. From what I have been able to deduce, XIREX is made up from former employees of Alphacool.

XIREX appear to be heading down a path in pursuit of manufacturing ultra-low profile waterblocks in an effort to maximise motherboard expansion slots and increase air-flow within a typical PC case. XIREX are also striving to achieve an optimal price/performance ratio for you the potential customer.

The images that we have for you here today are for Nvidia's 8800 GTX, and reports suggest that the waterblock will have a maximum thickness of around 4 - 5mm. Anyway, enough banter...let's get to the images.

XIREX 8800 GTX render





On a side note: XIREX also manufacture CPU waterblocks, Laing DDC pump tops, radiators, chipset blocks and produce their own brand of coolant for use in water-cooling loops.

Would you like to see more of XIREX' products...Perhaps a review in the future?

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Most Recent Comments

23-07-2007, 10:58:25

EA brought CryTek... and CryTek make better games than Ubisoft! :p

23-07-2007, 13:07:04

PP Mguire
But EA games are usualy teh sux0r (where patches and whatnot are concernd).

Crysis is Crytek's version of Farcry

When you say this you mean Farcry 2 right? Just forgot the 2?

23-07-2007, 14:37:10

Aye I did

25-07-2007, 00:11:38

PP Mguire
Ah ok, wee bit confused there for a second but i gotcha ;)

25-07-2007, 01:08:15

This is all confusing...

25-07-2007, 11:34:31

Well no doubt it will run badly on my machine tbh lol

25-07-2007, 12:54:04

The long and the short of it:

Crytek made Farcry using the CryEngine.

Ubisoft bought the rights to Farcry, including (I think) the engine, charactors, title and the rest.

Crytek then decided it wanted to make Farcry 2, but couldn't name it that so they are making Crysis

Ubisoft see a big fat cash cow and made loads of cr@p Farcry games and now are working on Farcry 2. Hopefully it won't be so bad without CryTek

25-07-2007, 16:45:54

PP Mguire
Aye i see. So that means, BUY CRYSIS!!! Cause i dont really like ANY Ubisoft games.

06-08-2007, 10:43:17

is the teaser site supposed to be anything other than 3 clickable flash objects and a bit of a wierd voice?
or am i missing something

06-08-2007, 17:41:44

PP Mguire

Well no doubt it will run badly on my machine tbh lol

If they have a DX9 verison of the game it should be fine.

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