New Scythe 120mm Fans with 38mm thickness and Higher Static Pressure

"Scythe release new 120mm Fans with 38mm thickness and Higher Static Pressure"

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Official Press Release

New Scythe 120mm Fans with 38mm thickness and Higher Static Pressure.

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces three new 120mm fans. These new fans provide a better performance by integrating the higher "Static Pressure" feature. Unlike the common fans with 25mm thickness, the new "Ultra Kaze 120" comes with 38mm thickness. The slowest model (DFS123812L-1000) is specified with 1000RPM, 19,81dBA and 44,44CFM. Furthermore, it is designed for silent operation in a PC system. Other models of "Ultra Kaze 120" (DFS123812L-2000 and DFS123812L-3000) aim for enthusiasts who are seeking high performance and high airflow for their PCs. These fans are ideal and can maximize the performance Heatsinks that have a higher number of fins and a smaller distance between the fins. The following graphs show a comparison between the new "Ultra Kaze 120" fans, Scythe standard fans (supplied with Scythe 120mm CPU Coolers), and Scythe S-FLEX Version D (800RPM).


Model Name: Ultra Kaze 120mm Case Fan (1000rpm/2000rpm/3000rpm)
Model #:
DFS123812L-1000 (1000rpm version)
DFS123812L-2000 (2000rpm version)
DFS123812H-3000 (3000rpm version)
Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
120 x 120 x 38mm
Specifications: 19.81dBA / 44.44CFM / DC12V / 0.25A (1000rpm version)
32.91dBA / 87.63CFM / DC12V / 0.25A (2000rpm version)
45.90dBA / 133.60CFM / DC12V / 0.60A (3000rpm version)
3-pin (3-pin to 4pin adaptor included)
Cable Length: 30cm
Bearing Type:
Sleeve Bearing
30,000 hours
8.90 (USD)
7.56 (EURO) excl. VAT

graph 1

graph 2

Scythe Ultra Kaze 120

View the Scythe Ultra Kaze 120 product page here

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14-10-2007, 14:51:23

Are you the registered domain name owner?

Nominet should be able to reassign the domain name regardless of the registration 'agent' provided you are the registered domain name owner.

16-10-2007, 07:14:32

yes, they can reassigned it but it will cost £94

im not paying that!

16-10-2007, 07:25:18

If it was deffo purchased via registerfly mate, I'd drop them an email explaining the situation. At worst they will send a new password via snail mail to your home address, but hopefully they should be able to verify your identity by the payment method used (debit card number etc).

Don't let it expire. One of those crappy companies will snap it up and try and sell it back to you for something stupid like £1k.

16-10-2007, 10:18:14

And don't you have some Dav0s imposter that might jump at the opportunity?

All I know that if you want to transfer the domain over, you'd ask ur current provider to change the tags to 123-reg or whatever...

16-10-2007, 11:27:29

What`s the process of registering a name u`rself ? I can`t imagine that every possible name is owned by some1. - if I want that, I must be able to have a chat with cisco directly or something.

16-10-2007, 18:07:51

mine ran out and i didn't have to pay a fortune to get it back i just re-bought it through name alerts (very cheap)
don't forget if its a fresh registration you have to wait 60 days to transfer it from registration date
so if it dies buy it from where you intend to use it, if you renew it through the cheaper people it will be fine though

17-10-2007, 06:19:23

i emailed registerfly but time is running out!

Jiffz, when you say "current provider", do you mean registerfly, the ones i bought the domain from? Or can I do this through nominet or tucows or someone without involving registerfly?

thanks for all the help guys, u rock!

17-10-2007, 11:50:13

what domain is it, i think im going to buy it once its ran out :p

Honestly though what domain is it so i can peek at the details.

17-10-2007, 16:12:34

Nah Im pretty sure you'd need to contact the current provider that shows up on a whois search. If you bought it with registerfly then it'd probs be them. Thats about all I know about domains I'm afraid :S

18-10-2007, 11:43:27

try getting in touch with and see what they say.

Next time you register a domain dont put your address ect on it!

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