Intel Core i7 Overclocking on Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100

"Thermaltake's Xpressar tames Intel's Core i7?"

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Xpressar RCS100 support Intel Core i7 platform and enhanced its performance with overclocking

Core i7 965 overclocking on Thermaltake XpressarA couple of months ago we reported that Thermaltake had released their Xpressar RCS100 micro-refrigeration system. Recently, Thermaltake has implemented Socket LGA1366 compatability into the Xpressar RCS100 and pushed an Core i7 920 and Core i7 965 processor using the micro-phase change system.

Thermaltake were able to take the Core i7 920 to 3.9Ghz, and the Core i7 965 processor to 4.0Ghz respectively, whilst maintaining a respectable temperature of 40 degrees Celcius (20 - 25 deg C ambient). Thermaltake claim a 10 deg C difference in favour of the Xpressar when compared to non-specified water-cooling setup.

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Can you see yourself forking out some folding stuff for the Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100?

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24-12-2008, 19:16:21


Who has ever thought “ooh, I think I want speakers in a 5.25” bay on my PC!”? I can honestly say I haven't, however, today, I am reviewing the Scythe Kama Bay Speakers - a miniature set of speakers that fit neatly into a 5.25” bay in your computer.

For those of you who might not know about Scythe, (lets face it, not many people haven't heard of them) here are a few details from their company website:

So who is Scythe? What do they do? Many of you are asking this question while surfing our website. Scythe Co., Ltd. (Registered & incorporated in Tokyo Japan) originally started in Akihabara Electric Town located in Tokyo Japan, where visitors can find the latest electric products from computer parts and accessories to the world’s most advanced cellular phones with video camera capabilities, small displays and the ability to play movies!

Scythe Co., Ltd., began its operation and business in November, 2002 as a distributor and manufacture of PC parts & gaming devices for “DIY PC Experts! For more information about Scythe Japan HQ, please visit the website at: (If you read Japanese!). Scythe’s first venture was to manufacture a super powerful YET super quiet CPU cooler (Scythe Kamakaze CPU cooler), and with the great success of this Kamakaze CPU cooler, Scythe became recognized as the leading CPU cooler supplier in Japan’s Akihabara Electric Town. Shortly there after, due to popular demand, Scythe began exporting products all over the world.

In April of 2004 Scythe USA began local operations by establishing an office in Northern California. In October of 2004 Scythe USA moved operations to LA in order to work more closely with manufactures and streamline logistics to better service our US based partners.

To summarise the above, Scythe is a company that specialises in PC parts and gaming devices for enthusiasts. I myself have owned a number of Scythe products in the past from fans to heatsinks, however, the item I will be reviewing today shows that Scythe has diversified into other markets.


Model Name: KAMA BAY SPEAKER Model Number:
SCBS-1000-BK (Black)
SCBS-1000-SL (Silver)
SCBS-1000-WH (White)

Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
Dimension (W x D x H) 148.5 x 100 x 42.5 mm
Output: 1.5W + 1.5W (Stereo)
Speaker Type: 2 Channel with Build-In Amplifier
Speaker Unit: 1.25inch Concave Shape Metal Type
Input Connecter: Stereo Mini Plug (3.5mm)
Power Source: DC 12V (4-Pin from PC Power Supply)

Today I will be reviewing SCBS-1000-BK, the black version of the speakers, and so let's have a look at the speakers in the flesh shall we?



As you can see the packaging is rather stylish; the front of the box looks modern and clean, which is something I have come to expect from Scythe. The back of the box is jam packed with writing, only the text on the top right is English, and the rest is in Japanese. The text at the top right is the specifications of the unit.


The sides of the box shows the Scythe kama Bay Speaker from the front, on both sides, and as you can see, it shows the rear of the unit, with only two plugs - a standard molex connection, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.


Here is a picture of the internals of the box once they are taken out of the cardboard exterior. The Scythe Kama Bay Speakers arrived with me in perfect condition and with the thick foam padding a courier could have dropped it multiple times. Nice going Scythe!


Once the exterior piece of foam is removed you are presented with the image on the left the speakers, and the cables all firmly encased in the thick polystyrene

Contained within the box is:
* Scythe Kama Bay Speakers
* 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm audio cable
* Four screws
* A pack of silica gel
* A backplate with a hole in it

Everything you need to get the unit up and running is included and not an item more.

Getting the unit up and running


The rear of the unit requires a molex power connector and a 3.5 mm audio jack.


The front of the unit, once unpacked, is rather pleasing to look at and it reminds me of my Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II. On the front there is a simple On/Off switch and a volume dial, the switch has a solid click which means that you'd know if you turned it on or off. However, the volume dial feels rather loose and not particually sturdy, but it does the job just fine.

I wont insult your intelligence and bore you to death with instructions of how to fit the Scythe Kama Bay Speakers, as it's the usual slide into a spare space and screw in type of affair. An instruction sheet comes with the unit and explains the process in enough detail for most people to get their head around it.


Once installed, I must say it looks right at home in my lian li PC-7 PLUS II, although please excuse my excessive amounts of Dust, lol. I do not have any profesional equipment with which to test the Scythe Kama Bay Speakers, so you will have to rely on my ears.

General Windows usage:
In Windows; just clicking around, opening folders, listening to the windows intro, the sounds are crisp and clear, but maybe not as deep as a full set of speakers. However, considering this set costs on the cheaper side of a £20 note, I think that can be excused.

There are many genre's of music, so I have tried a few out.The first genre is one that I listen to most of the time - Indie music. I played a few tracks by The Killers, at max volume and the sound was distorted and tinny, but at about ¾ volume the sound was clear, and loud enough to fill the room.

The next genre I tested was RnB, and I tried a few tracks from a recently purchased Clubland Classix CD. The bass was not as 'bassy' as having a dedicated sub woofer, but I have certainly heard worse. The sound was not as tinny as the inbuilt speakers in my moniter, and the sound was clear. Again, like The Killers at full volume, the sound was tinny and distorted, but at ¾ volume, it was near perfect.

I then tried some 80's pop music in the form of Spandau Ballet, and again, this sounded good for a cheap set of speakers. An audiophile might complain, but for daily listening, this is more than adequate. Again at above ¾ volume, the sound was distorted and tinny (seems to be a trend here).


At £19.99, for a set of speakers, I must admit that I thought these would be totally useless - as most things you can purchase for 20 quid. However, after reviewing these speakers, I have changed my mind totally. These speakers are damn fine quality for only 20 pounds and the sound is full and clear. Admittedly, they are lacking in bass, but this can be lived with.

So if what you are looking for is a set of cheap, decent speakers that provide good quality sound for daily use then look no further.

9:10 for price
8:10 for performance
9:10 for presentation

The good:
+ Sound quality is good for such a small device.
+ The price - £20 for such a device is good value

The mediocre:
* Could have come with more accessories.

The bad:
- Nothing to report.

Thank you to myself for purchasing this device :p

25-12-2008, 05:35:15

nice review!
although one little remark: you mention a few times the "scythe karma bay" it's just the "scythe kama bay"

Thank you to myself for purchasing this device

:p nice one

25-12-2008, 06:17:39

Lol @ the dust on your rig :P

Great review :) Really did not expect these small speakers to produce any form of decent sound, but you changed my opinion quite swiftly :)

Rep's on its way :)

25-12-2008, 07:32:07

Edited :)

Nice review ionicle

25-12-2008, 07:43:49

Very nice mate...

Might get myself some soon, cheers for the review :).

25-12-2008, 08:33:31


Lol @ the dust on your rig :P

Great review :) Really did not expect these small speakers to produce any form of decent sound, but you changed my opinion quite swiftly :)

Rep's on its way :)

neither did i, i expected a sorta tinny quality to them
i mean, they're nothing on a 5.1 souround sound, but they still sound damn nice...up with the quality of a good laptop speakers...and louder too..

and thanks, i think i may have to do more reviews with such positive feedback :D

25-12-2008, 09:38:34

Heh review everything that you get in your hands ^^

My review queue at the moment is just TOO long... My sister has her rig (budget €400) on its way to us and I'll review a few parts of it, I'm currently writing my cpu cooler review and my motherboard+cpu and GPU cooler are still waiting too. Argh.

25-12-2008, 18:54:07

It's a good review of a tricky item imo.

Some good write-up and background, I like the fact they have a variation in colors for what I see as a good addition to a htpc-lite that u could house in something like a shuttle. Just look out for ones that have more than just the 1 5.25 bay.

It's refreshing that it doesnt produce a tinny sound, u may well expect it to for a £20 outlay.

I'm glad this piece of kit exists cos I was considering an internal-ghetto arrangement for a proposed project. This'll be much more professional.

Nice to see more Scythe gear on the forum, they do make a wide range of stuff that is easily overlooked by their cooling history.

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