Embraco team up with Intel to Deliver a Mobile Refrigeration Cooling Unit

"Intel + Embraco = mobile refrigeration...."

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Embraco team up with Intel to Deliver a Mobile Refrigeration Cooling Unit

Intel showcased this new cooling solution at this years IDF. Using the worlds smallest compressor Embraco and Intels partnership has brought a mobile refrigeration unit to laptop users. The unit reduces the air temperature by approx 40% and feeds this cold air into the laptop which in turn cools the components.

This new cooling solution is to combat the thermal throttling which kicks in as laptops regularly overheat.


You can be forgiven for having never heard of Embraco but they were established in 1971.

Below is an excerpt from their site:

Specialized in cooling solutions, EMBRACO is the world leader in hermetic compressors, and has the mission "Provide innovative solutions for a better quality of life". With factories in Brazil, Italy, China and Slovakia and productive capacity of 25 million compressors per year, it also produces cast iron, electronic components, condensers and evaporators that are used as part of condensing and sealed units, and electronic systems to make "intelligent" household appliances. 
Founded in 1971, in Joinville, Santa Catarina State, in the South of Brazil, Embraco started to produce compressors in 1974 with the initial purpose to supply the demand of the Brazilian refrigeration industry, which at that time relied entirely on imported compressors. In that same decade, it started exporting and in the next decade it had already negotiated compressors in all continents. In early 90´s, anticipating the globalization of the economy, Embraco started the process to open productive units outside Brazil and, consequently, to increase the global structure of sales. Soon it was already the world leader in the market, with about 20% of market share.

Lets take a closer look at this device...


The real magic is in the compressor. The above image compares the new micro compressor against a standard unit. It is this small size that enables the unit to be mobile. The compressors can also be daisy-chained (i.e. joined together) to provide even more cooling power!


This image shows the air entering the unit a 23.1 deg C and leaving at 13.6 deg C around a 40% reduction in temperature.

unit and lappy

The cooling unit simply 'docks' with the laptop and uses existing ventilation holes. Laptops whos vents do not line up with the device can also have simple modifications made.

The test results they showed showed less throttling and as a result the benchmark scores on 3DMark06 and Cinebench R10 were higher.

Pricing for the unit is approx $150.

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Most Recent Comments

20-09-2007, 10:32:29

7/16" tubing (need about 3 metres apparently :p)
Black Ice Xtreme III 360mm Radiator (or similiar, are most 360mm rads the same?)
1/2" - 1/2" T Splitter
12V Laing DDC-1T Pro w/OCLabs XP Top Blue/UV Blue
Feser One Coolant 1Ltr (UV Acid Green) (2 litres of this needed?)
Danger Den Fillport (Delrin)
Not sure which of your fans to choose as i want good performance but not too loud
I can include all the barbs needed on optional stuff whilst buying the stuff cant i? About 6 1/2" barbs needed if i get the d-tek fusion off this guy for £27 right?

Anythin you would change?


20-09-2007, 10:55:29

7/16" tubing is already on the "Wanted" list for the shop so some should be arriving soon. See here:

You havent included a Fillport to put on the end of the T-Line.

Apart from that it looks fine to me.

20-09-2007, 11:31:29

Which out of your fan selection do you recommend? I dont fancy spending £13.99 per fan on the noctuas.. :)

20-09-2007, 11:50:12

Like you I also refuse to pay so much for fans so im using these on my 360 rad, they are pretty much inaudible and push a fair amount of air.



20-09-2007, 12:50:49

lol, you dont have 3 in stock tho - ETA for more stock? :p Thanks for the recommendation. This will be my first ever watercooling - is it a good setup worthy of being jealous of :p wanna make my lan buddies jealous :p:p :bornleet: lol

The guy selling me the d-tek fusion is polishing it up for me first (£27 inc postage)

21-09-2007, 08:53:11

You'll have to wait till Rob gets back for an ETA on them sorry, that will be Monday :-)

24-09-2007, 05:56:11

Morning guys,

We have more Redwing fans arriving at the back end of this week.. We go through them for fun, they are easily our best selling fan at the moment :)

Our supplier is out, but i'm told to expect more at the end of this week.

Your selected parts look cool btw mrapoc and 7/16" MasterKleer hose is already on order but atm i have no ETA. I would have thought mid next month for that though.

24-09-2007, 09:13:48

Well i might just go with the 1/2" tubing plus jubliee clips as ive heard although 7/16" can be trusted just on the 1/2" barbs alone, they do carry some risk of slipping so id rather be sure and use jubilee clips with 1/2" tubing - bigger tubing will look the nicest and its the most popular to use so more compatability.

Do you have any of those spacer thingies to attach the rad to the back of my pc though the 120mm fan screwholes? Ya know wot i mean? Attached the rad to the back though those holes leaving enough room for cables etc. (about a 2cm gap between case and rad).

I have a tj05 so i could also attach to the utility panel on the side of the case (window)

What ya reckon?

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