Coolink releases Chillaramic thermal compound

"Coolink today released its new Chillaramic thermal compound"

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Coolink releases Chillaramic thermal compound 
Coolink today released its new Chillaramic thermal compound. Thanks to ceramic nano particles, Chillaramic achieves outstanding thermal transfer while not being electrically conductive. Chillaramic is easy to apply, easy to clean off and comes in big 10g tubes that will last you through more than 30 applications without breaking your wallet.
"Today's enthusiast user doesn't only want his thermal paste of choice to perform well, he also expects it to be safe, convenient, versatile and reasonably priced", explains Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. "Our new Chillaramic compound was designed to meet precisely these requirements!"
Based on ceramic nano-particles, Chillaramic doesn't only provide excellent performance but also completely eliminates the risk of short circuits, making it perfect for crucial applications. Both novice and experienced users will appreciate the fact that the paste is very easy to apply and to clean off. 

Tailor-made for the cooling enthusiast, Chillaramic doesn't require a longer burn-in time and can be used with air, water and evaporative cooling systems. Last but not least, the paste comes in big 10g tubes which are sufficient for at least 30 applications on today's CPUs. So at a suggested retail price of EUR 6.90 / USD 8.90, one tube of Coolink Chillaramic will give you a lot of excellent paste at an excellent price! 
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22-06-2008, 13:47:07

PP Mguire
Ok so we just got a digital converter box and where watching EPSN Indie car racing from Iowa (Its still going, just started). Anyways im watching a guy try and pass another guy and going for first. Im like dude wtf block him!! Keep him from taking your position! Can you not race or what?! My dad was like uhh you cant block. Thats a Dale JR cheat tactic and you get points taken away. WTF??!! Thats the whole point of racing!! Hold your position and win! If somebody trys to pass me ima block em and make sure i hold my position. If you cant block somebody then you might as well hit the breaks and let everybody pass. My dad was like well then dont expect a career in racing if you plan to block because youll never get anywhere. I then proceeded to get up from my chair and if this is true i will not watch official race sports period.

22-06-2008, 13:52:32

I know in F1 you're allowed to make one movement from your current line to sort of block someone but not keep following them across the track to do so. It would get dangerous if that was the case and also just mean people would stick next to no fuel in their cars just to qualify first and block all the way to the last.

22-06-2008, 14:07:22

I think it would be pretty boring if you could block like that, whoever got off pole first could stay first just by blocking all the way around. There's no skill in that.

22-06-2008, 14:21:05

Yes, F1 has it right. Cannot block all the time, but once iirc

22-06-2008, 14:35:07

PP Mguire
Well screw pro racing then. Bout as bad as pro sports. Theres no point in racing pro if you cant get in a position and keep it. It takes skill to get up there then try to keep your position from people trying to take it from you. If your not alowd to do that then theres no point. K ive made up my mind. Im going street racing.

22-06-2008, 14:45:32

Point is that if you keep to the racing line then you have a pretty good shot at keeping your position. Also the skill is in racing the crap out of you car and pushing even when there isn't anyone behind you so as to stop them catching you. To squeeze every last 100th of a second out of your car each lap by driving skilfully rather than just bullying your way to victory..

22-06-2008, 15:24:56

PP Mguire
Yea i watched the end of the race and cought a guy in second doing exactly what i was talking about and the dude was saying how it was a nice protect for his position. So, my dad just probably thought i meant something else.

23-06-2008, 05:03:06

Keep the racing line and make them take the extra road.

I like in Nascar where drivers get up close and then push each other. Was amazed when I seen that. It`s one of those things where if ur an average driver u will spin-off the guy infront.

23-06-2008, 05:27:32

PP Mguire
Yea NASCAR do bumper cars as me and my dad call it. Its not really that bad cause their handling is alot better than Indy and if you try to do that or even slingshot around somebody in Indy your front spoiler is screwed.

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