ASUS Release Triton 88 CPU Cooler with LGA1366 support

"ASUS Triton 88 CPU Cooler Supports Latest LGA1366 Chipset Socket for Top-of-the-line Overclocking Performance"

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ASUS Triton 88 CPU Cooler Supports Latest LGA1366 Chipset Socket for Top-of-the-line Overclocking Performance OC3D Official Press Release

To keep up with the latest trends in processor technologies, ASUS has been constantly launching powerful CPU coolers to cater to the demands of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. However, one of the most eagerly-awaited would no doubt be the latest ASUS Triton 88 CPU cooler. This “fierce-looking” exterior of the Triton 88 comprises of an exclusive twin-pillared heatsink design, a 120mm inner-fan with a Diamond blue LED, and 6 copper heatpipes. With this ensemble of thermal features, it is able to deliver ultimate cooling performances for up to 180W and can support multiple applications—including the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (LGA1366).

ASUS Triton 88 CPU coolerExclusive Twin-pillared Design and 120mm Inner-fan for 180W Overclocking Support
The Triton 88 utilizes an exclusive twin-pillared heatsink design that; when combined with the 120mm inner-fan, will help in lowering temperatures and create powerful air-cooled performance for extreme overclocking of up to 180W. Furthermore, with the fan positioned within the heatsink, VRM can be protected against high temperatures with the guiding of cool air to critical components near the CPU—ensuring system stability.

Massive Heat Dissipation Area of up to 8000cm2 for Optimal Cooling
To provide the best heat dissipation, the Triton 88 is also equipped with a massive heat dissipation area of up to 8000cm2; while 6 high conductive copper heatpipes and the 120mm LED fan provides maximum airflow and optimal cooling performance. This will ensure that enthusiasts worldwide will be able to enjoy overclocking of up to 180W without an inkling of concern. Furthermore, the Triton 88 is equipped with a PWM function that is able to automatically adjust the fan speed according to the CPU’s temperature—providing low acoustics during operation.

Up-to-date Application
To keep up with future gaming and processor technologies, the Triton 88 not only supports multiple applications, and but also the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (LGA1366). DIY and gaming enthusiasts worldwide can now easily utilize this top-notch cooler to help ensure that their own PC systems can run faster and more stable than ever before.

Press Release

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Most Recent Comments

23-12-2008, 23:04:38

Having been bitten by the watercooling bug, it's time to do some more! I have one of those simple xspc rigs on the cpu within my antec 900. Been a good start, but time to add some of the wet stuff to the 2 vga cards. The case though is frankly too small, as there is currently no room for another radiator, and I'd also like to get a larger radiator to replace the small one I have currently.

So new case needed.

I read toxcitys sticky above, with various links within - lian li pc-343b and the mountain mods range.. The Lian I like, the price however makes me want to heave - and the mountain mods.. well they seem kind of industrial to me, what with the thumb screws sitting proud all over the place - the price is little different to the lian either.

In the recent past I almost bought a HAF-932, but glad I didnt now, as I dont know if it has enough room to fit large radiators within. I'm thinking 2x 120.3 size.

I wonder around the porn websites, looking at various chassis, and try to see where I could fit in 2 of these large radiators, and they all seem to fall short. Leaving me once again thinking about the lian li big-cube, and the mountain mods equivalent. Then I start contemplating how much I could sell a kidney for on the black market, and if she'd notice me whipping it out while she slept...

...I decided that a stanley knife probably wasnt the right tool for that job anyway. So then thought about crafting a cube/rectangular type chassis myself out of acrylic. But the types of plastics available is crazy:

Acetal Copolymor, Cast Nylon, Nylon 11, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon GX, Nylon GF, Polyethersulphone (PES), PEEK, PPOm Noryl, PTFE... and...

You get the idea..

So are these my only options to be able to fit 2x 120.3 sized radiators into a chassis? The lian li pc-343b, or one of the mountain mods? Or dig up more info on acrylic/plastics and craft something for myself?

24-12-2008, 02:21:32

hmmm the only option I know of is indeed the HAF932. You would need to do some squeezing though... Probably sandwich two radiators in top: fan -> rad -> fan -> rad. Have seen a picture of it, can't find it anymore :'(

24-12-2008, 05:24:03

have you thought about differnt cases like the tj07?

24-12-2008, 10:43:09


have you thought about differnt cases like the tj07?

Hadnt thought about Silverstone as it goes. Doh. Thanks.

But they are really the same as all the other chassis manufacturers. They seem more designed for air than water - with the extra spaces needed for radiators that entails.

TJ07 link. Apart from the fact that silverstone need to hire a camera man to take some proper photos.. You can still see from their staggering quantity of 3 piccies that there just isnt the room in the case for 120.3's. You could maybe get a 120.2 to the right of where the PSU is, but no more I feel.

Any other ideas ladies and gents :)

24-12-2008, 11:32:41

actually you can fit a 120.3 and a 120.2 where the psu is alone, and if u mod the top you can fit another 120.3 rad.

o i see why u say u cant fit it now, in the pic there hdd cages there but u can remove that and add a hdd caddy where the optical drives can go and then you have the space for it. sorry usually when i see people use it they always get rid of the caddy there i forgot there was two there lol

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