ARCTIC COOLING announces the Silentium T ECO 80

"ARCTIC COOLING announces the new Silentium T ECO 80, the eco friendly PC case with thermodynamic optimised design."

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Official Press Release

ARCTIC COOLING announces the new Silentium T ECO 80, the eco friendly PC case with thermodynamic optimised design.

The Swiss cooling solution provider – ARCTIC COOLING has launched Silentium T ECO 80 – a new high efficient and eco friendly PC case that is designed to provide enough power for quad core CPU and dual video card configurations under continuous full load operation, fulfilling the enthusiast gamers demanding requirements.

A new performance standard - ECO 80 goes beyond 80 Plus™
To create a greener world for everyone, ARCTIC COOLING has introduced the ECO 80 – a new performance standard for power supplies. ECO 80 stands for absolute environmentally friendly. ECO 80 requires not only an 80 Plus™ efficiency level but also requires a Power Factor Correction (PFC) above 95% instead of just 90% (80 Plus™). The higher PFC ensures the apparent power consumption is close to the real power usage. As a result the ECO 80 PSU improves the power quality, reducing power losses and minimizing electricity costs.

Eco friendly PC case
The Silentium T ECO 80 is equipped with a 550W PSU that totally fulfills the ECO 80 standard and delivers a minimum efficiency of 82% and 86% at typical loads respectively. Furthermore, the Silentium T ECO 80 PSU is an active PFC with a typical power factor of 99%. This not only saves energy costs, but the Silentium T ECO 80 PSU also increases the reliability of the PC system by generating less heat, reducing the required fan speed and noise level, increasing component life and improving the comfort of the users environment.

Thermodynamic optimized design
Inherited from its predecessor (Silentium T Pro), reducing the noise to an absolute minimum and achieving a maximum airflow are also the design goals of the Silentium T ECO 80. The radical new thermodynamic concept allows the air flow and the PSU position to be completely rearranged to enhance the overall ventilation. All Arctic Fans are temperature controlled and contain patented vibration absorption in order to lower the noise level. Together with the help of the special HDD muffler, multiple hard disk noise and vibration can be eliminated by encapsulating them into the absorbers. Furthermore the screwless design of the Silentium T ECO 80 is torsion resistant and offers extensive features for power users.


Economy chart

The Silentium T ECO 80 series is available now in 5 different front panel configurations. The MSRP is USD 134.95 and Euro 99.95 (excl VAT).

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Most Recent Comments

05-10-2007, 10:21:04

Mr. Smith
Over 20 views and not one comment?

Single slot solution, more powerful than the 2900, lower power consumption, reduced thermal output, all at a cheap price and no one has anything to say?

05-10-2007, 10:29:06

thats good :)

05-10-2007, 10:30:45

It's good, but is it enough? Hmmmm...must find out

05-10-2007, 10:33:47

WC Annihilus
How is god not enough? :rotfl:

05-10-2007, 10:34:05

Mr. Smith

It's good, but is it enough? Hmmmm...must find out

320 stream processors per gpu ;) 2900xt CF in one card?

05-10-2007, 10:42:43

Ugh, well tbh I see the red pcb of an Ati card and my interest waivers a little anyway.

But I`ll be objective.

I notice they`re flavoring these in 512/512/256m models - implies to me either 1G cards never sold well, or the realization that 1G won`t be used. 764m is massive.

I don`t see the HD audio, or a hdmi output - does this also mean they mean DVI->hdmi ? That`s not a point of selling for me as u can do that with minor cards. Dunno how they work the audio, maybe there`s a connector.

Don`t like the look of the card astheticly, but after installation I could live with that.

This is however a lab model.

Seems to me the day of the dual slotted card for the current generations atleast is thankfully over (assuming the pic of the 8800gt we saw). Although looking forward, if mobo manufs take this as standard, they could mis-place key slots if the next gen re-adopt them.

Performance-wize and price-wize it could be interesting. I can`t see them wildly overpricing these, possibly a month b4 their competitor brings out their next gen, and a week after they would have brought out the solid immediate competition in the 8800gt. I use competition loosely maybe.

05-10-2007, 10:54:41

Mr. Smith
Well Rast my good man,

This card is set to outperform or at least equal the 2900xt, which is almost as good as the current 8800GTS.

The 8800GT will not perform as well as the current 8800GTS.

The 2950 pro is priced in the same region as the new 8800gt.

I think this might be a winning mid range card, however I remain skeptical due to the hype around the 2900 which failed to deliver and the fact we have no proof of either cards performance.

Having said that the 2950 is based on a tweaked r600 core and the GT is based on a cut down 8800 core so...

05-10-2007, 11:04:43

Ill pass judgment when its been through the labs.

However its either very, very cool running or that hs is diabolical.

05-10-2007, 11:45:14

deff looks like a mid range winner, i only think that ATI/AMD will price it too high.

05-10-2007, 17:02:20

PP Mguire
Wow now this is what im talking about.

So far ATI>Nvidia.

Also, the 8800GT has more steam processors than the 8800GTS, so im not sure if you will want to pass judgement on its performance yet. Scores over 10k in 3dmark06.

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