Aqua-PCs creates the "Flex Cooler Kit"

"Aqua-PCs have created a nice little kit based around the new OCZ Flex II DDR2 memory"

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Flex Cooler KitAqua-PCs creates the "Flex Cooler Kit"
Our friends over at Aqua-PCs have created a great water-cooling kit based around the brand new gorgeous looking Flex II memory from OCZ.
The kit is designed to take full advantage of the hybrid cooling heatspreaders employed by the Flex II OCZ modules.  The kit has been appropriately named the "Aqua-Pcs Flex Cooler Kit" which uses some top draw XSPC water-cooling parts.
Its been designed to take up as little room inside your case as possible while still offering plenty of cooling power to deal with the heat from these awesome memory modules.
Included in the kit are:
1 x Set of OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB Memory
1 x XSPC Single Bay Pump
1 x XSPC RS120 Black Radiator
1 x Yate Loon D12SM-12 120mm Case Fan
6 x 3/8 Tubing Clips
4 x 3/8" Connectors
4m of high quality 3/8" tubing
The price of the kit is £190 Inc VAT and can be found here.
This kit is a really neat idea as I imagine there will be few people out there with water-cooled systems that might give this memory a miss because of the hassle of plumbing it in to their system, especially if they happen to be using 1/2 tubing.  This way main loops can stay intact while installing this cooling kit which has a nice small footprint.
Let us know what you think of this kit in our forum!
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Most Recent Comments

26-05-2008, 13:59:47

Well I've fitted CPU block only so far given its my first go.
Hardest part was bleeding the system to get enough water in.
Need some proper rad mounts though. Its all ghetto at the mo :o

28-05-2008, 12:25:33

Well it was nice once in but I have noticed a fatal flaw in my cooling. My 8800GTXs in SLi are stock cooled as I haven't braved the WC yet. This means they are kicking out 70*C into the case heating my watercooling for the CPU. I've already breached 19k on 3DMark with 600/1000/1400 on the GTXs but that is 3% over standard, any higher and its WAY too toasty.
Next step is to WC the GTXs so I can crank them up a bit more and crack 20k. Its not that far away now, I can smell it :yumyum:

Oh and once done I have an idea for a one shot chiller option to really crank it passed the 20k Muhahahahahah

28-05-2008, 13:51:57

Saw there is a benching team and I seem to have some pretty good scores so thought you might want me.

Striker Extreme II 790i - Q6600 @ 3700MHz (8x 463) - 2Gb DDR3 @ 1333MHz - 2x 8800GTX @ SLi (576 - 900 - 1350) - Deskstar 7k250
CSSVST: 1680x1050 - Maximum detail - 16x AA 16x AF
3DMark06: Defaults
This is my full bench test screen. I did them one after the other and lined them up.
I have hit 19k in 3DMark with 3.825GHz but the system is reaching its limit without me watercooling everything. So in a few weeks or so I'll connect it all together and get a solid 19k and try to push 20k. I want some 2000MHz RAM but none has caught my eye yet.

31-05-2008, 12:47:02

Ok so the whole system is now cooled in the order

Even with 3x Yate SL going full speed she is Bloody toasty.
Two rads?

31-05-2008, 15:02:27

What temps you getting on it all?

31-05-2008, 16:32:25

try using splitters to hit each part seperate. also get some passive rads i know alphacool makes one. despite what ppl say 3 passive rads like these: are better than another fan cooled one and cheapper.

15-06-2008, 06:03:29

After stealing !Timmy! G15 monitor i rebuilt for my own purposes of temp and FPS watching.
CPU gets no hotter than 71 full load and GPUs get no hotter than 67.
This is in the above configuration.

I'm looking at another PA120.3 in the loop as an option possibly with those passives in between for extra :D I'm also looking at TJ07 as my new case given all of this stuff is in a Coolermaster Centurion 5 case which is to say the least cramped.

15-06-2008, 06:12:59

sound like a good setup. to see mine look for the project x work log.

15-06-2008, 06:52:30


After stealing !Timmy! G15 monitor i rebuilt for my own purposes of temp and FPS watching...

w00t, glad you found it useful :)

You should join the bench team! The more the merrier.

15-06-2008, 07:43:23

I did apply a while back but heard nothing and still cannot access anything :(
I'm not really a benching person but I'm always fiddling and checking with my benches so i'm always sending in them. I wanna hit 19.5k before i buy my DDR3 mental speed RAM.

Its very good your G15 thing some didn't like my comp :D but i mangled my own together which shows temperatures for all four cores, both gpus, mobo and fraps fps (which only works when it wants :D).

Oh and I will throw a project log together to show my problems, worries or just rambles. Its pretty "ghetto" ATM with masking tape holding the rad on :D
I'd like to get the TJ07 before summer and bang together some parts ready to swap everything to it when i finish teaching the yobs.

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