Antec Introduces Sonata Elite

"The Sonata Elite enclosure improves on the Sonata family's renowned quiet computing features with even greater quiet, stability and style"

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Antec introduces next chapter in quiet, elegant computing with Sonata Elite

Antec, the global provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and do-it-yourself markets, is launching the Sonata Elite, the latest addition to Antec’s Sonata Family line of quiet PC cases. Introducing a distinct air flow design and sleek new aesthetics, the Sonata Elite offers new improvements while maintaining the original features preferred by noise-conscious consumers.

Continuing with the Sonata Family’s core Quiet Computing™ technologies, the Sonata Elite includes sound-deadening, two-layer (steel with polycarbonate) side and top panels, while the dedicated hard drive compartments feature soft silicone grommets to reduce vibration and decrease system-generated noise.

For system cooling, the Sonata Elite comes equipped with an innovative side air intake vent that creates a smooth airstream to flow naturally over the hard drive bays to the rear of the case. A quiet 120mm TriCool™ rear exhaust fan and 120mm rear slot exhaust blower provide additional cooling, with three-speed controls to balance between minimum noise and maximum cooling. The Sonata Elite also includes built-in washable air filters to prevent dust build-up and promote airflow.

Designed with system builders and PC enthusiasts in mind, the Sonata Elite includes seven expansion slots, three external 5.25” drive bays, four internal 3.5” drive bays and an adapter for additional 3.5” devices. The Sonata Elite does not include a power supply, allowing builders flexibility with their power supply customisation. For easy access to I/O ports, the Sonata Elite features front-mounted USB, eSATA and HD audio ports. The case supports Mini-ITX, microATX and Standard ATX motherboards.

“Antec set the standard in quiet computing with the original Sonata design,” said Scott Richards, senior vice-president at Antec. “The Sonata Elite’s cutting edge features meet and surpass the needs of silent PC enthusiasts by offering improved quiet technologies, advanced airflow and an exciting new take on the Sonata Family legacy.”

The Sonata Elite is available for an estimated price of £78.00 through major retailers, e-tailers and distributors. The Sonata Elite is backed by Antec’s Quality 3-Year Warranty. For additional product information and full technical specifications, please visit:

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Most Recent Comments

11-12-2008, 08:37:16

I'm building a gaming computer and want to know what is better: 2x (2gb ddr2 1066 mhz CL5) or 4x (1gb ddr2 1066 mhz CL4)?

11-12-2008, 09:11:27

Always go for the 2 sticks if ur intending to push the system with help from Mr Bios.

Matching 4 sticks will work just as well as a matching 2 sticks, or a kit should I say, but 4 sticks can demand that little bit more from the mobo in order to be stable whilst being pushed.

Without pushing, or oc`ing a system tho, either would be fine. Here u would look at the timings and perhaps make a decision. Chances are tho, if ur gonna push ur system alot, u`ll slacken the timings anyway - even tho it`s good to work from a good timings base.

12-12-2008, 01:53:11


Another thing that i want to know is if i would notice the difference between cl4 and cl5 while playing games (without oc'ing the ram)?

12-12-2008, 03:02:09

You won't see a difference at all ;)

About this RAM, get 2x2GB sticks because then it allows for future scope if you wish to get another 2x2GB kit to give you 8GB of RAM.

13-12-2008, 04:02:52

Actually I first wanted to take 4x2gb 800mhz cl5 but after a little bit of "google" I've noticed that people say that 8gb is unnecessary for gaming because you would not use the whole 8gb in a game. Then I decided to take only 4gb but 1066mhz (gaming memory) for about the same price as the 8gb 800mhz.

But thanks for the advice. I think I would take the 2x2 gb ram.

13-12-2008, 05:14:43

If ur gaming, 8g is overkill, not even 4g gets used. If u have Vista u may use 3g.

Makes me wonder about the i7 3x2g kits when 3x1g kit will be more than enough.

(I watch my G15 lcd display during gameplay and folding)

I've experienced about 76% of 4g used on a beta of a game that had memory issues, other than that I've seen football management games reaching high.

EDIT: Just as an example, playing FO3 on a 1680x1050 resolution with all the flavors turned up, peak outside it uses about 35% cpu and 46% of 4g, but creaps to about 50+. This is on Vista 64bit.

13-12-2008, 09:09:02

Speaking agout your g15 gaming keybord, is it worth the money? Does it give problems?

Because I also want to buy a g15 keybord and just want to know if it is worth buying it.

13-12-2008, 15:01:21

in my opinion: 2x2gb

13-12-2008, 20:40:57


Speaking agout your g15 gaming keybord, is it worth the money? Does it give problems?

Because I also want to buy a g15 keybord and just want to know if it is worth buying it.

I have the original version, which to me is well worth the money. Sure it has shortfalls, like the usb ports not being good enough imo, but then not many keyboards do usb extension well - not even Apple.

If mine busted, I'd hunt high and low for a Rev.1 of the G15, but if I fell short I would go for the V2. It has less of the G keys which I use alot in mmos, but sometimes u have to adapt to progress made by idiots.

Worth the cash ? hmm well, apart from the mouse and monitor, it's the single most used item u come into contact with to use ur pc. It's highly programmable, keys are good for typing w/ the backlight and the lcd is more a handy gimmick than something u would base the purchase on. However many people use the lcd for more things than I do.

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