Commodore PC Is Making A Return

"The Commodore is ready to make a splash back into the computer world with a new gaming computer that will be shown later this month during CeBIT in Germany. "

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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 07/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DailyTech

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How many of us here are old enough to remember the Commodore 64? Well it appears that Commodore are making a comeback and are ready to make a splash back into the computer world with a new gaming computer that will be shown later this month during CeBIT in Germany. Specifications on the soon to be released machine are sketchy at the moment, but if you can believe the hype surrounding it - Commodore PC are going to bring the Commodore brand back into the gaming industry.

According to the source, our European bretheren will have access to the new Commodore's upon release. The company has not ruled out a launch in North America and Asia. Commodore expects to make more more announcements soon.

The problem with a Commodore comeback is that the gaming market today is nothing like the one that the C64 entered 25 years ago -- Alienware and VoodooPC are two of the top tier companies already producing gaming PCs. Also, the Microsoft Xbox360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii are all strong competitors of PC gaming, with 41% of U.S households reportedly now having video gaming consoles.

Commodore countdown

Ah the memories! If you'd care to reminisce and take a walk down memory lane, feel free to comment in our forum
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Most Recent Comments

06-03-2007, 06:55:16

This could possi-probably be in the rig section too...

But I was wondering, if u put together a pc/system, kinda loosely designed like a test rig (semi-open aired, easy access), and wanted to jam a handfull of hard drives into the system...

Lets say fill 4 SATA, a boot IDE and a PCI setup of 2/4 drives, giving u anything from between 6 and 10 drives (maybe powered by a seperate power source than the mobo etc)

Now, I`ve got 4 SATA drives in an open case atm and I have to say the operating heat is enourmous! u`d be supprised. I don`t think I could keep my hand on the caddie very long. Nicely spaced out too, not all cramped together. (just no fans atm) ---- anywho..

What would be the most practicable way of lining.. I`d have to say 10 to cover all possiblilities.. drives, on their side, about a drives` space between each, in a sort of `slot/slide-in` effort, but on a material that would also act as a heat sink ? (doesn`t have to be a great heat sink, just do.. some) - then of course introduce a quiet fan to cool the sink.

What u think ? If u think of one of those CD shelf units that holds like 50-100 CDs, I`m looking at that sort of slide/slot in type thing. most definately diy.

06-03-2007, 07:36:00

TBH a small amount of air flowing over the drives will cool them sufficently. Someone posted that server with like 40HDDs in it a while ago, that had a few 120mms cooling the lot iirc.

06-03-2007, 08:27:29

So would you think that any construction of.. a toast-rack (for want of a better description) effort, possibly with minimal contact to allow for as close to 360 deg airflow about the drives, and and addition of a nice sized quiet-effort fan would suffice ?

I`m aware that the drives will operate add around 70 degrees without acting up, but in all honesty I`d like to ceiling it at 50 - prehaps.

Or would a rack with more contact with the drives, of a more conductive material, with a nice surface allowing it to be cooled off alongside the drives ?

I`m leaning towards either I think.

I`ve seen the big-arse server stacked 74g x 50 million drive efforts here, but as u may be aware, u walk into these rooms and the fans are deafening. >.<

06-03-2007, 09:11:47

Well for a start it might be worth trying to mount them on their sides, allowing the heat to escape easier, I know it takes up a lot of space but it will be worth it. Maybe a rack made from aluminium with fan holes cut in the top, wouldnt be hard to make really, just use one dead HDD to mark the holes and stuff

06-03-2007, 10:43:35

Yeah I think on their sides would be the best space wize too.

Hmmm alu.. conductivity ??!?!

Now the thing about having them on their sides - if I want to minimise fan-usage, I`ll want to have the blow effect go over all of them at once. If I put a fan inline with 1 drive, it`ll cause a big initial turbulance.

Gonna have to think about that a bit.

06-03-2007, 11:12:35


Hmmm alu.. conductivity ??!?!

I something conductive would be good..... more surface area for dissipating heat.

If you're questioning the conductivity of aluminium, all heatsinks up to high end ones / heatpipe ones are aluminium

06-03-2007, 11:26:49

I would set them on their sides (heat rises)

and attach them with 1" wide alum strips with o-rings for where the screws attach them.

And as many 120mm fans to blow through as hdds (I think i used 1 120mm fan for 4 Hdds)

I use this in one of my first builds (missing o-rings). If you turn it on its side cooling is better.

06-03-2007, 11:41:32


Ah thanks for the photo, that shows simplicity itself (only on it`s side as u say).

Now - if I look at that example, on it`s side, 1/2 120mm fans - underneath (1 wouldn`t be enough even with some directional thingy going on), and some sort of diy angled hood to direct the pushed heat up and to the side. i.e. it`ll effectively be going out the side.

I`d guess that a 2" space under the fan would be suitable, so the drive holder would have to be raised, and prehaps a variation of the above hood so the end result is air coming in at the bottom and out at the top (when u look at it from the side).

I was looking to make a simpler holder for the drives in terms of taking them in and out - but, if I arrange the lower holder to just be a guider and the top to prehaps have those case screws that have thumb grips, it should work just as well.

Nice1 guyz.

06-03-2007, 11:44:57

If you were to use AC12 fans you could use much less space for intakes for the fans (they draw from the sides as well)

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