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8 OCZ PC2-6400 Special Ops DDR2 2gb Kit

OCZ PC2-6400 Special Ops DDR2 2gb Kit

Memory | 9th October 2006

Fed up of boring looking memory sticks? Don't want your PC to be seen while you are in the Jungle? Maybe you're just a gamer in need of some high performance DDR2? Enter the OCZ Special Ops PC2-6400 2gb kit...

20 Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P G1 600w PSU

Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P G1 600w PSU

PSUs | 6th October 2006

Zippy Emacs are a name that only the most informed computer enthusiasts among us would have heard of. Today I'll be taking a look at their 600w GSM-6600P(G1) PSU as they make their way into the mainstream market.

1 OCZ Tempest CPU Cooler

OCZ Tempest CPU Cooler

Cases & Cooling | 30th September 2006

OCZ have always been known for their high performance memory and PSU's, but have recently be trying their hand in the cooling market. We take a look at their latest invention..the Tempest.

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9 OC3D Benchmark Team: March Member of the Month

OC3D Benchmark Team: March Member of the Month

Jonathan Stones | 1st May 2013

Each month a new member of the OC3D Bench Team takes the title of Member of the Month. Let's see who's got it this time!

0 Kingston HyperX Black

Kingston HyperX Black

Jonathan Stones | 27th April 2013

We take a quick look at the 'black' variant of Kingston's HyperX Blu memory module.

27 Corsair Obsidian 350D Review

Corsair Obsidian 350D Review

Jonathan Stones | 26th April 2013

It's always nice to have a new baby in the family and Corsair's Obsidian case lineup is no different. As usual, we give it the OC3D once over to see how the new kid in town deals with its competition.

0 HIS AMD Radeon 7790

HIS AMD Radeon 7790

Jonathan Stones | 25th April 2013

We give HIS' 7790 the RushKit once over to see what it's really like in person.

17 OCZ Gold XTC PC2-8800 DDR2 2gb Kit

OCZ Gold XTC PC2-8800 DDR2 2gb Kit

Memory | 25th September 2006

Just when you thought that PC2-8500 was impressive, OCZ go and take things one step further by releasing a 2gb kit rated at 1.1ghz (PC2-8800). Lets see what these babies are capable of...

3 PC Power & Cooling 750w Silencer S75EPS PSU

PC Power & Cooling 750w Silencer S75EPS PSU

PSUs | 25th September 2006

PC Power & Cooling are often regarded as the "Crème de la Crème" of the power supply world. Today I'll be putting their 750w Silencer through its paces to see if it lives up to their reputation.

2 Gainward Bliss 7950 GX2

Gainward Bliss 7950 GX2

GPU & Displays | 25th September 2006

nVidia stepped up the heat on ATI with dual core GPU's. Gainward have brought out a "Bliss" version of the the 7950 GX2 and we immediately wanted to have one.

2 Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 VGA  Cooler

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 VGA Cooler

Cases & Cooling | 25th September 2006

In this day and age of high performance PC's, there is a need for effective and quiet cooling solutions. Arctic Cooling have sent me the Accelero X1 VGA cooler, for review. Read on to see whether it deserves a place in your rig.

8 Abit AB9 P965 Conroe Motherboard

Abit AB9 P965 Conroe Motherboard

CPU & Mainboard | 21st September 2006

Abit have been somewhat adrift in recent years. They are making a comeback with some pretty awesome boards. I take a look at the AB9 skt 775 motherboard and see how it gets on...

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8 XSPC GTX Titan Waterclock Fitting Guide

XSPC GTX Titan Waterclock Fitting Guide

Jonathan Stones | 19th April 2013

Fancy putting the fastest GPU on the planet underwater? We sure do! Read on to see our indepth guide on how it's done.

168 FredEx's Competition Rig Update

FredEx's Competition Rig Update

Jonathan Stones | 18th April 2013

Win a CPU and get a complete system delivered? Only with the awesome community that is OC3D.

95 Redline Folding @ OC3D

Redline Folding @ OC3D

Tom Logan | 12th February 2013

OC3D has a very dedicated folding team, we take some time to explain the teams roots and the passion behind why they do what do.

65 OC3D Rig Gallery - jamesriley94

OC3D Rig Gallery - jamesriley94

Adam Ferrol | 28th January 2013

jamesriley94 has posted up his new rig after his very successful win.

2 Ozone Rock and Shooter Mousepads

Ozone Rock and Shooter Mousepads

Bryan Waters | 15th January 2013

Ozone have unleashed three new cloth mousepads, the giant Rock, and two sizes of Shooter.

72 OC3D Project Logs - CM Test Bench V2

OC3D Project Logs - CM Test Bench V2

Adam Ferrol | 12th December 2012

Ace_Finland has posted an epic project log in the OC3D Forums based around the Cooler Master Test bench!

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