Overclock3D Launches Power Supply Certification Programme

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Overclock3D Launches Power Supply Certification Programme


For the past 2 years Overclock3D has been at the forefront of independent Power Supply testing in the UK. Being the only UK technology publication at present to possess its own in-house ATE (well two in fact), we have always maintained the belief that a power supply can only be tested correctly on professional equipment, by trained staff and without any controversy surrounding using off-site testing facilities or 'sponsored' equipment.

In this time we've also come to realise that there is no definitive way for enthusiasts to identify the best PSU's on the market at a glance. ATX compliance and 80PLUS certification does not guarantee 'quality' by any stretch of the imagination, and product awards are becoming all too easy for lesser-quality manufacturers to obtain simply by sending their products to publications that are unable to correctly test power supplies to their rated outputs. It is for this reason that Overclock3D has launched its own Power Supply Certification Programme.

Our programme covers areas such as SCP and OCP testing along with stringent ripple and voltage analysis, Efficiency and PF testing and temperature monitoring. Furthermore, being the overclocking enthusiast website that we are, we have always believed in testing beyond specifications. After all it's not until you start pushing PSU's beyond their rated outputs that you really get to tell the difference between a good unit and a GREAT unit.

This is why we're inviting all PSU manufacturers to a duel!
Their PSU's vs our testing procedures.

At the end of testing, PSU's that pass the following gruelling challenges will be awarded with our "OC3D Certified PSU" logo. These tests include:

1) SCP (Short Circuit Protection) testing at full load.

2) OCP (Over Current Protection) testing beyond full load.

3) Stringent ripple analysis.

4) Stringent voltage output analysis at both idle and full load.

5) Efficiency and Power Factor testing.

6) Operational temperature testing.

Full details of these tests and what's required in order to pass can be found in our whitepaper here. Over the next few days we'll be directly contacting all PSU manufacturers and requesting that they submit their latest models to us for analysis. The table below shows who we've contacted and whether they've responded or not:

Manufacturer NameProduct(s) submitted for CertificationDate ContactedLink to results
AntecNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
AkasaNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
Arctic CoolingNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
Be-QuietNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
Cooler MasterNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
CougarNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
EnermaxNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
NZXTHale90 850w
OCZ / PCP&CNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
SapphireNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
SilverstoneDECLINED TESTING due to 50°C ambient requirements.
Super FlowerNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
SeasonicNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
ThermaltakeNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
TuniqNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
XFXNone as yet31/08/2010N/A
XigmatekNone as yet01/09/2010N/A
ZippyNone as yet31/08/2010N/A


We'd love to hear your thoughts about our certification programme on our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

13-08-2010, 11:17:35

Recently I have noticed a lot of people asking about hardware, as in what to buy etc. A good few times now I have linked them to reviews on the site..

Could we have either a sticky thread which points out to people to search for a review, or a PM sent to new members telling them that?

It's not be being pissy, I just love to help people out and make sure they don't get burnt.. The SSD thread made me decide to post about it because some one nearly got that ghastly new SSD drive that's poo compared to the last one.

Just throwing out the idea.

13-08-2010, 11:32:30

We cant walk everyone through it dude, the info is there for all who choose / or can be bothered to use it.

But I do get annoyed with the same questions all the time, thats just the way it is, we can anly usher them towards stuff when the questions arise.

13-08-2010, 14:53:44

OK fair enough man, thanks for the reply :)

I felt like such a pilchard when I saw that there's a suggestions part of the forum about 30 seconds ago.. :lol:

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