OC3D Welcomes Yoyotech

The Family

The Family

Ok so maybe all the staff are not related but apart from the obvious you would not know it. The friendly atmosphere that the staff at Yoyotech create is very welcoming and it is very clear that they operate effectively as a single unit. After introducing myself as a representative from OC3D, I was introduced all the staff on site who were only too happy to then show me around their own specialised areas.

CK - Owner/Purchaser

CK has been an enthusiast from the beginning so he is what can affectionately be known as the Godfather of Yoyotech. CK was both approachable and quite obviously knowledgeable about PC hardware. Over lunch, we discussed the business side of Yoyotech where I was intrigued to get an insight into what makes the head of Yoyotech tick. Customer service. Two words that sum up the motto of Yoyotech. When I questioned the business sense of moving from the 'High street' to just around the corner, CK was quick to point out the viability of doing so. It sorts the chaff from the wheat thereby giving his staff more time and the opportunity to deal with enthusiasts who are looking for advice from enthusiasts, not looking to waste time asking for price matches and alike with no actual interest in buying. CK also went on to describe his methodology for wanting to keep a physical presence by having a store. Even though the store will quite obviously have massive overheads being based in a prime location in London the fruits of his labour are rewarded with a loyal customer base in dealing with a company they can trust.

"Sure you might be able to buy cheaper elsewhere but at what cost?"

Somewhat puzzling I thought as who wouldn't buy a product that was cheaper elsewhere. Ck went then explained further.

"Service is something we pride ourselves upon at Yoyotech. Buying from a webstore, you simply cannot guarantee the service you will receive and all to often you will not get any. This is all good and well until a problem occurs. It's akin to asking for insurance after you have had a car accident. When you have a problem with a product, who do you want to speak to, an automated telephone service, via webnote or to a human being with knowledge and customer service experience?"

CK then sat back in his chair as he knew he had me. Nothing much you can argue with there I guess. Throughout the day down at Yoyotech it was clear that his business acumen rang true as the amount of people coming through the doors at Yoyotech was startling. Customer loyalty it seems, is still thriving if you know where to look.

Not wanting to disrupt the day to day running of the shop, I pretty much left the sales staff to their own devices. They include:

Kul- Store Manager
Ravi - Purchasing/Sales
Joe - Sales
Leon - Sales

These are the guys in the frontline but don’t be deceived. The backroom staff are just as important.

Brian - Sales/RMA/PC Building
Courtney - Customer Service/Head of Tech
Lucas - Overclocking Guru/Tech Wizzard/Watercooling/System Building
Ben - System Builder
George - Deliveries/Warehouse 
Kul Brian
Ravi & Lucas George
Ravi Joe
One of the most bizarre things I saw during my time at Yoyotech was a jar on the counter full of free lollypops for the public to chomp on while browsing the store. It's the little touches like this that make a big difference at Yoyotech. Can you imagine PC World and such giving out free lolly pops while you browse the shelves - I think not! Once again CK shows that you don't have to have a clinical, minimalist showroom to sell and to be quite honest I feel that without the friendly family atmosphere CK has installed at Yoyotech it would be a very claustrophobic place.
The shop floor is however only a small section of the 600 sq ft store as we shall now see. 
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Most Recent Comments

08-10-2008, 08:54:53

Just to add to all thats been said, we have a P5Q Deluxe review here:


OC3D: Not just a pretty forum ;)

08-10-2008, 09:27:52


Just to add to all thats been said, we have a P5Q Deluxe review here:


OC3D: Not just a pretty forum ;)

Jim I will gladly accept punishment for not linking to here first. :rolleyes:

08-10-2008, 09:43:42


Jim I will gladly accept punishment for not linking to here first. :rolleyes:

Damn right. 5 lashing for you sir :mad:


08-10-2008, 10:10:15

:ban: :D

08-10-2008, 14:03:53

I'm having some black-screen issues with my 9800gx2, do you think this could be due to my motherboard overclocking my pci-e slot?

08-10-2008, 14:17:00

Yeah most likely, it isn't a good idea to turn up your PCIe frequency TBH.

Can't you lock it to 100MHz?

08-10-2008, 15:58:09

I'm sure I can, i'll look into it though. Computers are so frustrating, I buy all this sweet new hardware and of course I can't get it all working nicely together :P

14-10-2008, 08:59:58

Hi guys, imma a newbee 2 OCing, and i can use some advice.
I have a P5KC with E6850 processor with pc6400 2 GB.
I have it stable now on 3.6, but i want 2 get it up 2 4.0
Is that possible??

Settings :
CPU ratio - 9.0
FSB strap North Bridge - 333
FSB Frequency - 399
PCIE Frequency - 100
DRAM Frequency - DDR2 799
DRAM Command Rate - Auto
DRAM timing Control - Auto
DRAM static read Control - Auto
DRAM dynamic write Control - Auto
Adjust CHA skew support - Auto
Adjust CHB skew support - Auto
Transaction Booster - Diasabled
relax level - 3
CPU voltage - 1.4250
CPU PPL Voltage - 1.50
FSB term Volt - 1.40
Dram Voltage - 2.00
Nort Bridge Volt - 1.55
Clock Over Charching - Auto
Load Line Calibration - Auto
CPU GTL Volt reference - Auto
NB GTL Volt reference - Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum - Auto
PCIE Spread Spectrum - Auto

Hope u guys can help me out,

Greets from JayDee

14-10-2008, 13:09:29

4GHz is a push, and is unlikely TBH. You will probably be able to get 3.8GHz though, there are quite a few people who have ran their E6850s at that speed.

14-10-2008, 19:37:15

Tnx 4 ur quick reply.
OK, lets go 4 the 3.8
Wots better now, going 4 faster memory or start working with memory-divider?
Got 2 say, not looking forward 2 the memory-divider, I don't understand that ;-)
What would be better DDR2 PC8500 or DDR3 PC14400???
I have a PC6400 now.

Hope 2 hear from u guys soon again

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